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  1. Sweet medium yates for only $3.50. Jab tech must have just started stocking those. About a week ago they only had a few kinds of yates. I just found my new source for fans.
  2. Yea you should seriously consider a thermochill PA120.2 rad. If you're not getting the Thermaochill then get the next best rad for quiet fans, the Swiftech MCR-220. You can find the PA rad at danger den, performance-pcs, Mountain Mods, and possibly a few other places. For the cheapest price on the MCR-220 go to newegg.
  3. The thermochill PA series rads would be best for quiet fans. But if you think spending $100 for a rad doesn't makes sence then the Swiftech rad would be better for you. I'd recomend the medium speed yates, moves a good amount of air and pretty quiet, and also only six bucks per fan. Link. Alot of people don't like those SilenX fans since thier cfm rating is way off and they are like $20 a fan.
  4. Swiftech MCR 220, Black Ice GTS240, or if you're willing to spend more the thermochill PA 120.2. Some rads perform differently with different fans. for example a MCR-220 with quiet fans would do better than a gts with quiet fans. With loud high cfm fans the gts would perform better than a mcr. Many consider the PA 120.X the best rad for quiet fans. So you should base your decision on what type of fans you use.
  5. I didn't know that. Intresting. Any other nuggets of knowledge that could help either me or gutbuster. Since you actually have first hand knowledge of water cooling can you tell me what you think causes tubing to get cloudy after a while?
  6. First of all you should consider getting a new copper rad. And to tell you the truth I am not all that experienced. I have yet to put together my first loop. I first got interested in water cooling about four months ago and I have been doing research and reading ever since. The only thing holding me back from starting my first loop right now is money. So I may not be able to give you alot of answers. It may help if you list all of your water cooling components. The instructions on the PT Nuke says to add one or two drops for every liter of your coolant mixture. The recomended ratio for Pentosin G11 is one part G11 to nine parts distilled water. If you get a copper rad and you are sure your loop is not mixed metal you may not need a anti-corrosion colant. Some people have G11 in thier loop anyway, maybe just to be on the safe side or just for the blue color. Anyway your first priority (besides cleaning out your loop) should be to get a hold of a copper rad. Depending on what kinds of fans you want to run (being either low noise or high cfm fans) and what size, a copper rad will set you back $25 - $150 Considering your computer parts you are cooling, I woud recomend getting at least a double rad, or maybe a triple. If you upgrade your video card or cpu to something hotter you'll be covered with a triple rad. If you want to use low noise fans and still get good cooling you should stick with Swiftech and Thermochill PA series rads. But if you want to use high noise and high cfm fans you should stick with HW Labs Black Ice series rads. I hope I've helped and good luck. Rads Here G11 and PT nuke found here
  7. Yea its not corrosion many people useing that fluid xp crap noticed white film on thier res, white particles floating in thier tubing, and the blue coloring disapearing. I'm surprised you haven't seen anything like this sooner. There was someone who posted on another forum who noticed junk in thier loop within a week of filling his loop. link. Your best bet would be using Pentosin G11 + some biocide + distilled water. When you use coolants that are meant to be mixed with water you can control how much coolant you want to add. If you want lower temps and have little concern for corrosion add more water than usuall, and if you want maximum protection from corrosion (or if you have a aluminum rad) add more coolant. This solution is much cheaper and much more affective than many premixed coolants.
  8. You could get a much better water cooling system for the same price. Besides, where would you get one? It seems the closest place that sells them is in england. My advise is to make your own wcing system. IMO you would get better performance and better temps out of a custom built WCing system. With kits you will probably end up spending alot of money after you realize that the kit you bought is either not right for you or didn't give you the performance you expected causing you to buy new parts. Over all stay away from kits and read up on water cooling before getting anything.
  9. If you plan to run two pumps in a series they should be the same model. Besides that everything looks fine. And good luck with your build.
  10. If you can't make up your mind on what pump to use, heres a thread containing tests on various pumps, including DDC+, DDC+ w/ different tops, D5, and the AqX 50z. There are also test on each pump with a high restiction loop and an average restriction loop.
  11. I didn't know you could have a modded top for the MCP-655/D5. I thought there were only custom tops for the MCP355/DDC. Got a link for those tops?
  12. Have you overclocked the memory? If so to what speed and with what timings?
  13. Instead of the Swiftech kit you can get This. It's a bit cheaper and includes good quality parts. The only main difference is that the Petra's kit comes with a T-line instead of a res. Or you can get this kit for the same price of the Swiftech kit but with a smaller, more powerfull, and less power hungry pump, and a better waterblock. What ever kit you get, make sure to pick up some biocide to prevent algae growth, found here. Usually I would say no to any kit but Petra's kits use some of the best water cooling parts out there. If you want to piece together your own loop go to Xtreme Systems to read up on water cooling. They have a plethora of water cooling info.
  14. Thanks thats the first straight answer I've gotten from anybody. I know that my cpu will be a huge bottleneck so after I get the GTS I will get a duel core opty. If my psu doesnt have enough power, I think I'll get the Silverstone OP750. Does that sound good?
  15. Right now I have a Hiper 580W power supply. I've had it for about 18 months and it has two 12v rails at 18a and 20a. Soon I will be upgrading to a 8800gts and watercooling. I plan on OCing the vid card, cpu, and memory. All my system specs are in my sig. Do I have a good enough power suply to power all this? And if not what power supply do you recommend?
  16. Plus the the Swiftech kit uses 3/8ID tubing only, and like radodrill said there is not a whole lot of room for upgrades.
  17. You may want to consider a 120.2 rad just in case he wants to wc the gpu in the future. Check out this kit Link This kit has a more powerful pump, the new generation Apogee, tubing,clamps, coolant,fans,T-line,radbox,a double rad, and most imprtant(well in your case) instructions. Pretty much anything you need for a water clooling system. Petras has many more kits that may fit your friends needs and all kits include high perfomance parts. Petra's has great customer service and they will help you out with just about anything. Soon I will be upgrading with this kit.
  18. Thanks for the help everyone, now I just to explain all this to my friend.
  19. I forgot to add that he will be updating to vista, will all the cards mentioned be compatable or vista ready?
  20. I'm helping a friend build a pc and we need a good agp video card for around $100-150 he is going to be gaming, mostly. what would you buy. We were thinking of getting this but we dont know. Please help
  21. I have the same problem with my case. Right now i have the sunbeam 4 fan controller and the knobs stick out quite a bit and i can't close the door so i found this: http://svc.com/cw-sv.html It controls 7 fans, only 10Watts per channel, has 3 temp sensors, has a overheat alarm, says the date, and displays HD activity. Pretty good for $30.
  22. Yea I second the sunbeam controller. It can handle 20 watts per channel thats like at least 2-3 fans, plus it can control ccfls and has an off position too. I use one and its great.
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