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  1. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......ohhhhhhhhh......... I just realized that I had recently found a different site with that section heading not here.............sorry................(as I slowly skulk away in extreme embarASSment)
  2. With the change in the forum format, where did the User Review Section go? I thought that was one of the best ideas around. Is it gone forever?
  3. You know........ ....it's the big corporate conspiracy thing.....at any rate the only news worthy things in that entire anti-business / corporate tirade are Tanya, AG's rant & Kranky Ole Lady's comments! You guys make my morning coffee time!
  4. You can download nHancer and turn on the loading bars from inside nHancer. You should also be able to enable the loading bars directly from nVidia drivers as well. Select the SLI tab and you should see enable load bars as an option. You may also want to use nHancer to manage your SLI game profiles as well. nHancer works much better than nVidia's game profile manager.
  5. Hey Sound! Good to see you kickin' around here! looks like a lot of the DIY crew made it over.
  6. @ runner & Lo Thanks & Hello to you! @EB Sounds like you're stayin' busy! Too bad about the long passages. The longest farthest I've sailed was helping a buddy move his boat to Annapolis. I loved the open water part. Being out there really make one feel humble. I used to keep my boat at Bristol Marine until it got sold. I'm up in Dighton. Much closer to my home and the yard is a great yard. The 2 brothers that run it are top notch. I won't be launching till after Memorial Day weekend. I just took the cover off yesterday. I've been real busy with soccer. That's winding down and I have 2 games left. I will finish the soccer season in time for the OffSoundings race! That's a fun race. It'll be off to Block Island! OffSoundings is a great way to start off a sailing season. Regards.
  7. Thanks all! Glad to be aboard. @EB, good to see you still hanging around. I enjoyed your last post over at DIY regarding you work van / pc mod. Very sweet. How's you spring going? Any good trips this year? Dark n Stormies all around!
  8. Hello OCC, I've been a longtime lurker, sometimes poster over at DIY for the past 5 years. Enjoyed the site, learned a lot. I've been gaming, building and overclocking my pc's for about the past 7 years or so. When I'm not messing around with my pc, I'm out sailing. As of late, I've been coaching my daughter's soccer team and been having a helluva time. Looks like it's time for a change, I look forward to perusing your site. Thanks for giving a second home for the DIY crew. The crew at DIY were some of the most knowledgeable crew I have read online.
  9. Good review Branjo! I'm kind of surprised that you used the stock push retention pins. How easy would it be to use the H-plate from a Big Typhoon to hold that cooler down?
  10. LOL......AG.......this is the most interest anyone has had in a Charlie Daniels song in about 25 years. He ought to be flattered.
  11. When overclocking your vid card, just play the most graphic intensive part of a game that you have. Get to know how that scene plays out and renders. Then after making clock changes, go back to that game and see how it plays now. It should play smoother with no artifacting or lock-ups. How do you like EVGA's OC tool? I use Riva Tuner.
  12. Not to be totally off the wall, but I always try to get the most pc for the least dollar. I wanted to get a laptop that I could use on my boat for navigational purposes, watching movies and if available, wireless to access internet at a marina for weather updates. I did not want to spend big money, because if I wrecked the laptop, I did not want to be out major money. I tried some consignment shops, but they were a little pricey. I ended up going into the local pawn shop. I picked up, for $230, a Gateway with a 2.8 GHz P4, 80 gig HD, 512 MB RAM upgradeable to 1.5 G, 15" screen, DVD-RW and an AC power cord. No systems disk though, no software, only XP Home installed. I was able to activate XP and I'm off to go. I'll be loading my Nav software and getting a data cable for my nav station GPS unit. Check out your local pawn shop. Much lower price and they are negotiable on price. From my point of view, the best bang for your buck.
  13. It all depends upon who the woman is. It's not Hillary Clinton. She is a total political poser that has no core beliefs other than socialism. She misunderstands all that she sees because of her own self infatuation and arrogance. She will do anything, say anything to get elected. She fully subscribes, as her husband did, that if one lies often enough, frequently enough and audaciously enough, people will stop questioning. Nuff with this rant. Back to the question. It would take a particularly strong woman, along the lines of Margaret Thatcher to lead this country. Thatcher was not a total solution either, however, she seemed to know where she stood, held her ground and did not back from a decision. Our friends from "across the Pond" can disabuse me of that notion. We have a new "Cold War" starting. The countries in the Middle East will eventually develop nuclear weapons. It will have to go back to the paradigm of mutually assured self destruction, as during the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Except it's doubtful that the existing Middle Eastern countries can build up a nuclear arsenal as the Soviets did. However, we need government leaders that are clear, decisive and understand well the politics of that area. The current neoconservative point of view has to go to be replaced by a more moderate point of view. We are not the world's policeman. Only Woodrow Wilson, post WWI, corrrectly understood the un-colonization of the world post WWI. It was his minority point of view that local people in their own countries must decide what form of self governance they will have. And the powers that be will have to accept and respect those people's right to self determination. Whether that government is Sharia Law or Western style socialist or democratic governance. Time for another cup of coffee!
  14. Hmmm......you are having one hella time AG with Vegas 2. The points you have brought out make the game sounds like it s####. The first Vegas is on Steam now for $19.95. Maybe I'll try that one out. I tried reloading my old version of RS36 and it will not run well. It won't play nice with the 8800 GT. Oh well, Dx8/Dx9 meets Dx10 and pukes.
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