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  1. Watsonte, do you use Fluid XP Extreme and if so how does it work out for you? What sort of temps are you getting with that stuff? And also, just out of curiosity, what pump and rad are you using? I've heard about Fluid XP but I thought that having a fluid that is non-conductive was usually a trade off for good temps.
  2. I also read something about Pentosin G11,Zerex, and HydrX. Are these any good? Well whatever i get I'll probably add some blue dye.
  3. Whouldn't I need an anti algae solution to mix w/ distilled water?
  4. I've been saving up for a water clooling system. I've done alot of research and read alot of opinions, but the one thing i haven't seen alot of reading material on is fluid. I'm hoping one of you WC'ing gurus whould school me on this. When it comes to fluid there is alot of choices out there, so can you guys recommend me a couple. Thanks If any of you want to see what components I've picked out: Storm Rev 2 DD Maze 4 for GPU DD Black Ice GTS 240 Clearflex 60 1/2 ID 3/4 OD Swiftech MCP 655 Single 5 1/4 bay res
  5. With the swiftech kit you are getting much better and higher quality components compared to the thermaltake kit. The swiftech kit uses 3/8 ID tubing whitch allows more fluid to flow through a certian point. It has a better pump, and overall better components wich allows you to cool more efficiently without problems.
  6. Thasp, I'm positive that you can run memtest throught the bios before any OS loads up. Just go into the genie and go to the bottom, the memtest setting should be there.
  7. What do you guys think about Mushkin redline xp4000?
  8. Found Gskill HZ 1Gb stick for 104. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231024
  9. Only 170, thats crazy, I thought the prices would go down wtf
  10. Not to bad, I found the same kit at axiontech for 250
  11. Forgot to add that there isn't alot of PC4000 2Gb kits, and that ther is a ton of ddr2 kits out there on ebay.
  12. Well i guess the only answer for us is ebay. I just did a search on ebay for ocz and it is flodded with 2Gb kits.
  13. When AM2 came out i thought that the ddr prices would fall a bit, but i didn't expect ddr to become more and more rare.
  14. I didn't know so many people from the street have 2GB. Thanks for your suggestions.
  15. I've been saving up for a 3700 sandie and DDR500 ram i guess i could just save a little for for a 2 gig kit. I'm a little hesitant to go for 2 gigs because I'm not sure if i need it all that much ram.
  16. Wen i went to the Gskill site the only PC4000 hz were a single 1gig stick and a 2gig kit, how would a single gig stick perform compared to 2 512mb sticks? I also saw F1-4000PHU2-1GBLA (512MB x 2) how do these perform(googled it could'nt find alot)
  17. Right now, as you can see in my sig, i don't have the greatest memory, sure thier fine but I was hoping for more powerfull ddr. I've been looking around for a ddr500 1gig (2x512) and there doesn't seem to be alot of selection out there at places like newegg and zipzoomfly any more. Can anyone recommend a decent set for a decent price. If I do find something that you recomend it will probably be at ebay. I'm just wondering what brand/model i should shot for. I am thinking about getting Centon Advanced DDR500 1 gig kit (2x512), since i wouldn't mind running at high volts, plus its only $100. Another possiblity is OCZ Gold 1gig kit OCZ5001024ELDCGER2-K If anybody has any other suggestions please tell me. Thanks
  18. No, 270x9=2430/10=243, and300x5=1500/6=250 that should be a 7 MHz diffrence
  19. For some odd reason when i was ocing my ram I noticed that in cpu-z at 10x270 @9/10 divider displayed 245.5MHz, it also displayed the same speed for 9x300 @5/6 divider even though it should read around 250MHz. I also checked in A64 Info and it had the same results. I don't know what to believe is right my calculations or cpu-z. I'm not sure what it is, the dividers, the software, the bios, or some other reason that i don't know of. Can someone explain to me why this is happening?
  20. I found the link http://www.frozencpu.com/cst-427.html?id=VJCyUx7j
  21. Why dont you get the new one? I think the front bezel looks better and you can fit a triple 120 rad in the front if your into wcing. The case comes with a water cooling kit and it's a little more expensive than the older one. I'm pretty sure its sold at frozencpu.com oh and I'm not sure how to chnge it to red.
  22. Does anyone else have this stepping? And if so can you share your results with me.
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