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  1. Both orange slots need to be populated. If you can get into BIOS run Memtest on both sticks. Are all 3 power connections used? 24 pin 8 pin FDD (near PCIe slots).
  2. Did you try both orange slots? Just 1 stick in farthest orange slot? What PSU? What memory?
  3. It appears you ignored the advice about your PSU.
  4. Pepperoni? Hot or mild?
  5. This is the 1st time I've seen this case modded this way. Seems interesting. http://www.frozencpu.com/cas-338.html?id=TWorfbxx Then there's: http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ind...roducts_id=3941
  6. Is it physically smaller than the OCZ Powerstream 600? The 600 is somewhat longer & interferes w/ a 120mm blowhole fan. I presently have the blowhole devoid of cooling because of this.
  7. Are you having problems now?
  8. Are you attempting to boot w/ an OS from another board? A fresh install will be probably be required.
  9. The Hiper is fine. It's only fault is it lacks the 8 pin power. But you're not using an Expert board.
  10. It doesn't appear the works Power has the 8 pin power connector that the Expert requires.
  11. How about an upraised fist clutching a miniature hockey stick w/ the team name imposed on it? The Fistz.
  12. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...hlight=speedfan
  13. Need more info. Can you finish your sig?
  14. Windows will shut down or retart sometimes when it encounters errors. You will have to reinstall the OS. Windows will VERY rarely work from one system to another without being reinstalled. Sometimes you can get away with a Windows repair but I wouldn't count on it. If there is data you want to save on the HDD you might try the repair, save data & then reinstall to ensure stability.
  15. Did you try turning off the surge protector on & off before trying to reboot? Generally the surge protector is close by & easy to get to.
  16. I think DFI allows a RMA to have the board repaired. I'm not sure if any BIOS' address it though.
  17. Surge protector. All your electronic components should be plugged into one.
  18. The dreaded cold-boot issue. There is a workaround that I've seen others use as a temporary fix. Instead of waiting just turn your surge bar on/off. It does the same as toggling the rear switch on your PSU. Also try turning the case switch on real fast, tapping it rapidly. Sometimes that works.
  19. You need to create a signature w/ all your components. If you did use only 2 of the 4 power connections then you might want to try w/ all 4 connected.
  20. I didn't mean to steal the idea. It gives you something to work on.
  21. Somewhere I recall seeing a rendering of the moon/sun over mountains. Imposed onto this was a hockey stick that appeared to be playing the moon/sun as a puck. I thought it was cool.
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