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    Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth Z77
    CPU: I7 3770 K
    OS: Win8 64
    Graphics: GTX670
    RAM:G.SKILL 8GB Trident X Series DDR3 24008GB (2 x 4GB)
    Cooling: Corsair H80
    Hard Drive: Intell SSD 520 180 GB
    Power: Corsair 850 TX2 PSU
    Monitor: BenQ L2420TX 3D Ready
    Mouse: Cyborg R.A.T. 7
    Keyboard: Logitech wireless
  1. Why would MS do that.........remove the rating system. That was fun. Anyway, 8.1 is a fine update, no reason not to update. I disabled the load desktop task before I updated to 8.1. No problems. However, seemed to take a considerably long time to update, about 1/2 hour.
  2. That wasn't the point. It just wasn't as smooth and it glitched when i re orientated the tablet. It really wasn't designed for an X86 tablet, and I should be surprised that i even got it to work. Still, you get to the heart of the matter. I am going to want to upgrade to the honeycomb 3.0, someday.
  3. I apologize in advance for the long worded post. First the question: How do I upgrade or reformat the Viewpad10 tablet, when needed? View sonic tech support said the ViewPad10 was not designed to be upgraded. Is this because of the SSD. Will I need to use the Sanitary Erase program to reformat, upgrade or re-install the OS? (I have reformatted the SSD with the Sanitary Erase in the build in my signature) The Story I purchased a ViewPad10 and on the first night I started to play around with the Android OS. I am new to the Android and apparently too tired to do anything that required IQ. I pressed one the widgets and accidentally erased the OS. I thought that I was going to erase the SIMM not the SD. Don’t know why it was so easy to completely erase the entire OS with a single press of a button. Anyway, I installed 2.2 Android that I found on the internet. Everything worked fine even thou I didn’t use sanitary erase. I got bored with 2.2 and tried to re-install 1.6 with an ISO that I got from the internet. The install didn’t go smoothly and the OS froze. View Sonic provided CD for the Android and Windows 7. The Android CD didn’t work and I didn’t try the Windows7. Don’t know why they gave me a CD disks if I am not supposed to use them. And how can I get the Windows 7 or Android installed with the CD Disk. Anyway, this is just an academic question because View Sonic gave me an RMA and they will re-stall the OS. I a little ashamed with myself, because I believed myself to be one or two levels higher than a noob. 10.1” Tablet Dual Boot Intel Pine Trail N455 1.66Ghz CPU, mobile MN10 express chipset, integrated Gfx/Dx9 and DDR3 1GB SDRAM. SSD 16GB Windows® 7 Home Premium OS supports multi-touch on the 1024x600 LCD screen
  4. As always, thanks for the info. My build is AHCI mode. The start up is a few seconds slower....reads the drive. However, with a SSD HD, the few seconds is insignificant. Start up is fast. The performance improvement is considerable with my build. Have not completed any benchmarks, yet. However, the Windows Experience Index gave me an extra 2 points on the hard drive, that says something.
  5. I am using GA 790XT-USB3 ,Phenom II x4 965 BE (Stock) in IDE mode I set IDE mode after updating my bios. (Huge performance boost. SATA ports were buggy before) I have it set to IDE and want to switch to AHCI. It should be noted that when I installed Win7 Home premium 64 Bit. I did enable AHCI mode. Can I switch IDE to AHCI without issue?
  6. Sound is great for every operation except playing DVD movies. Do I need to download K-Lite Codec Pack 6.1.0 to make my Win 07 media player work. I un installed and re installed a newer version of the Realtek High Definition Audio ALC889 codec from the Gigabyte download center. Tried tweaking the settting, but nothing works. The meter showed the audio being processed, I just can't hear anything. Using onboard audio. Seems the audio is the single glitch to a perfect re-installation of Win 07 with a new PC build. Thanks for the assistance.
  7. I pressed the button! And I now have a new signiture for my post. I am extreemly happy with my upgrade. Haven't had time to over clock, yet. The windows experience index gave my build a 7.1, if that has merit. Memory indexed at 7.5 and CPU at 7.4. I thought my DFI board was excellent not anymore this Gigabyte board is great. So, how far can i expect to overclock before I install a new CPU Cooler?
  8. i am just going to run on air for a time. Maybe jump into the water cooling at a latter date. Don't really know why I chose Mushkin, name recognition maybe, or good reviews. I am really an OCZ fan-boy, just want to try something else.
  9. • GIGABYTE GA-790XT-USB3 AM3 AMD 790X USB 3.0 ATX AMD • Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) • AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core I will re-use the components that are listed in my signature. Memory compatible?
  10. Sometimes it is like I have a 56K connection when I watch videos on the internet. Sometimes Hulu movies work without a hick up and sometimes they freeze up. Time of day doesn't appear to be a factor. Seems like the buffer doesn't load the video and the vids just play and download at the same time. In the past the buffer would fill up and i knew the whole program was downloaded into the memory or on to HD. (SSD HD and I currently downloading to the 4G memory.) I like to watch the Daily Show with Jon Stewart but it doesn't work at all. I am pretty sure this is because of their web page, some new broadcast policy. My yoga site seldom completes a full work out before just freezing. (Please be kind about my choice of yoga for physical fitness.) Surfing on the internet appears to be o.k. No noticeable problems with on line gaming. Charter internet connection speed test result are 18.6Mbps. Charter is my provider. Other speed test are not quite as generous, but equally as fast. I get an "A" from Pingtest.net. I reinstalled the Net gear router drivers. Video problems are present when I connect directly to my charter cable router. Tech support checked the router connection and no problem was observed. Charter technician that did a service call at my home said nothing was wrong with the cable lines to my house. I tried tweaking some of of the setting in Windows 7. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Too difficult to understand what we can
  12. Yes. Win7 X64. Also, I have the onboard audio disabled. Thanks for the responds. I am going to go and tweak that drive strength now.
  13. I need some advice on where I should concentrate to get by computer running with 4 GB. I was using two sticks of 1 GB and recently added an identical set of memory after a new install of Windows 7. All four slots are utilized, now. DDR450 PC3200 P4GB Part Number: OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K (TCCD) Identical but purchased separately years apart. Computer runs rock solid with 2 GB, Prime Stable for 4 hours zero errors. Memtest86 ran 9 hr with zero errors with all four sticks of memory. (Memory Hole for PCI MMIO enabled) Computer runs with 4 GB but my audio devices don
  14. I installed Win07 and got the invalid product code notice too. I called Microsoft tech support. And the nice gentlemen from India walked me through product activation. He showed me how to enter and change the registry. He had me type a very long script with numerous characters. Walla! Full activated version. Wish I would have written down the instructions he gave me. The procedure seemed rather simple at the time. Actually, a good experience with MS for a change. Apology, if I digress from the tread topic, I plan to use your posted script if I ever reformat the HD.
  15. I installed Win7 on a new SDD HD. I tried to connect an extra SATA WD raptor, and nothing. The raptor had XP on it. I connected a cleaned Seagate HD without any difficulty. Don't really care much which drive i use. I think that I like the seagate better any how because it is silent. Not absolutely silent like the SDD, but good enough. Talkin bout the computer in my sig. Just wondering, thanks in advance for the reply.
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