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  1. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24392
  2. fariss


    Anyone tried IE7? Thoughts?
  3. LOL Yeah, I know. But I came close to buying one while they were in stock. The lanyard/turnbuckle changed my mind.
  4. Try a different PSU. Ultra PSUs are crap. (I know you didn't want to hear that, but......)
  5. How heavy is it? There are TEC coolers that require fastening to the case w/ lanyards because of the weight. For example: http://pro-clockers.com/reviews.php?id=168 Interesting that this reviewer used a LanParty.
  6. I am not a fan of Ultra PSUs. What other hardware are you using?
  7. http://www.xoxide.com/lian-li-pc-343b-case.html
  8. According to a Zalman rep about 7-9 degrees cooler than the 9500. http://www.3dbuzz.com/vbforum/showthread.php?t=138734
  9. How much space is there for the PSU?
  10. I REALLY like the 9500. This looks promising. http://www.systemshock.co.za/forums/index....ic=7783&hl=9700
  11. I was wondering how I ended up with Thornton. Is there any way you can get the others to use the trade feature to get it back to your draft order? That would probably be too much but it's a thought. I suppose the chances of getting everyone to do so are slim. Are each teams' draft order available?
  12. Not only do I have to explain what Mushkin means, I have to explain what Fatawan meant!
  13. In an attempt to get my 10 year old daughter involved in the building of her computer I am allowing her the opportunity to pick the components herself (except, of course, for the mobo). When reviewing memory she came across the brand name Mushkin. She wondered out loud where the name Mushkin came from. At the time she was leaning towards OCZ because of some Wizard of OZ thingy only she understands. Anyways without a PSU she is unable to Google Mushkin in her quest for the meaning of it. So far she is wondering if it's "kin" to Mush thus being an oatmeal reference. It obviously can't be be someone's name (too weird?). Remember, she wanted OCZ RAM because of the Wizard of OZ. When I told her of this contest and that SHE should enter it, her reply was that if Mushkin was indeed the guy's name then he was a Geek Of The Greatest Magnitude and would never understand her (after all she's just turned 10!) No matter the outcome of the contest could Mr. Mushkin or Oatmeal-Kin please explain to her (and obviuosly me) the meaning Mushkin?
  14. There's a reason that most mail order companies ran specials on the Ultra PSU's. They are junk. I bought 2 because of the price and neither of them would run a DFI board I ended up using them in 2 lesser systems. I'd look at your PSU 1st.
  15. Foliage should be great in a week or so.
  16. Adirondack Mtns. Upstate NY. Lake Placid. Quebec City. During Winter Carnival.
  17. You can count me in as one who will never buy from them. UGH.
  18. http://www.frozencpu.com/products/5211/mem...tml?id=WT8vF3Qv
  19. I'll see him tomorrow (9/29) & get further info on his setup. I can recall my first dealings with a SATA drive. The cable just wouldn't fit snugly. I ended up buying a special cable that clasped onto the HD. Solved my problem. But I don't think this is his problem. I think there is conflict somewhere with IDE & SATA channels.
  20. Please help solve a problem for a friend. He has built a system {pentium} using an IBM board. Randomly one of his HDs will not be recognized by Windows. Any ideas?
  21. Silverstone. I recently was in the market for a new case. However, after having seen both the Lian Li & the Stacker 830 in action I found them both to be dust magnets of the biggest kind.
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