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  1. Thanks, I hope my new opty is a good OC'er like my sandie. But anyway, do you think doing a long CMOS clear would help at all?
  2. No I didn't clear cmos but I did load optimised defaults. Until I get my friends woking video card I don't know if there is anything I can do
  3. I can't go into bios, I get no video, no post or anything, fans spin up but nothing happens. Still stuck on 2 diagnostic leds.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean. I'm using the 704-2bta, and have been using it for some time now with no problem. Do you have any tips or do you know of anything I can do to find the problem or get rid of the problem? The only thing I can think of is that I could get a hold of a diferent video card, pop it in and see if it posts. I asked a friend to borrow me his card. He said he could help me out either later tonight or tommorow. If I put my friend's working video card and I still get 2 LEDs and no post does that mean there is something wrong with my mobo? Any other help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Well I just finished installing my new upgrades and did a fresh install of XP. After I get everything up and runninig I find out that there is something wrong with my DVD drive and I cant install drivers and such from a cd. I then shut down and install an old cd drive and now I can't boot up. I get 2 LEDs on the diagnosis leds. I know that that means there something wrong involving my video card, so I check my PCIE power cable, still only 2 LEDs. I then reseat my video card, and nothing. What should I do? By the way my new hardware is opty 165 Corsair 620HX evga 8800gts 640mb WD 250Gb HD
  6. Thanks for finding another option, but I pulled the trigger and got the HR-03+, a few fans, a new power supply, and a new hard drive. I also won a opty 165 off of ebay, hopefully it will OC well. These upgrades will probably be the last for my S939 . Well anyway I'll post some pics of the new setup once I get everything up and running.
  7. Everything looks good but I would change two things. Insted on the TDX go for the D-Tek Fuzion, and also if your planning on adding your video card to the loop you should consider a triple rad. The Fuzion and the Swiftech apogee GTX are the best performing blocks right now, and since the GTX is like $75 and you'd have to get a seperate mounting plate for S939 that brings us to the Fuzion.
  8. Thanks man, I finally got it and it is a beast! Runs every game I own on max settings without breaking a sweat. But god-damn this thing is HOT.
  9. I got a question. Lets say I do have to put in my 8800 in the lower PCIE slot would I have to do the SLI mod, or could I just switch the jumpers and have it running at 8x. cause when I wanted to to the sli mod just for the hell of it the little resister or whatever had this junk on it that was to hard to get off and I never did that mod cause I was too afraid I would damage the chipset. Seems kinda wierd, since then I've modded my case, and taken apart alot of my electronics just for the hell of it, and curiosity. lol today I took apart a old hard drive just becasuse I wanted to see what the inside looked like, and bordem. I thought hard drive platters where thinner and that there were alot more of them in a HD, but then again it was an 80Gb. Anyway...
  10. If you want cold temps so much why dont you make a chiller, all you'd really need is another window a/c unit, and a few other things.
  11. Well thanks for your input But I'm afriad it will be too close. Right now I'm doing some upgrading on my S939, including a 8800GTS 640MB (comming tomorow, yay) and a TR Ultra-120 extreme, and a new PSU. I just don't know if it will fit with the Ultra -120 X, but hell I'll probably get it and try your way, and if it doesn't fit I'll get rid of the sound card.
  12. Your right the other 165 is a monster, but since I just spent nearly $400 on a new video card I'm more intrested in the other 165. ygpm.
  13. Great CPUs, do you remember what voltage was needed to bring your 0615DPMW to a stable 2.8?
  14. LOL oops Wow I totally missed that. thanks for correcting me.
  15. I found this at the swiftech forums: "Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 10:09 pm Post subject: Stealth vs MCW60 : comparative impact on CPU temps -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SYSTEM SETUP: Asus P5B Deluxe E6300 @ 1.425 V (1) EVGA 8800 GTX @ Stock voltage Cooling loop Apogee GTX CPU cooler MCR220, Fans @ 12V MCP655-B 7/16" Tubing TEST 1 with STEALTH GPU cooler in the loop TATS Delta T CPU to Air: 21.5 c TEST 2 with MCW60 GPU cooler in the loop TATS Delta T CPU to Air: 21.5 c We measured no difference in CPU temperature as a result of the installation of the Stealth." So basicly if you got a Stealth you would get just about the same temps as a MCW-60, but I did hear that the Stealth is very restrictive. I'm sort of disapointed, I thought that since they put a Apogee GT/GTX plate in the stealth the temps would be better than a MCW-60 with a Apogee plate, since the Apogee GT/GTX baseplate has more pins. If you get this you should have some sort of anti-corrosive coolant. The top part of both the GTX and the Stealth is plated aluminum. Even though its plated I would still use an anti-corrosive coolant just in case anything happens.
  16. So your chipset block can be wiggled around, right? Are you using clips to mount it or screws to mount it? If you are using screws you can get a hard mount kit for your MCW-30, this kit will stop any wiggling and will make a firm mount. Go to swiftech.com then - online store to liquid cooling then scroll down untill you see the title "Liquid Cooling replacement parts and accessories" then you'll see MCW-30 Hardmount kit. Its only $2 pus shipping and should be an easy fix.
  17. I'm almost positive if you got a better block you would see better temps for your quad. The TDX is most likely your problem. You have a top of the line rad, a great pump. the TDX would be good for a single core or maybe even OK for a duel core but since you have a chip with so much surface area that needs to be cooled the tiny tdx cant keep up. If you compare the TDX baseplate you will see a very small amount of fins here(see the third pic) to the base plate of a D-Tek Fuzion here(the fourth pic) you will see that the Fuzion has enough fins and pins to properly cool a quad core cpu. If you got a Fuzion to replace your TDX you will definitly see an improvment in your temps.
  18. I don't know. Its a brand new block so there is not alot of reviews or tests comparing it to other FC blocks. then again its from swiftech so it should be pretty good. If I were in your position I would either wait for some hard data or reviews saying its good or just get the current champ of FC 8800 blocks, the EK-FC8800GTS.
  19. Unless a HR-03 plus with fan takes up less than one PCI slot it will not fit an Ultra-D with a Ultra 120 Extreme with the way you described . The only way it will fit with the heatsink and fan above the card (like you described) is if I put my video card in the bottom PCIE slot, and if I do that the PCIE will run at x2 not a full x16 and I dont want to have a crippled PCIE bus runnig my video card. I want to know if it will fit in this configuration with a fan and with a sound card on the bottom PCI slot
  20. Does anyone know if a Thermalright HR-03 Plus will fit with a fan on a Ultra-D with a sound card in the bottom PCI slot? If it won't fit it seems I have very limited options. Does anyone know of any other after-market air cooler for the 8800? I thought there would have been more after market coolers for the 8800 by now.
  21. You might end up seeing better temps with a new bolt-through heatsink compaired to using a XP-120. If you had a bolt through cooler I'd say go for it. Think of it this way, a good cpu cooler costs $50-$60, but if something goes wrong a new duel core cpu costs around $100, maybe more for a good 165. Before you do anything at least try that method of mounting you described on your opty 144 without wiggling the base of your XP-120.
  22. You may want to consider a regular GPU block and some ramsinks to cool the other components. A full cover water block actively cools the GPU, memory and Vregs on a 8800, this causes even more heat to be added to your loop. If you get a regular gpu block you'll save some cash and you might even get better temps. If you went with this and this you would end up saving around $75 over the DD 8800 full cover block. Just my $.02. If you really want a full cover block you should consider getting an EK block, they look nice, and are a bit cheaper and IMO better quality than DD full cover. Whatever you get have fun and good luck.
  23. If the Fuzion GPU is too restrictive for your liking, you should consider the Swiftech MCW-60 since its the only other GPU only block that supports G80.
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