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  1. Are the case connections correct? They can be confusing, especially when they are the individual plug types.
  2. Change BIOS setting to Halt on all errors. This will keep the BSOD on & prevent the rebooting loops. Google the error in the BSOD.
  3. Is this Windows legit? I don't mean to offend but it should be asked.
  4. Some USB devices require a driver. Do you have any driver disks that came with your hardware?
  5. I also use the 9500 without the fanmate. It works great.
  6. The Zalman actually has a somewhat transparent face. You can see the circuitry. And yes the LEDS react with the changing fan speeds. There are many reviews of it. Google is your friend.
  7. There is a BIOS setting that will allow the BSOD to remain. Something along the line of Halt On All Errors. Then you should be able to see the tech info in the BSOD. Sometimes googling the error will help.
  8. http://www.frozencpu.com/scan/se=Case%20Ac...enu_search.html
  9. I'm comtemplating getting a Stacker 830 but I have some concerns. I presently use an Audigy2 ZS & will be using a Zalman fan controller. Both have front panels w/ knobs, switches & dials. Will these intefere w/ the Stacker's door?
  10. I have used these in the past & liked both of them: http://www.frozencpu.com/bus-36.html http://www.frozencpu.com/bus-15.html The Zalman is my personal favorite.
  11. fariss

    PSU Poll

    I have the Hiper in another rig. As far as modular PSU's go, this one is great. It lacks the 8 pin power connector but the adapter works good. If the Hiper had the 8 pin connector it would be sitting in my signature computer.
  12. Heat could be an issue. I once (an Intel build) had the same problem. Overheating was the cause. What is the refresh rate set on your monitor?
  13. Has it been doing this right along? Or is it something that just started?
  14. Can't you change a registry entry to change bootup screen?
  15. There is a BIOS setting that you can change to halt your system at any error. It will leave the BSOD showing & the error info. I'm not sure of the exact setting though. Something along the lines of Halt on all errors. Sometimes googling the tech info that the BSOD gives you will help. It worked for me once ( a HDD related error).
  16. After the 1st reboot during Windows installation don't hit any key when prompted to boot from the CD drive. Let the installation continue.
  17. Another suggestion: There are sharp edges where you cut to allow the hoses to pass through. You might want to get yourself some molding to prevent possible hose slicing.
  18. Your cable is seated wrong. Reverse it (the one on the FDD) The steady in-use light is generally a sign of the cable seated incorrectly.
  19. fariss

    New Case

    Nice, but I was talking about the new Stacker.
  20. Not in a case with the rear exhaust fan aligned with the Zalman. And I understand 220 cfm is above & beyond most fans. The Zalman relies on the case fan alot (& a 120mm rear fan is ideal, my Lian Li uses a 90mm & it works super). It was probably designed with this in mind.
  21. The Zalman is excellent. I believe your case has a rear exhaust fan that aligns well with the HSF. I don't use the fan controller on my Expert board. The board itself sets the fan speed as needed. Saying the SI120 is "much better" isn't true. I tried both & my case/HSF combo beat the SI120's performance. The Zalman is designed to use the rear case fan & it does so quite efficiently. Again it relies on the position of the rear fan. The Zalman also sweeps away the heat over the memory slots on the expert board.
  22. fariss

    New Case

    I've always been a Lian Li fan. My present case cools very well but I'm starting to realize I'm going to need more room. So I'm looking for a larger, full tower case. My search has been narrowed down to 2 cases. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811112092 A Lian Li. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811119103 The new Stacker. I'm leaning towards the Lian Li because of the weight difference & my liking of their products. However, the new Stacker seems intriguing. Has anyone had any experience with both of them? Or please share your experiences with the case of your choice between the two.
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