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  1. A switching-mode power supply is a power supply that provides the power supply function through low loss components such as capacitors, inductors, and transformers -- and the use of switches that are in one of two states, on or off. The advantage is that the switch dissipates very little power in either of these two states and power conversion can be accomplished with minimal power loss, which equates to high efficiency.
  2. Had to be somebody with an IT administration access I think. Most companies won’t allow you to install anything on their rigs. Maybe a higher up management member as well. They usually don’t need to deal with stuff like that.
  3. I have this board as well and it is really very well behaved. I mean all Gigabyte stuff I ever had was great. 4G on a Q9550 here with this board.
  4. Very nice buy! I'm sure it was expensive as hell. These things run you like $800 bucks new. I have a ABS 20XT dewar. Looks pretty much the same as yours.
  5. Yeah it will evaporate pretty quick if in the open. You can keep in for more than a week in a dewar if not longer. Have a picture of the Dewar?
  6. What is your set up? Looks like one of your parts has a cold bug. You will have to find out exactly where the max is before the lights go out!
  7. Sounds like you are good to go! Looking forward to the results!
  8. So the OCZ phase stays fully loaded at -60C with a E8600 at 1.5V? This is better than I thought it would do!
  9. Hum. Thats a surprise! I guess I will do this as well to see what the deal is.
  10. Very nice cpu here! I would grab it if I had the cash right now!
  11. Looking very good! When this takes off it could be a hit! The problem will be the trust issue. These days most people buying stuff around forums from members they have known for a while.
  12. I'm looking into one of them babys! You got to love the Nissan Coupe's!
  13. I assume this is not the DDR3 version?
  14. With a decent mobo you can get the Q9550 to 4G. Remember these quads only have a 8 or 8.5 multi so you need a high FSB to get to 4G. The Q6600 has a 9 multi but the new steppings suck badly and if you lucky you get it to 3.8G (unless you get a used one proven overclocker) I my opinion if you get a Q9550 and run it at 3.8 you should be fine.
  15. Stay away from the Extech one! I had two of them and they both quit on me. Most overclockers use the UEI DT200. I have one as well and its been going strong for me.
  16. You got to do DICE mate! Last time you benched on DICE you had some good results!
  17. The dragon F1 is around $330 including shipping! Yeah I know its not cheap but it is needed if you want to control the temps within 1C! Its worth every buck!
  18. Posted in your thread! PM me if you have any questions.
  19. Here is a few things to know about the pot making. First of all you need to know if you want to use it with LN2 or DICE. Thin base plate will work good with DICE but I think 1/4" like you have will be a problem to braze because it will warp a little due to the heat. You can give it a go and let us know. LN2 pots have much more base surface to control the temps better. Here is a log of one of the pots I made last year!
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