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  1. Yeah right! This is a sweet comment. I have a almost one year old Panasonic plasma unit and it rocks in any way. If blu-ray or x-box it all looks amazing at 1080p but like people mentioned before this thing is a heater as well as the power consumption is higher. LCD's came a long way and looking at the 120-240Mhz units the picture is really amazing. I would get a Samsung 120Mhz until and call it a day.
  2. I have this iron and this is the best I ever owned. Makes GPU modding and everything else a walk in the park with the right tip obviously.
  3. Right on! Yeah the instructions also say not to touch a hot cup of coffee and people still do it. The grounding prong doesn’t have anything to do with the cord burning up. It’s most likely something else going on there. Either you power outlet cant take the amount of amperage shoveled through it or the AC unit has a problem. I would inspect the power outlet to make sure there is everything OK with it and than replace the cord on the AC unit and give another try. This time get yourself a multimeter which can read Amperage and see how many amps this thing pulls. If the is a problem you will know right away. Also check the name tag for the max. Amperage so you know what number to look for. Good luck and stay alive.
  4. Like I said I'll get you some pictures from both items tomorrow morning so you can take a look!
  5. OK mister SMITH. This is probably not the place to drill since the wall thickess there is not more than 5 mm I belive. I can give you exact numbers when I get home (at work now) What card are you interested to cool with this thing anyway?
  6. Yeah this is some idea there. Never thought about it but its for sure doable. Drill and tap and off you go. For the other side with the bracket you can actually get a new bracket from KingPin which fits the more newer cards. I also have a PCI-E riser card if you need one! He He!
  7. Yes I have KingPin's Tek-9 4.0 slim dual sided LN2 pot for sale.
  8. Yes I thought about $400 shipped but I see you are in Canada so WTH knows how much the shipping would be to you. I'll snap some pictures tomorrow and send them to you so you can take a look at it and we go from there. It
  9. TAYLOR-WHARTON 20L LN2 Dewar. I think $400 would be a nice price since the shipping wont be cheap even though this thing is made out of aluminum. 20L Dewar go for as much as $900 new! Didnt get your PM.
  10. The need of the E8400 was a while ago! Look here I'm getting rid of a few more things! Also selling my Dewar.
  11. Dont get it! You need a E8400 or you want to get rid of one? I have one for sale but no trades what so ever. Trying to cut down on all the PC stuff! He He!
  12. I have a Q9550 or a E8400, Gigabyte EP45T-UD3P and Gigabyte EP45-UD3P, 2x2GB OCZ Reapers
  13. I have a Classified 760 and a i7 975 for sale. PM me if you interested. Both parts like new only a few weeks old.
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