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  1. Interesting. http://www.frozencpu.com/products/5184/cst...tml?id=peWjMBb5
  2. There are 3 power connections on the Expert board. Do you have another PSU you can try?
  3. I don't believe that's your problem though. Windows (if the option is selected) will restart when it detects an error. Disable that function and Windows will BSOD itself giving you an error message to work with and troubleshoot. You may also check Event Viewer for any errors that may have occurred.
  4. Mad? Angry? Wrong forum. Things are changing around here. Hugs abound etc.
  5. The Zalman 9500 works very good with a case that has a rear exhaust fan that aligns the the cooler. It's my HSF of choice.
  6. Even Hiper doesn't recommend using the adapter: http://www.hipergroup.com/English/products/hpu-4b580.html
  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817341001 newegg beats the heck out of Monarch on this.
  8. http://www.frozencpu.com/scan/se=Stock%20C...enu_search.html I've used the Silverfin 3 for one build.
  9. I ordered an Expert board that website said was in stock. Kept checking to see if it had shipped. Finally (after no e-mail replies) phoned. And was told it was currently out of stock (even though it was marked as in stock when I ordered). It took a month and a half to finally get it. Meanwhile newegg had me one in 4 days. I won't order from them again. But like I said there are those here who have had good luck w/ them. Use the Search function to find the recent thread about both the good & bad.
  10. Although I haven't had much luck w/ Monarch there a some here who have. I suffered through a lie about something being in stock & a very long delivery time.
  11. LOL Ivery seldom have any luck doing a Windows repair instead of a fresh install. Enjoy.
  12. Well....I can't order a dozen. Only 1 in stock. Angry must have gotten the rest.
  13. The Hiper lacks the 8 pin power connection. I used the adapter for awhile but changed out the PSU early on to avoid stability issues later on. There are some using the 4 to 8 pin adapters with no problems but there are also some having stability issues with it. I'm guessing a system with a low number of hardware items will run OK but those with a bigger power demand will have problems. Personally I'd look elsewhere (the new OCZ gamers' PSU is getting rave reviews). I'm using the Hiper in 2 other systems that don't require the 8 pin cable with absolutely no problems.
  14. I don't think your PSU's +12V rails are up to the task.
  15. Look at the temps: Without Cooler Express CPU Starting Prime 95: 43°C CPU Running Prime 95 for 30 min: 52°C GPU1 Starting 3DMark: 32°C GPU1 Running 3DMark for 30min: 43°C GPU1 Starting 3DMark: 31°C GPU1 Running 3DMark for 30min: 42°C With Cooler Express CPU Starting Prime 95: -36°C CPU Running Prime 95 for 30 min: -34°C GPU1 Starting 3DMark: -31°C GPU1 Running 3DMark for 30min: -27°C GPU1 Starting 3DMark: -31°C GPU1 Running 3DMark for 30min: -28°C
  16. Angry, How about getting a sample & trying it out. LOL http://www.frozencpu.com/cas-339.html?id=CM8ZCFFu I wonder if those that claim "money is no object" still feel this way?
  17. I have this adapter. It has only one empty socket. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowImage.as...69%20-%20Retail
  18. Did the Windows OS come on a CD that is geared for the system you originally bought? Like Dell?
  19. Pulled from PSU sticky: "Minimum of [email protected] for Single Video Card Systems & [email protected] for Dual Video Card (SLI) Systems." Pulled from Thermaltake specs: [email protected] [email protected]
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