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  1. All 4 power connectors connected? Do you have another PSU available to try? You are running a weak PSU.
  2. At 1st glance I'd say it's your memory. Value RAM doesn't play well. Have you memtested?
  3. Do you have another PSU handy to try? Yours is a bare minimun PSU & you are running a lot of hardware with it. It looks like your OS might be corrupted. I'd try another PSU & a Windows repair.
  4. There is going to one helluva market for used DDR memory.
  5. I tend to think ahead a little bit. The RAM upgrade isn't going to be DDR2. Any new build down the road will probably require DDR2. However a new PSU, upgraded to a good one, will be able to be used in a new rig.
  6. Ace has been on "leave" from his sig work. AFAIK I'm near the top of his list for the text. He said he had a good idea for it & I didn't want to step on his toes or nag him about it. The sig & text are my own creation but I'm waiting for his input.
  7. Carefully? Squinting? BTW it's fariss. I don't appreciate your humor.
  8. The FDD connector, in this case, isn't for a FDD. It supplies additional power to the motherboard. As simple as it is to connect it (check out the image posted earlier) it would seem silly not to.
  9. You are underpowered but running a minimal amount of hardware. There is a BIOS setting you'll have to change regarding the CPU fan. It's probably set to only come on at a certain tempature & it hasn't been reached. That being said before you go much farther with your build I'd invest in a better PSU.
  10. Although the product description (on newegg) doesn't say removable it does say motherboard tray. I would think a tray would be removable.
  11. It's nice to see these posts about successful builds. In a forum such as this you mainly see only the problems. Good luck.
  12. Look again. I believe it does.
  13. You can mount a fan on the Lian Li where the blowhole is.
  14. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811112099
  15. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ight=venus+maps
  16. What case is it? The 1st thing I'd check is the airflow. (heat) 2nd thing to check would be the standoffs. 3rd thing would be the case wiring (power, hdds etc).
  17. I didn't take your post that way. Not at all. I should have mentioned it in the original post.
  18. This thread turned pretty philisophical (not a bad thing). Perhaps I should have mentioned that Brittany is challenged (lack of oxygen @ birth). Hence the concern. She can be talked into anything. So although I agree with those advocating no restrictions, it's just not that easy. I suppose there is a middle ground. I just haven't found it. Thanks for the replies.
  19. I'm about to provide internet access on my 10 year old's computer. Can I get some advice on monitoring software for it?
  20. I once had a Checksum Error that was related to a bad memory stick. (Albeit on an Intel platform). Memtesting is painless & it would further eliminate a possible problem.
  21. I would still memtest your memory. How old is the battery? They are inexpensive & it's a good idea to keep them on hand.
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