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  1. Well going from a 165 opteron and a 7900GTX. the intel setup with the 8800Ultra is a pretty nice upgrade by itself Capacity: 2GB (2 x 1GB) Speed: DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Cas Latency: 5 Timing: 5-5-5-15 8800Ultra The water cooled one:) Modded coolit freezone with it's own dedicated power supply. AC Ryan Blackfire4 UV LED 120mm Fans Sleeved - Green UV Green sleeving. Water cooling loop for 8800Ultra Thats about it for now. I may follow crazy's lead and replace the window with the A.C. Ryan AcrylPanelâ„¢ Mirror2 http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ind...oducts_id=20828
  2. I lowered prices on the fans and cpu's.
  3. with the intel matrix raid setup I can have 2 raid arrays across the 4 HD's Going to be fun stuff.
  4. Now that I have sold the 2 raptors and a few other things. I was able to order the new hard drive setup 4 x http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822148262 Going to be entering the matrix with the new hard drive setup.:eek2:
  5. well with the arrival of my Intel core duo setup I decided to tear down the Lian- Li and get it ready for the new system. Before :eek2: The case used to house 2 water cooling loops. I removed the loop with 3x120 mm rad. I will keep the loop with the 2x120mm rad for cooling the 8800Ultra. I will be using a modded coolit freezone to cool the core duo E6750. The case had blue led fans they will be swapped out with AC-Ryan Blackfire4 UV LED Green to match the DFI LP UT P35T2R motherboard. I will also be using Ac-ryan modders mesh for a new floor to cover the fan holes. I will post some more pics as I get started.
  6. NV5 SOLD AMD 4 pipe heatsink SOLD fans SOLD Raptors SOLD First PM takes the X800XL for $40.00 shipped.
  7. Price include shipping. Shipped to lower 48 PayPal preferred, USPS Money orders OK. My location Dayton Ohio EBAYHEAT Payment First then I ship, Unless you have AWESOME HEAT. Or I have done biz with you before All offers considered 2 x Raptors WD740ADFD 74GB. 16MB. 10,000 RPM Warranty on HD's 1 is to 1/20/2012 the other is good till 9/30/2011 $115.00 each, Shipped USPS priority SOLD AMD Sempron 3000+ socket 939 retail with heatsink $20.00 shipped SOLD AMD Sempron 2800+ socket 754 OEM $13.00 Shipped. AMD 4 pipe opteron heatsink $15.00 Shipped SOLD ATI Radeon X800XL 256MB. Pci Ex. $45.00 Shipped. SOLD Artic Cooling NV5 VGA cooler. Fits 6800AGP series. 6800 &7800 series PCIex. $13.00 Shipped SOLD Packaged deal 1x120mm Fans Blue led.Cooler master. 1 SilenX iXtrema 80mm blue led.* $10.00 shipped. I will ponder all offers. Buy both raptors and the price is $200.00 Shipped SOLD
  8. LOL So did I. Yep soundx98 is correct about this board. out of date sata controller and the chipset they used on it seemed to be the only one that would not support dual core
  9. DFI LP UT P35T2R is on the way. The rest of the build E6750:L720a773 GSKILL 2GB PC8500 8800Ultra 2xWD74GB 10,000 RPM 16MB Cache PC power & cooling Silencer 750 Quad Lian Li PC-V2000A Silver Full Tower/server case
  10. None of the above folks. I'm going to tell you what the problem was, even if I feel like a total boob (can I say Boob?) anyways come to find out after some more checking I found out the A8V-E deluxe. pci express socket 939 does not support dual core:o yes what was suppose to be one of there top of the line socket 939 pci ex boards cannot support dual core. LOL. Leave it to asus to not only produce this board but also say it supported dual core.
  11. I'm going to be going with a green case theme to match my DFI board. so I wanted to know what is the best & brightest UV green coolant/additive to use.
  12. Price include shipping. Shipped to lower 48 PayPal preferred, USPS Money orders OK. My location Dayton Ohio My HEAT & EBAY, Bottom of my SIG. Payment First then I ship, Unless you have AWESOME HEAT. Or I have done biz with you before. SOLD New Asus A8V-E Deluxe socket 939 pci ex. with I/O shield all cables and cd with drivers, and manual. Just received it from asus as a repacement (RMA) I did bench test it and it works fine no issues. $50.00 shipped
  13. Ok I'm setting up a opteron 165 on a asus A8V-E deluxe. bios shows recognizes dual core opteron and other software is reconizes the dual core opteron. But task manager has got me confused it appears to not be showing dual core process. i have D/L'd amd dual cor drivers and done the other fixes for windows with task manager like this I'm wondering if the dual core is working right or being seen by the OS.
  14. catkicker


    My wife asked me today about getting a UPS for our computers. I told her it was a great idea but I know absolutely nothing about them. I told her i would bring up the subject here and try to get some info. on sizes, types of features and what else I need to look for in a UPS. It would need to handle 3 computers for the amount of time needed to shut them down. I know theres a few of you that have experience with UPS systems.
  15. I have two on the list #5: Smith & Wesson Model 29 the 44mag is a awesome weapon, just the sound of it not to mention the flash from the barrel is enough to shake people up when I'm at the in door range #3: Remington 870 I've thought about setting it up like it's pictured in the article.
  16. I've got a new wireless router Fs if you still need one. D-Link wireless G router DI-524 http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=81473
  17. thanks I thought that it was already set as default. now the next question. On my computer spell check has always worked fine now it's stopped working. it used to highlight mispelled words when posting on forums it's stopped working. I cannot figure out how to enable it again.
  18. In keeping with my tradition of waiting till the new series nvidia cards hits the shelf I bought the top dog of the previous series. The GeForce 8800Ultra Superclocked 768MB 384-bit GDDR3. For now it will be installed im my AMD rig,165 [email protected] The card came with no cooling on it. So I had to hunt down some heatsinks and pick up another block. :eek: so I guessed you noticed the addition of two small fans on the video card. I'm going to be cranking up the volts a bit on this card to see what it will do so it was nesecary to add some active cooling to the mosfets heatsinks Here a quote from the man himself Viper john
  19. Heres the issue. When my wife clicks on a link in a email, thunderbird try to open it in IE.. It will not open in mozilla firefox. Any idea where to fix this at.
  20. One DFI NF4 SLIDR Expert heading for Italy..
  21. looking for some people with first hand experiance with the Gigabyte p35 dq6, I have a chance to pick one up BNIB for $210.00 shipped. I've read some reviews:cool: Still I would like to here some first hand experiances
  22. Found one. thanks for the replys
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