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  1. Well, I decided to get into vintage audio equipment and, like most of my interests, the idea kinda came out of nowhere. I've always been a bit of an audiophile and like listening to my music. This last Christmas I was given a $25 thinkgeek gift certificate so I went looking for something cool to buy that I could actually use. I saw the T-Amp for $40 and was considering purchasing it so I did some google searches and find out that this little dinky amp has gotten rave reviews from many audio sites about it's super clean sound reproduction. This got me researching what other types of T class amps there were. One thing led to another and eventually I started looking at some older vintage 70's amps and receiver such as the Pioneer SX and Marantz 22xx series. So now I have this Pioneer SX-780 receiver...but no speakers. The receiver is practically brand new, the seller had all of the original paper work including the schematic and even the original box. It was purchased from a military store in Germany and the paper work says "For US Military Personnel Only"...kinda cool. Not a scratch on it and the wood case is in perfect condition. Ok, now I have to buy some speakers. My dad had given me a $100 best buy gift certificate and I had nothing there that I wanted to buy...until now The only speakers at Best Buy that I would even consider are the Klipsch speakers but they are a bit pricey. I got lucky though, they were on sale for $200 and I had the gift card so I picked up a set of the Synergy BII's for $100. I go home and hook them up and find out the right audio channel sounds like crap. It cuts in and out so I'm thinking I'm stuck with a borked receiver..... Do a little reading on the AudioKarma forums and was told to buy some DeOxit to clean the Pots and switches. Get all the switches cleaned and PRESTO! I know have nice warm sound coming out of my new speakers. Man, they sure don't make audio equipment like they used to or as good looking. So, what started out with a $25 gift card has now cost me $130 for the receiver and $100 for the speakers Does anyone else have this problem? You start looking at something and then before you know it you end up with a lot more then you intended? lol Anyway, that was probably a boring story but I'm now hooked on vintage audio. My next purchase will either be a small tube amp diy kit (tube amp = ear .) or a record player. So, anyone else into vintage audio? If so, post what you have. Here's a few pics of my new aquisition :tooth:
  2. Well, I know most places have laws that say your previous employer can't say anything bad about you but they can decline to comment. If they actually gave a good reference though then maybe he knew the manger really well or something...who knows.
  3. Too bad I don't live out there...I'd do some part time work for ya Never touched pot either
  4. Days of the New - Cover of "The End" (Doors song)
  5. ^^^ should get a patent and that spiffy laptop neck strap
  6. ^^^ still waiting for my check for doing the interview... :tooth:
  7. ^^^ school obviously taught him how to read
  8. ^^^ needs to get that oozing sore looked at
  9. ^^^likes using big, bold, orange letters in his signature
  10. It's a sad sign of the times we live in. It sucks to see this happening more and more often these days. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.p...toryId=19073647
  11. Bump 2.5" drive sold SoundBlaster is pending...
  12. Yes, I was busy this week I replied to your PM.
  13. Doesn't mean you can't buy mine still :tooth: 2 BIPii's are better than 1!
  14. Possibly, I guess it depends on what you have to trade. What mobos you have? The 2.5" drive is IDE...it's not sold yet but Ebdoradz is interested I think. Nope, I don't have a s478 board with Prescott support but if I find one I'll let you know.
  15. Come on everyone...you know you want my delicious goodies. Make me some offers
  16. It was 73 here today..and now it's 17 and snowing with 60mph gusts. Not shitting you...
  17. Windows 7 is already released to manufacturers with a speculative ship date of Fall 09. Seems like MS is already admitting Vista is poo.
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