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    E6600 | Gigabyte 965P DS3P Rev 3.3 (F4 BIOS) | 2x2GB DDR2 | HD6450 | Linux Mint
    1055T | 2x2GB DDR3 | HD 5850 Vapor-X | 3x2007WFP Eyefinity
  1. Would be a change from GW2 - we have been exclusive for too long
  2. Awesome - just in time, again (how do you do that) as my current mouse has lost its rubber grips and the tracking is starting to get a little iffy...
  3. Looking at some Win 10 upgrades on a couple of laptops. Need to get my arse in gear and get some power leads so I can get my eyefinity setup running again. Wondering what to do with a Raspberry Pi - possible plex client... Considering a new build for my home server to run Plex and Modded Minecraft but it depends on cost.
  4. Does anyone use separate soundcards these days besides maybe special cases like audio engineering?
  5. I hope Mirrors Edge 2 does come out I really loved that game, hopefully there will be less combat this time round.
  6. I love the desk sized one as I occassionally suffer keyboard slip - just added this mat to my future purchases list
  7. Sorry I missed out on this, 'puter problems, father heart problems, selling house and on top of that it was christmas too (oh and just had car issues too) Well done to those that won - its always nice getting extra pressies
  8. Checking my old emails it seems my spec hasn't changed at all in the past few years so I got to resend last years email I'm very excited about this competition mainly so I can make a little change for the next contest asking for my PC spec
  9. I'd try each card individually, stress it out and see what happens. If one craps out try it the other PCIe slot just in case.
  10. How are you powering it. If I remember correctly - it uses USB for power right - is this coming from your PC USB ports or a powered hub?
  11. I use a passive adapter from HP and I've never had any of these issues. You might want to head over to wsgf.org and check there, I would do it for you but for some reason the work firewall blocks that site.
  12. Summer competition - lovely Wells, UK
  13. someone needs to tell my missus that knowledge of operation precedence is hip codeacademy do python courses if you get through your book and want more.
  14. The Note 8 is out of my price range but I like the sound of the S Pen
  15. I'm looking at getting a new Tablet as my current Kobo Vox is pants and the battery is on its way out. It will be mainly used for reading ebooks but I'm hoping a more recent tablet with better grunt than the Vox will allow me to do more like reading graphic novels and watching TV/films. My budget is about
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