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  1. Bingo! That's the way to go to get over a screaming GF!
  2. Exactly + i think all this smells like fish. I mean honestly I woman which is in love with someone is not hanging around with other dudes I would say. I believe she would know better not to do it since it could hurt your feelings. Don't take it too serious bro unless you want to be the crying one.
  3. This is outstanding customer service indeed! Take this ASUS! He He!
  4. He He! My wife is like this as well. Regarding the car remount. Did you try to reprogram it again? Exactly the same thing happened to be last week as well. Automatically thinking it was the battery I ran to the store and got a new one but after the replacement it would still not work. I had to reprogram the receiver again and that it would work again with the old battery. What car is it?
  5. 8x 2048 memory! How nice from ATI!
  6. What a sweet price! Someone get this please!
  7. Yeah let me know and the Q9550 + UD3P+2x2GB Reapers SOLD.
  8. Sure I can! Dual rad with 2x120 mm Yate Loon D12SM-12 fans, Swiftech MCP355 pump, Omron 12V 9A PSU inside. A little work log here.
  9. Yeah but at the end this chip will cost a fortune and there is no use for it in a regular PC household. YES I'm drooling as well!
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