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  1. Doesn't the Hiper PSU lack a 24 pin power plug?
  2. There seems to be a lot of posters from the UK that use Tagan PSUs with good results. Check sigs for models. PM some that use them for reviews.
  3. Would it hurt to try the CMOS clear? Process of elimination.
  4. My Copperhead recently died & I bought the Revolution to replace it. It's hard to beat the Copperhead (it's wired) but the Revolution has been good. It's comfortable & responsive (although I found the Razer better). In the 2 weeks of using the Revolution I noticed that the feet scratch easily. I should note I use it on my desktop not my laptop. For the money I like the Copperhead but tried the wireless Revolution because of the wireless feature & reviews.
  5. What has been working could easily be changed due to hardware changes or software additions that will stress your weak components. I'd first look at your RAM issues. And try another PSU. At least you would be eliminating possible causes. You asked for help.....so at least try our suggestions.
  6. You shouldn't be mixing RAM. Value RAM doesn't play well. Your PSU is suspect. There's 3 places to start.
  7. I presently have these: http://www.westinghousedigital.com/details.aspx?itemnum=56 http://www.samsung.com/Products/HomeTheate.../HT_Q70TXAA.asp http://www.scientificatlanta.com/products/...lorer8300HD.htm The cable box & monitor/TV are hooked w/ HDMI. How do I go about connecting the home theater to the system? Can I run HDMI from cable box to HT and then to TV?
  8. It sounds like a program has changed either the refresh rate or resolution of your monitor to one that it can't handle. But I'd lean towards a driver issue.
  9. You should have. I'm loving mine. Although it still hasn't been tried as a computer monitor. (Maybe today).
  10. It was the 32" version that was available Black Friday.
  11. Perhaps I jumped the gun on Ultra. My only experience has been w/ 2 of their PSUs. They both sucked. One was on a DFI platform & the other on a Gigabyte board. I'm sure there are some w/ Ultra's that are running great. I didn't mean to come across as harsh as I did but my experiences w/ Ultra hasn't been a good one. And seeing others here w/ the same experiences only keeps them on my list of PSUs to avoid.
  12. You are running a subpar PSU (although I don't think it's your problem).
  13. Ultra PSUs are crap. Do you have another?
  14. You will need a PS2 mouse & keyboard to install OS.
  15. This is what I just got. I'm loving it. But it should be noted that it's a monitor & doesn't have a TV tuner. I still haven't tried my laptop on it though. And the kids are getting a XBox 360 for Xmas, & I'm going to get the HD-DVD for the XBox when it comes out. I only wish there were more stations broadcasting in HD.
  16. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16889234001 http://www.westinghousedigital.com/details.aspx?itemnum=56
  17. Somewhere there is a thread or two about SiSoftSandra & DFI. IIRC there is a fix for it, allowing you to use it.
  18. Not really. But I had thought about using the Koolance type (external on top of case). I'm a fan of the Zalman 9500 & the case works well w/ that cooler.
  19. I've used this case 3 times. It's great. Can't beat the price. I just ordered 3 more (to have on hand). http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811147044
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