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  1. Machine in my sig is a new build as of yesterday. Moving from Lanparty nF4 with nvidia cards to Lanparty P45 with Ati; It's going to be an interesting journey getting my 4Ghz. I already feel like I need to be an electrical engineer to sort these damn GTL references voltages :S
  2. Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Centy. It's been a long time, I'm sorry I've been away so long.
  3. I got given a 512Mb BFG 8800GT OC by my friend
  4. No problem SoundX Anyone who downloaded Windows XP 32bit Forceware 175.19 WHQL before 9th July should redownload it if they are experiencing any problems. A few bugs regarding the performance profiles and anti-aliasing in that driver set have been fixed and nvidia have replaced the drivers on their site. XP32/64bit Vista32/64bit - Added DirectX Redistributable (August 2008) XP32/64bit Vista32/64bit - Added nVidia PhysX 177.83 drivers for 8, 9 and 200 series cards ONLY + link for TweakGuides.com guide to setup XP32/64bit - Added Realtek ALC Audio drivers 4.05 f-f-f-fresh It was Microsoft's patch Tuesday yesterday, don't forget to run Windows Updates
  5. dBPoweramp gets my vote, Sony Disc2Phone is alright too but IIRC it makes you install .net You're probably best doing a listening test with a few songs encoded at different bit rates and formats to see just how low you can set the bitrate without much loss in perceivable audio quality.
  6. It doesn't seem to like certain characters being the in the computer name either e.g CENTY-BED is OK but CENTY_BED is not Try just using letters from A to Z
  7. Read this - http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/2008/07/0...memory-better/3
  8. Please delete this reply because I can't work out how lol. Thanks.
  9. ^ Is auto-cool just for being from the Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhatten and Queens, Staten Island area Love the dialect ya see.
  10. It sounds like the bridge could be incorrectly attached or broken
  11. My DFI nF4 wasn't beeping at all when my 7900GS died, I had to rely on the diagnostic LEDs. I even tried a seperate beeper to the one built onto the motherboard and still got no beeps. As soon as I slotted a friends card in instead the monitor came on as expected, and I was relieved. Got a replacement 7900GS after a week and this one overclocks even better and hasn't died after 2 months.
  12. Added XP/64/Vista32/64 DirectX June 2008 Redistributable Added XP/64/Vista32/64 Latest nVidia Geforce GT200 series ONLY drivers on official site 177.41 WHQL Added XP/64/Vista32/64 Latest nVidia Geforce 6,7,8 and 9 series drivers on official site 175.19/175.16 WHQL Added XP/64/Vista32/64 Latest Marvell Gb LAN drivers on official site Added Vista32/64 Added nVidia Platform drivers v15.17 All other links checked and up to date.
  13. Nah angry is "Expert" lol uhh i'll be over here with the rest of the Brits. Nice forums people.
  14. I Can't help you personally, I think it's too advanced for me , sounds cool though. Good luck with getting it working and don't forget to tell us how you got on.
  15. I've never heard of it being done, what does it improve?
  16. No problem sound New Realtek AC97 Audio 6.2.85 driver for Vista released 15/04/2008
  17. It was an april fools prank tasr. The second list of mods hasn't been updated to include reelfiles
  18. Cool so you are using that 9.5 multi you payed for 4.8Ghz lol. I am getting a wolfie.
  19. DFI LP UT P35-T2R/E8500 @ 4.61Ghz 2x1024 OCZ PC9600 Flex Nvidia Galaxy Ultra 8800 @ 710/1140 2x36gig Raptors raid0/250gig WD Caviar PCP&P Turbo-Cool 1KW That's one hell of a gaming PC right there. Anyone know the differences between the DFI LP UT P35-T2R and DFI LP DK P35-T2R, apart from the colours of the slots?
  20. The latest official bios is 04/06 which since release by DFI has been tweaked by Ocz_Tony. Merlin also has some recently tweaked bios available. All the latest bios files are available on logans excellent bootable cd which allows you to flash your motherboard bios without the need for a floppy drive. You can download the CD following links from here http://www.csd.dficlub.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1525 It includes even the very latest Merlin bioses from http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=80843 And 04/06 tweaked by OCZ Tony from http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=49990
  21. I Knew it was bull crap, I mean why would anybody mean any harm to hangry.
  22. It's a good idea to get the biggest hdd you can afford with the xbox when you buy it then.
  23. All links checked and updated for March 2008 New Direct X redistributable March 2008 New nvidia Forceware 174.74 WHQL for Geforce 9 Series cards XP/Vista 32/64bit New nvidia Forceware 174.74 beta for Geforce 9, 8, 7 and 6 series cards for XP/Vista 32/64bit New Marvel Yukon Gb LAN driver february 28th 2008 XP/Vista 32/64bit
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