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  1. Wow only 25c and 34c that nuts, whats the abient in your case and in your room?
  2. ftp://ftp2.ocbase.com/ocbase3/OpenBeta/OCCTv0.91.exe
  3. That can happen sometimes. Happened to me several times. Theres nothing wrong with memtest, but there have been times when people ran it for hours and hours and still couldnt boot into windows because it was unstable. I wouldnt put too much emphisis on memtest. Just because it passes memtest doesnt mean your oc is stable it just means your getting close to being stable. If you go through 12hrs of Prime 95 or SP2004 then its definitly stable. Oh and good luck with your OC.
  4. While i was doing research on 3700 steppings i came across this write up that was very helpfull. http://www.overclock.net/faqs/101138-info-...-san-diego.html
  5. The reason why two different fsb values can yield the same mem freq is because of the ceiling function in the calculation.
  6. Soory for the triple post but, cuoficr do you know of any other dividers with secret identities?
  7. Oh wait I'm an idiot I just noticed the part in your post where is says that the 9/10divider is acually 11/12. So the guide isnt wrong just left out the part about the 9/10 divider. my bad
  8. Now I'm even more confused. When i first came across this prob i out right calculated it wrong and someone refered me to the section in the Definitive DFI AMD OCing guide and it said It also recomended using an app that calculates the above formula for you , called A64 MemFreq 1.1 So I guess the guide is wrong.
  9. I just got a new 3700 sandie and while I was messing around with settings I noticed that there was some inaccurate readings on cpu-z. I had my system set at 275x11 and ram divider at 9/10 and cpu-z reads 252.2 with a ram divider of 12. ]11x10/9[ is 13 right, and 3025/13 is 232.69. I even double checked with A64 MemFreq 1.1. Could it be something wrong with the bios? Or is it something else?
  10. I think your choises are good, except for a few things: i don't think you need a hd cooler since hs's can handle higher temps, and IMHO I think the tuniq tower is overkill. I would be too afraid to put that behemouth on my cpu in fear that it would bend my board or chip or crack my cpu. I would recomend a Thermalright SI-128 with a good fan.
  11. Just today I got a new cpu, its a 3700 sandie stepping KACAE 0604MPMW. My old cpu (as you can see in my sig) is a 3200 venice. I noticed that my temps are higher. I have a Thermalright XP-90C with a Thermaltake A2017 78cfm fan and as5. My oc'ed 3200 ran 26-29 C idle and 38-41 C load, my 3700 at 3 ghz and 1.55v runs 35-38 C idle and around 48-54C. I know those load temps are dangerously high. I also know the voltage is a bit high, its because I haven't yet played around with the voltages, just the clock speeds. I have reseated my heatsink twice both times i cleaned the cpu and heatsink and reaplyed as5. I didn't know sandies ran that hot, or am I just missing something?
  12. You should just get a really cheap and plain case and use that to develope your modding skills and to test any wild mod projects out. Plus with a really really cheap case there is not alot of pressure to do things perfect, if you mess up who cares.
  13. Well i don t have an ammo case but after looking at it i say you put a window in the side panel and have an alumminum border and use bolts to hold the border to the case to the window. maybe you can engrave some sort of design fitting the case or paint something on the metal border. Or you can put 2 4in ccfls bechind the two mesh stipes on the front bezel. Thats all I can think of right now. Good Luck
  14. How far have you OCed those redlines and on what voltage?
  15. If you plan on doing alot of gaming you might want to consider a 2Gig kit. I've been shopping around for a good kit myself and from what I've heard they really do help performance, especially with demanding games such as oblivion and fear. Just out of curiosity what power supply and case are you getting?
  16. Yea i'm definitly going for it, I just hope no one buys it before me.
  17. Wow I'm surprised he didn't sell them within a few days. btw what was the highest stable oc on your hz's, allthatwhichis?
  18. what thread? The only HZ's i saw were sold.
  19. Yea i know the market for 2Gb kits are crazy. The f'ed up thing is that now of all times, when the prices are crazy, I really want to upgrade to a ddr500 2Gb kit. And I'm sure other people feel the same. Personally i feel like an idiot to wait for the prices to go "down" after am2 was relaesed. i guess the market for computer components is more unpradictable than we thought.
  20. The only HZ's you will find on newegg is a 1Gb stick for 105
  21. I forgot to tell you they do have led fans but the cfm is considerably lower
  22. If you want good airflow at low noise go for the SilenX iXtrema Pro 120mmx38mm. It runs at 90cfm and only 18 dB. I think frozencpu.com sells them. They do run a little more expensive compared to normal fans, but personally i think it is worth it. If 38mm is too high go for thier 25mm model it runs at 14 dB and 72 cfm.
  23. I think I am going to go with distilled water and anti-freeze or Pentosen G11 w/ distilled water, unless anyone has any knowledge of cloging in the Storm. Thanks for your help
  24. Well so far Distilled water w/ car anti-freeze or anti-algae, Fluid XP Extreme, and Pentosin G11 seem to be the general consensus.
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