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  1. The Hyper modular connectors are unlike the other modulars. I don't think those issues would apply.
  2. Without the required sig. you won't get much help. The purpose of the sig. is to list your components so that people might know where your issues are. And yes the molex power connector should be used.
  3. Any luck w/ the engraved fonts for my sig? I know you're busy & since I already have a sig I can wait.
  4. Check out the signatures of other posters. You can gleam a lot of information from them as to what works with what.
  5. The only problem I had w/ the Hyper is that it lacks the 12v 8-pin connector. However, your board doesn't require it. I haved used 2 of them & both of them work well.
  6. I've built one system w/ it & found it very cramped to work with.
  7. My only experience w/ Monarch wasn't very good either. An "In Stock" item took 5 weeks to get delivered. As noted in another post the telephone customer service agents all told a different story. I won't buy there again.
  8. Have you tried the memory in the orange slots?
  9. You're right. It's backwards compatible. All 4 power connectors?
  10. http://www.short-media.com/review.php?r=277&p=3
  11. Those aren't the Blue Storms though. http://www.short-media.com/review.php?r=277&p=3
  12. All 4 power connectors connected? I believe your PSU lacks a native 24 pin connector. Are you using an adapter?
  13. Finish your sig w/ all your parts. Especially your PSU.
  14. I agree about the PSU. No 8 pin connector. For $20.00 less you can get: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...001#DetailSpecs I use this one & am loving it.
  15. 1. Corrections Officer - 56 2. Curiosity & cost. 3. Tinkering with older computers. 4. Flawless 1st build. 5. Unknown savings. I built w/ some salvaged & new parts. 6. Yes. Because each build teaches you something new. 7. Absolutely.
  16. fariss


    I have a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000. Somewhere I read that the 1394 connection was active but the manufacturer claims otherwise. Something about not being cost-effective to disable them so they just claim otherwise. But I need about a 30' cable to reach the computer to check. Anyone know anything more? BTW it's a Time Warner unit. It would be great to be able to pull things from the unit's HD.
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