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  1. get some delta finger choppers on there it'll cool down great, you'll just need some ear plugs
  2. holy thread revival batman...................... any body know where this disc can be found, I've been searching for a whilenow all the links seem dead any clues would be much appreciated.
  3. You'll be fine with the rad on the to just have the fans sucking in the cool air. The air temp doesn't really get that warm to make to much difference just make sure youe exaust fan is up to the job, but you might want to consider some filtering for the intake with an acylic case dust seems to love it(acrylic), stockings are perfect get the black ones and it don't look to bad.
  4. another way i found a bit like the credit card trick was to get the right size sewing needle and kind just "run" it down between the pins once in each channel then criss cross fashion if you get what i mean
  5. allright got this one maxed out i think without a massive vcore jump was at 1.723 i went up to 1.82 but didn't get any better this is all with a mach II best super pi 1m stepping ccbwe 0544 cooling mach II tCaseMax 59 i think this is a failed dual core as i stripped it naked and the die is much bigger than a venice i had before, any body know about this?? best suicide shot dont think i can get much more out of it but i'm quite impressed with the ram super pi @ 334 3-4-4-8 is some corsair xms4400 does anybody know if i can really pump the voltage with this stuff i belive its some infenon chips. might try some mushkin bh5 next
  6. just a some good ram i picked up off sleaze bay, I think its got the makings of a good overclock here for a single core got to put us diyers in the frame
  7. got to say i prefer the site here but thats life i'll get over it
  8. melbourne myself i'm new here from the street too
  9. good to see another Aussie here where you from?
  10. yea they went tits up taking a lot of peoples money for aus sites pc case gear,manic pc,also check out ocau forums the is heaps of info about aussie sites
  11. Try clearing cmos first for 10 min then if need be for longer, up to 24 hours if need be. http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=24 this is the last resort before more drastic measures
  12. well theres 8 in this house 2 lappies for work play rig 1 gigabyte 965 2160 + 4 gig of 0cz water cooled(will be going under the phase next week) play rig 2 dfi expert opty @3.4 4 gig mushkin blackline phase unit play rig 3 dfi ultra winchester @ 2.7 2 gig mushkin redline phase unit kids asus 3700 sandy 2gig corsair xms stuff zalmaned plus 7800 gt sli'ed wifes intel 478 3.2 prescott 2gig ocz el platinum 4 X 512 air little ole box 2.2 celeron just sold on slease bay 4 p4 boards,my beloved "sista" 2 other socket a's and still have over 6 gig of ram sitting on the shelve plus 2 more 939's and a few 775's ready to go under the cooker.
  13. you only need to use the f6 function when your setting up raid
  14. best advice so far then slap her arse throw 20 dollars at her and tell her to f off you eff'n whore man you'll feel good after that ps then shag her best mate
  15. heres the link a lttle thing called search would have brought up for you http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread...hlight=nf2+bios
  16. ok bear with me and my bad speling and gramer. i'll talk about the three times i've been to the nhs in the uk the first real experance was an anaflactic shock which i was rushed to hospital dying as you can imagine as i had no ephi-pen with me and i got the full banging doors open with the trolley people running i was half cut and not really sure what was going on they eventually got me under control and well yes savied my life the attitude was amazing the work expert and i am very impressed with that. the second was a local doctor who was rourting the system i was feeling unwell and walked itto the surgery and all he said was "how much time do you want" ie how much sick leave on the doctors note. I was fairly pissed off as i was feeling like . and want to be fixed not have free time off he was no help at all. Now to the third and last experiance with the NHS this was the most important time in my life my son Jacob was expected he was 14 days late and my wife had an appointment (tooting hospital south london)to get induced things where a bit nervous as you could imagine things didn't go so well the first round of drugs made no change at all the little fella wasn't moving (as subborn to this day). so my wife had to wait another 12hours as those drugs had to leave here system before the administer more so she was stuck in a ward waiting with all the other people. then they moved her to another birthing room and reccomended that she have a epidural as the next lot of drugs would put here into full blown contractions fron the onset which would not allow her to get ready or prepared for the pain as normal contractions start small the build themselves up(don't flame thats what the nurse said). then the problems started the baby reacted to the drugs which made his heart beat eregulaur so they turned the drip that was administering the drugs down but the outcomwe was no contractions so no baby on the way so up went the dose's of the drug then the babys heart would go iregular down goes the dose this went on for about 12 hours which each time things would get worse. so the decided to go with a emergancy c section this was when my opinon of the nhs changed it was like a swat team had arrive no less the 15 people were in the theartre to help my wife and son all with the most dedicated and profesinal attitude i have ever seen suddenly when things went south and they sprung into action like a formula one pit crew it was unbelivable. they got my son out, he's 5 now and rules the house my wife says no more but that's ok as i don't want to go through that again. but the NHS is good it works it needs change like all things it has to evolve with the times. things to change: 1. less middle management and kick out the professinal beurocrat put in retired nurses and doctors. 2. stop penny pinching and kick out the sponge doctors that cram them in to get the money 3. decent food but i belive thats happening now things to keep 1.The staff 2.the system it works it keeps an even health care avalible to all 3.the hospitals
  17. Overclock the hell out of it right out of the box no need for stock stable cause it aint gonna stay there for a while if you don't over clock theres a great brand for that, dell i think it's called
  18. try fooling with the settings in Intergrated peripherals>IDE Function setup or Intergrated perhipherals>raid config i think when mine played up i changed somthing in there just make sure you make a note of what you changed and only one thing at a time sorry i can't be of more use
  19. humm i did this to me once it was a while ago i'm trying to remember what i did and if it was the same problem
  20. is it sata or ide you might want to disable the silicon image raid in bios i think the defult is raid you will see the options of raid sata and old raid or somthing like that you also might want to disable all the ide channels that your not using
  21. on a up date for all the bios mucking about i went and bought a wiellem programmer and it's wonderful flash flash flash any bios any time i love the little thing is that what you use tmod i'm no expert at them but i get my boards up and running
  22. I had a guy at work who would nick your lunch at every chance so i though i'll get the little xxxxer i made a chilli sandwich so hot and foul tasting it would kill. found out who the sandwich thief was, found him in the toilet puking his guts up. it was very funny....oh and he never did it again.
  23. one things nagging me did you get it new???? cause i ain't lending you my car if you did
  24. if there were a simple solution do you not think we would all do it that way THE only way to get a good stable overclock is to tweak then test then tweak then test then tweak (you can see where this is going don't you) read the overclcoking guide here in this forum then re read it then look through the overclocking database for a set up like yours that will give you a starting place at the least good luck and enjoy the challange that is overclocking
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