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  1. The Lian Li case is great. I use it with the Zalman 9500 HSF. That particular HSF exhausts the hot air right into the rear case fans. It makes for a very efficient combo.
  2. OS: (to be determined, is XPpro worth $55 more than XPhome or $30 more than XPMediaCenter?) I don't believe XP Home supports 64 bit. So yes it's worth the extra $.
  3. I'm presently considering using the 64 Bit version of Windows XP Pro but I find that my present virus & firewall software (EZ Trust Armor) doesn't support it. And it looks like Symantec doesn't either. What is everyone using? Thanks
  4. fariss


    I haven't bought the CPU yet. Next week. The Opty isn't that much more $ so I'm now leaning towards it. Just worried about the warranty issue.
  5. After deciding on the AMD 64 x2 4400+ Toledo I looked at the Opteron 175 Dual Core Denmark & now am having 2nd thoughts. Is it worth the risk of voiding the warranty & going w/ the Opty?
  6. I presently use the Zalman 7000 on an Intel platform. It's by far the best I have ever used, although quite heavy. Google has given me some reviews on the 9500 but nothing from a real time user. So far it's my choice for cooler but would like some more info from actual users. The alternative is the SI 120 but I like the way the Zalman exhausts out the back into the case fan in my Lian Li. Sorry about the PSU. It's a PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool 510 ASL.
  7. Bump. Anyone? I'm curious about the Zalman.
  8. As per my sig this is my proposed new build. I'm seeking advice about the choices. Is the Zalman 9500 OK? I've seen no review here of it. Ram OK? Mild OCing? 4400+ Toledo OC well? PSU OK? Or should I use the OCZ? Any other suggestions more than welcome & sought. Thanks.
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