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  1. Basiclly for the same price you could get the Swiftech H20-220 Kit. It has a much better DDC pump, a better Appogee based block and a better 2x120mm rad. The Kit you mentioned has a little single 120mm rad, a crappy looking block, and what looks to be a weak little MAG pump. For about the same price you can get better components and better temps.
  2. Scythe, Noctua, and Yate Loon fans seem to be good choices. It all depends on what you consider quiet and what your budget is. Just make sure to check this out. Its an in-depth fan comparison which includes the real CFM and dB output of each fan. That guide helped me figure out what fan would be best for me on my radiator. It is a very useful tool to help you find what you are looking for.
  3. This should work and give you enough clearence.
  4. You can just use Hydrx or some D-Tek UV dye.
  5. I think he got the card he wanted but never said anything, look at the date he posted and his sig.
  6. I would think that there might be some sort of internal USB extension cable somewhere. Hey if you can, can you post a pic of your rig? Curious how it looks. Edit: Found a USB cable. Link. I know $13 for a sleeved cable is a bit steep but if your willing it might work.
  7. Well I don't have any audio or usb plugs any more, since I put in my top window which is where all those hookups were. My fan has plenty of room, are you sure installed the audio module correctly? Cause from the audio modules little PCB to my fan there is at least 1/4-1/2 clearance. I don't know maybe you have a older or newer audio module revision. With USB plugs that I had, I just routed them strait down to the bottom mobo hole. Edit: I got rid of the the front usb and audio because I didn't use them that often and I thought a window would look cooler. Also maybe the reason the audio thing is so close to your fans is the way your case is. Edit#2:Another good idea to disguise those USB and Audio ports is to sleeve them black so they sort of blend in with the color of you mobo.
  8. Well my case doesn't have much room either. I only have around 1/2 in space back there to work with but I managed to get all my cables back there. I had the same problem when I had the audio plug so I routed it just left of the pci/pcex slots to the bottom mobo tray hole. Right in this area:
  9. Thanks a bunch. But cable management really isn't as hard as you think. For my case I made a few holes behind the mother board and just routed everything from the hole by my power supply to the holes behind my mobo. Also lots of zipties and and ziptie mounts really help. See: Yea the the front is nice and neat and the back is a total mess.
  10. Thanks guys. For the rad I used the rad box stock stuff except I added some 1in stand offs and longer screws, it just gave me enough room to do some of those bends without any kinks. With the rad box, standoffs and fans the rad sticks out around 4in. I'll get some shots of the back once I find my camera. Oh and for you ppl that WC a 5/8in OD tee really helps alot with bleeding. I think I fully bled and filled the system (including all those tiny bubbles) in around two to three hours. Martinm210 at XS gave me that tip. EDIT: Pics. Sorry they are kinda crappy, but you get the idea.
  11. Well heres my updated rig. I just finished my first loop a few days ago. It was alot easier to set up than I thought. My rig is now quieter than ever before, and with better temps. I'm also thinking about doing something about that mesh in the front panel. I think I might get some smoked grey or black acrylic or maybe some brushed aluminum and mount it on stand-offs behind the mesh. What do you guys think?
  12. How about the Lian Li G70, its just about the same size as the stackers but with a different look. If you like Lian Li's then the Lian Li V2000 would be another good case for water cooling. Besides those two I can't think of any other full tower Lian Li's within your price range. Hope this helps.
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