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  1. Ultima V Star Wars Galaxies EVE Online Baldur's Gate Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit Secret Weapons Of The Luftwaffe Skyrim Zork 1 King's Quest GTA III If I *had* to narrow it down to one it would be SWG.
  2. Bill_v

    Windows Xp Sp3

    Over the past day I've installed SP3 on the two machines in my signature. After a defrag, I don't see much difference in performance; I haven't done any benchmarks as yet. As for stability it's so far, so good.
  3. The SMP client periodically attempts to send unsent WU's while working. It should upload eventually. I had a similar thing happen to me last month with a 2619 WU.
  4. Athlon64 3500+ Xeon E3110 as in sig Dell P4 2.0 ghz Tandy 1000SX with RAM upgraded to 640K, DOS 3.30 Pentium-200 with 64 MB RAM running DOS 6.22 and WFW 3.11 Compaq Prolinea 4/66 with Pentium Overdrive 83 mhz running Windows 95
  5. I'll try the USB key method on my A64 system once I stop procrastinating and put it back together (de-lid + install some kind of bolt-through cooler)
  6. For a folding-only VM, I installed a minimal Debian text-only setup, using the 40mb (business card cd-size) image located here: http://www.debian.com/distrib/netinst#verysmall I had a theory that forgoing any graphics on the VM could help free up more CPU power to crank out the WUs faster, and use less memory. I haven't used a GUI installation as a comparison, so I can't really say if there's any real advantage. I can say that the VM boots very fast using this setup.
  7. For me, Real Temp and Core Temp seem to read temperatures consistently - the difference is Core Temp considers the TjMax to be 105, while Real Temp uses TjMax at 95, meaning my temperatures are off by 10 degrees between the two (at idle and load). If I display the Delta to TjMax on either app, they're identical at roughly 50 degrees below the TjMax at load. As for which I trust between TjMax 105 or 95, I suppose if I go with a worst-case scenario then my temps are doing OK. But as wevsspot said there's no way I'm running a bare CPU to calibrate the temps myself...
  8. You may want to give this one (EVGA 8800GT) here serious consideration, especially after the rebate brings the price down to $159.99: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814130318 If I had waited 3 more weeks to build my system I would have grabbed this one.
  9. It's stock @ 3 GHZ. I think the Virtual Extension support on the CPU and motherboard are helping it out. EDIT: I'm also not running it 24/7 so I'll probably get a WU every 2-3 days.
  10. I started using the SMP client on my new rig. I'm running a fairly minimal (text only) Debian Linux install as a VMWare guest OS, and getting just under 11 minutes per % on the 2605 WUs.
  11. It's put together and wow is this thing fast or what! I'm impressed by how near-silent the Corsair PSU is! The cores run at 47 and 49 celsius running dual prime according to Real Temp, with the Zalman fan controller set at just under 50% throttle. If I research more and find that those temps are a bit high, I'll speed the fan up - at the moment I'm enjoying the novelty of a quiet system. I won't be OC'ing this for the time being. Thanks again everyone for their feedback.
  12. With Bloodmoon installed, the Morrowind Graphics Extender allows for a non-clipped ("infinite") viewing distance: http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View...es.Detail&id=45 A lot of people like the enhanced texture pack: http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View....Detail&id=2915 I reinstalled Morrowind late last year, and played it for the better part of a month before getting sidetracked.
  13. Yup, that is what I was alluding to (not wanting to RMA something I torched from overclocking it). I didn't OC my 3500+ until the prices had dropped by $100+, since by then I could more easily eat the replacement cost if I ruined it.
  14. I've placed the order with a store nearby, and should have this stuff early next week. I made one change - ordered an Antec Sonata 3 instead of the CM 690. It's got worse cooling I realise, but there are some reasons I won't get in to here as to why I went with that one. Plus I can use the supplied Earthwatts 500 in my parents' Athlon64 build as a replacement. I still went with the Corsair HX620 PSU. As for as OC goes, this machine will probably stay at stock for at least a year. I need to use this for some work applications, and at 3 GHz it will be much faster than my current rig. Heck I am impressed with my E6300 at work, and that's running @1.86. My view on volt modding etc is that it's definitely a "to each his own" kind of thing, but my own view (and this is just my own view) is that I'd feel funny trying to RMA something I knowingly invalidated the warranty on. Thanks to everyone for their feedback!
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