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  1. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;en-us;Q311806
  2. Are all 4 power connections in place? This was pulled from the Antec website: Important Note: The TruePower 2.0 Fan Only connectors are designed to power standard fans only. Attaching thermally-controlled fans to these connectors will likely result in unpredictable and undesired behavior. Thermally-controlled fans should only be connected to the standard 4-pin Peripheral Power Connectors. Please do not connect more than three fans to the Fan Only connectors. Just trying to cover all the bases here.
  3. It's nice but it doesn't have an 8 pin power connector. On a non-Expert board it works fine. I used the adapter for awhile with no problems but upgraded to avoid possible problems down-the-road. It can be found a lot cheaper but I don't know what vendors will ship to you.
  4. There is a thread about Maxtor HDDs. There are some problems with them but I seem to recall there is a solution. Perhaps a firmware update? Meanwhile do you have another HDD you can try?
  5. Did you try and flip the rails over? Is there a clip you have to hold in/out to allow it to slip in?
  6. You need to create a signature with the hardware in your system. Doing so will enable people to diagnose the problems you are having. Exactly what are your issues?
  7. Plug the FDD "look-alike" into the connection near the PCEe slots.
  8. I think the Noisetaker doesn't have an 8 pin cable the Expert requires. However I think the Noisetaker II does.
  9. He has an Expert board. Only 3 power connections: 24 pin 8 pin FDD
  10. There is a BIOS entry that will allow you to change the temp. that triggers your HSF.
  11. The high chipset temp. doesn't create any problems. Are you having problems?
  12. http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=14822
  13. LOL I didn't check your thread link out before posting mine. Sorry.
  14. The Zalman will blow out and across the memory towards the back of the case. If there is a rear exhaust case fan it will work very well.
  15. There are 4 power connectors. Is this a fresh Windows installation for this motherboard? Or are you trying to load an OS from another board?
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