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  1. Angry_Games I had planned on this OCZ MEM. http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?item=N82E168201468 I'm still learning about MEM. and the different brands. Should I consider this other OCZ. MEM.
  2. Thats a fact I have the receipts to prove its not cheap. With my watercooling my CPU idle temp. is 27 to 28 degress C. vcore 1.6V Prime95 large HTT torture test 37 degress C. PS I have the receipts hidden from my wife.
  3. great content. I like the idea of a link on the DFI box or manuel to this site. It's a BIG plus to new owners of DFI Motherboards. I lucked out stumbbling across this site.
  4. Angry_Games Could the guide at abx zone on memory settings be used with the UT NF3 250
  5. Well 2.4Ghz. was piece of cake. going to run prime95 overnite. Dont plan to go further till my Bios savior and gig of OCZ EL Platinum Rev. 2 get here next week. http://img98.echo.cx/img98/8164/24ghz0jy.jpg
  6. Thank's. Better safe then up #%*@ creek
  7. RD1-PMC4 bios saviour http://www.frozencpu.com/bio-04.html Is the right one for my UT NF3 250GB MB.
  8. Thank's OCZ. Looking forward to the arrival of my OCZ Platinum Rev 2
  9. Going to go for the OCZ that is a great price compared to some other online seller's. Angry_games cute :cat: This is what I kick around 10 to 12 hours a day. :nod:
  10. Thank's for the suggestion. This is the the memory your talking about. http://www2.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp...N82E16820146890
  11. About 8 months ago I got the courage up to build my first computer. My experience was adding a stick of mem. and a video card to our old P4 1.70Ghz store bought. So I read alot and took notes and started a list of componets to use, I wanted to build a rig that would be a great gaming rig with performance increase capabilities. It went great enjoyed my first build and was quite proud of myself. Then being a absolute nOOb to computers I heard of this term "overclocking" and asked around and read about it. My Gigabyte K8NS Pro MB offered some OCing options, but cooling was a issue, so here we go again, no nothing about WC'ing so read up on WC'ing ordered some Dangerden and swiftech parts and now I have a WC'ing system ready to go then to my dismay I find out my MB has VERY limited OC'ing abilities without some V mods, Soldering iron "dont think so" :eek: So here I go again 8 month old MB and I'm ordering another MB. So now I have my new MB and its sweet install goes great no problems setting it up with my sata raid0 config. After some tortureous moments. WC'ing is up and running WC'ing blocks on CPU,GPU, Chipset. I get out my notes and calculator I get memtest, prime 95 ,A64 Tweaker Nvidia Clock gen, and a bunch of other programs for testing stability. I'm ready let the OC'ing ritual begin. Hit 2.4Ghz easy stable no prob. I start changing multis and and trying other things and there seems to be a PROBLEM! Any guesses? Now it couldnt be my high dollar Gig.of PC 4000 Buffalo Firestick mem Na! Guy said it was hot stuff great performer. Well after doing some reasearch, yes Buffalo firestick mem is a top performer in OC'ing performance, just one problem here its a top performer for Intel not AMD. So here I go again. Now I shopping for mem. All I can do is laugh at my ignorance and hide the sales receipts from my wife, however the new water cooling setup was impossiable to hide from her. LMAO! So now I'm checking out mem. Looks like the patriot PC 3200 XBLK is a good performer and reasonable price. Going to order a Gig of MEM next week still reading about MEM. So I feel much better after typing this out
  12. Been reading and studying up on the OC'ing procedures(rituals LOL) Seems like I'm getting a handle on the basics of the CPU process, on the other hand my learning curve on MEM. is :eek: SLOW. I wanted to start with how far my MEM will go by droping multi down from x11 to around x9 and start bumping up the HTT till my MEM goes south and then hit it with some juice and then test again and if a voltage increase doesnt bring it around I'll start on timmings I have seen my ram hit 528 with timings of 3-4-4-7 2.75V Theres no need to rush this I'm still enjoying my trouble free, no glitches install of my new board and WC'ing. Seems like I got a nice performance boost from this MB in gaming, could just be my imagination.
  13. I have read that the Multi. is locked at x11 on the 3200+ Newcastle. I having trouble finding info. about this. Any links that would help would be appreciated.
  14. Where do you post when your raid0 install on windows XP goes great no problems from installing MB to loading XP and updates and SP2 smooth going :cool: Now I have a question. current bios is 4.52 Is there a need to update? System is running just find no issues so was not going to rush out and start updating bios and drivers till I got some suggestions.
  15. Let me know if you want to get rid of that Cheiftec. I have one already, Modded it for 120mm fans and a 92mm in the side pannel door and a 80mm fan on the other side pannel up top added WC'ing to it res.& rad. inside and I have room for a second PSU inside there for peltier later on, and the things built like a tank.
  16. well pobobably be tomarrow before I get into the bios and loading OS. Had to redo some water lines so I will probably let the WC'ing system run for 4 or 5 hours before I put power to the rest of the system. Its's good to be a part of the crew here now. Excited to get the system up and running.
  17. Benchtest went great. Felt good to see the lan party image come on my screen
  18. Ok so while the board is on the bench being tested it ok to just ground to the case. and as far as stored energy in the board its self? Thank's for the offer on the spreadsheet do you have a link or you can PM me I had thought about a logbook to enter all that info.
  19. My Motherboard arrived today. I plan to benchtest it first off, I have never benchtested one before, read some articals on the subject. One question that I have is. ESD what precaution do I need to take while testing the MB? do I need to wear wrist strap? if so where do I ground to?
  20. DFI-Street, great site I'm waiting for the big brown truck to deliver my new board. After alot of reading I decided to go DFI. I was lucky to find this forum. I've been reading stickies and have gone over about 50 pages of this section other then some issues with nvidia VC's and chipset coolers and video card size and what bios update to use nothing major so far. I'm hoping of the 2 chipset waterblock's I have one of them will clear my 6800 VC. I have a http://www.frozencpu.com/ex-blc-75.html and http://www.directron.com/chca05.html Loooking forward to the new install and hopefully I will get the rest of this section covered so I dont have to ask questions already answered and get replys from Angry Games (ME LUV POWA!!!) by the way I will post my specs in my sig when I have my Board installed :cool:
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