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  1. I'm probably getting a 3700 sandie, stepping KAB2E 0547DPCW, off of ebay, the seller says that he had it at 2.86GHz at 1.425v prime 24hrs stable. First of all is this a decent week for KAB2E? What is the stock voltage? And finaly, How high do you guys think i can bring it to?
  2. Yea i was kinda leanin towards that style, since it seems easier and i wouldn't have to mess around with bondo
  3. I have a thermaltake tsunami and 110CFM high power fans in the intake and exaust and there is a lot of blockage in the front so i decided to mod it. The thing is i can't decide what to do. I thought about doing This but without that cone http://mnpctechcom.temp.powweb.com/gallery...hoto=41&cat=565 but the 120mm fan is not centered, it is up and to the left so i dont know if it would look good and i would have to use bondo to cover the stock vent holes. I also thought of doing this http://mnpctechcom.temp.powweb.com/gallery...hoto=94&cat=566 What do you guys think? Oh and by the way my front bezel looks like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowImage.as...Case+%2D+Retail If you have any other ideas please tell me. Thanks
  4. I've done a little bit more reading and it seem that KACAE, KAB2E and KABIE are generaly good ocers and that KBQE, KBNE and KBYE are very rare and do very well
  5. Thanks for all your help. I'll definetly look around for a KACAE and stay away from the cf 3700.
  6. Now that all the prices are dropping on 939 amd cpus im considering buying a 3700 sandie, but it would have to reach 2.8 and possibly higher speeds on a moderate amount of volts and on air. I'll be going to microcenter or fry's to get it. So what are some good steppings that could reach my goal? I've heard that KACAE and KABIE and KAB2E do faily well. Can anyone confirm this or give me more successful steppings. Should i get BN or CF? Any tips you give me would be great.
  7. Today i was playing around in the bios trying to get my max cpu oc and my max memory oc. So i set it to 284fsb 9.5x multi 3x LDT and my memory divider to 5/6 expecting it would come out to 236MHz give or take a few MHz. But after i started up and went to cpu-z my memory was at 224.8MHz. The strange thing is that i use a divider almost every time i oc, and this problem has never happened before. I'd also like to note that this is the first tme i have used a 9.5 multi, but i'm not sure that this could be the cause.
  8. So what defines a good stepping, an early week, a late week, or is it what those letters stand for, or some thing else i dont know about? i guess an easier question would be what my steeping means and is my stepping good or bad?
  9. I'm starting to notice that some people are showing their stepping just as they would their cpu model. I just want to know what they are talking about and how the stepping affects cpu performance and its chances of good oc's. My stepping is ADA3200DAA4BW LBBWE 0529APFW I've done some searching and I know what the top line means but can someone explain what the bottom signifies?
  10. I thought i should add something. when it bootedi was trying to use the WD utilites that i burned on a cd. In the bios i set my dvd-rom as the first and only bootable drive. i put in the utility cd and made sure that my hdd was connected. And to my surpise windows booted. weird
  11. I don't know whats up with this hard drive. Today it booted but about 2 hours later i got a blue screen that had a bunch of text, but i only could read a few things before the machine restarted to the post screen. I could only read "critical process/thead was interupted" and further down it said something like this "if problem repeats disable memory ghosting or caching in bios settings". Afterwards i went into the bios and could not find any such settings to disable. And now its the vanishing and reapearing hard drive act. Any suggestions?
  12. If my hard drive has failed can any of you recommend a hard drive that can run stable on nForce 4 without running into these sorts of problems?
  13. Yea I know just like me i bet you were expecting a few problems. But not beeing able to get on windows is a big BIG problem and like you said a pita
  14. My WD sata drive has no jumper shunts put in and my samsung is set to cable select.
  15. No my westerndigital is sata and my pata is samsung drive
  16. I just dont understand usually drives fail after years and years of use or they are doa but not after 9 months of perfect operation. In my previos system i used the same drives and there were no problems. i thought that there was a chance that the drive failed but the posiblility that it fails at the exact same time i install a new mobo has got to be more than a million to one. btw im not snapping at you kobalt im just mad that i cant figure this out. ive looked for the cd but cant find it and ive dowloaded some utilities from the manufacturer. but i dont know how to boot off of the floppy if the screen freezes. the only other downloads availible from WD is SIIG Serial ATA Controller Card Driver, im not seeing any firmware
  17. Hi I'm fairly new to this forum and to DFI mobos. A couple of days earlier I installed my new ultra-d. Ever since I've been having boot problems. By the way I have all 4 power plugs connected. I have two HDDs one is a Western Digital 80gb sata150, the other is a pata 80gb (I forgot the brand). I have had these drives for about 9 months running on my previous mobo, so I know they haven't failled. I did a fresh install on to my sata drive and it seems after a couple hours and a few restarts later my mobo doesn't see the sata drive. When I have all my drives connected the post screen freezes after detecting the ide drive and my dvd-rom. It seems that when I do not have my sata drive connected nothing freezes. I've ran memtest for hours and no errors, ive taken out all drives but the sata, ive cleared the cmos, and ive even played with that safe boot jumper on the bottom of the mobo all without any diferent results. Please help
  18. I ran memtest for a couple of hours. No errors, then i tried to do a repair istall and the option wasn't there, even though i did a repair install a couple of hours earlier. It said my hard drive was empty. S#%T!!!! So after a few minutes of jumping up and down and yelling i did a fresh install. After getting everything all set up and updateing everything, it seemed fine. So i called it a night. but today, after a couple of hours i get a blue screen saying anerror occured. So now it wont boot. i see the post screen. and it starts to ditect my hdd's but after seeing my ide hdd and my dvd-rom it just freezes without seeing my sata drive. im not sure if it is a bios issue, since i had not updated or a hardware issue.
  19. No I didn't run memtest but i will. How long should I run memtest?
  20. I recently installed my new board and every thing was going well i got it to boot and windows to run properly. Untill about 3 hours later when i needed to restart, it posted and since i have a duel boot with linux and xp, i selected xp and all i got was a black screen with a "_" flashing in th top left corner. After a few seconds it would reboot and the same thing would happen. So i cleared the CMOS and nada. Then i thoght i should do the same thing i did when i first installed it , only one mem stick all four power cables and etc. etc.. Same as before, windows would not boot. then i popped out the little battery for 15 min, nothing changed. ive ran out of ideas. please help btw i have a 7900gt vid card and a hyper 580w psu if that helps
  21. I'll soon be getting a ultra-d and it seems that my hiper type r 580 ps will just make the cut but will i still be able to increase my cpu voltage and my vidimm while ocing my mem, cpu, and vid card also will i have any problems with my 2 516mb ocz gold mem @ 2225 timings and 2.8v default other than having to use one stick in initial settup is there any thing else i should know? i'm kind of a noob so ijust want to know if ill have any problems that will be over my head
  22. hiper is real big in the uk and they just made their jump to us man i would be realy pissed off if it wouldnt work cause i just bought this power supply i was worried that i might have just wasted 100+ bucks
  23. im considering buying an lp ut nf4ultra-d and i need to know if my power supply has enough power for that monster of a mobo i have a hiper type-r 580w but it has 2 12v rails one is 20a the other is 18a is this enough?
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