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  1. I know its hard to hit the Google button but here it is for you! --> http://www.overclock.net/intel-motherboard...king-guide.html
  2. Yeah there is a great thread on this mobo over at XS but the forum has been down for days now. I know they upgrade the server drives to SSD's and it was supposed to be back up on Friday. I guess this failed.
  3. What a coincidences! I just got the same board today as well. Can you share some BIOS settings as well as voltages.
  4. Neweeg boxes like like new every time in my house! I would say UPS dude is a NOOB!
  5. Bump and the Logitech WingMan Formula GP wheel sold!
  6. Well how about a E2200. This is something you can clock to 3.2 for cheap.
  7. Didn't see anything about a remote card. I use the Soundgraph IMON 2.4G DT Receiver in my HTPC and can only recommend it! Works like a charm for two years already.
  8. We need more info! What are the chipset and the FSB voltages applied?
  9. Thats what I thought! BTW: I have a Q9550 you can have for $220 shipped. It was bought new OEM around X-mass time and I woud lie to say it was not overclocked. Chip hits 4G on 1.45V on a Foxconn BlackOps. Also I have a Gigabyte X48-DQ6 I would let go for $130.
  10. Well, it didn't happen to me but you know what the people say. Once this barrier has been broken it is going to be easier for her to do it again. If they have kids they should try to work it out, if not i would give her the BOOT!
  11. NOOBS! Just get out and get a new account with a small regional bank. At least next time they piss you off you can personally stop by and beat their teeth out! He He! BTW: I
  12. I have a Logitech Wingman FormulaGT wheel which I haven't used for a while. As far as I know its in perfect working condition so if you care about buying something used drop me a PM.
  13. Holy BOOZE storage! I'm in on this one!
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