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  1. What do you all think about this. Windows loading No Video drivers installed Nvidia Drivers installed
  2. Well at long last OS install time. Apparently my floppy dive that is installed in the case is not working so it's back to the old familiar look. a floppy drive dangling from the case:)
  3. Well finally sometime to work on the case. I'm testing the water cooling loop now. Next on the list is to wire up the coolit freezone and meanwell power supply.
  4. Great job on the paint job. I do know from recent experience that painting a case is time consuming & somewhat of a PITA. The AC Ryan fans are awesome fans and the UV green sleeving really stands out in that case. The UV green on the DFI board should look awesome with the help of the AC Ryan fans. I also noticed the fine job you did on the sleeving of the Front panel wiring. I think a piece of the modders mesh will look fine covering that area. I used some of this to go around the edges of a piece of modders mesh to give it a nice finished look. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ind...oducts_id=21505
  5. I got a new sound blaster XFI extremegamer and a Creative gaming headset. A cool Torx bit tool setup. Oh and sox's. Always the sox's on Christmas:p
  6. figured we bring the thread back to life instead of making a new one. The "What did you get for christmas" christmas post. 2007
  7. I was trying to be sarcastic with the AM2 comment. I'm still waiting to power up my DFI LP UT P35T2R & 6750 By the way Crazy, keep your eyes open for a MX 600 series preferably used.
  8. Well My son is now jamminy away in his room with Guitar hero III. I think he is going to have a blast with this. I may have to throw a dust cover on the computer.
  9. Your so right on that. On a side note. DDR2 memory ordered??? Going to build yourself a AM2 rig:shake:
  10. wow a Raidmax RMX-500W on that setup. I would have to most heartily agree you need to look into a different brand PSU. Probably not what you want to here but it's advice you should think about taking. Theres plenty of deals on very good power supplies in the for sale forums at sites like [H]forums, jonny guru http://www.jonnyguru.net/forums/
  11. http://www.woot.com/ Steelsound 4H Professional Gaming Headset 19.99:)
  12. Wondered if anyone was using or knew if IOSS had a bios saviour for the DFI LP UT P35T2R board. Looked at there site and had trouble trying to figure it out.
  13. Ended up drilling and dremeling the lian li hard drive cage in order to reverse the HD's so the cable connect at the front of the case. Had to remove the fan and the frame work that held it and the filter.
  14. That is a Coolit Freezone. http://www.coolitsystems.com/index.php?opt...id=12&Itemid=26 The stock 92mm fan was replaced with a 120mm fan. intead of running off the computer power supply like the stock version this unit has a dedicated power supply. The meanwell power supply has a voltage adjustment so i can increase the voltage to the cooling unit. the temps produced are well below ambient so I had to insulate the unit and do some condensation proofing on the motherboard.
  15. As usual, I found out I do not have some of the fittings I need for the water cooling and I'm a bit short on tubing. So I did a few things on the case today. Some more cable sleeving and i have the meanwell psu setup. really can't do much more till I get a few parts and the hard drives. It looks like I have long enough sata cables for the hard drives to mount them in the bays with the plugs facing the front of case so it should look very clean cable wise.
  16. Thats how I feel about it. Ordered a 4 pin molex Dual Floppy Drive Cable/Y Splitter I can connect both of them off one molex and use the the other floppy connector for the floppy drive.
  17. mknwatt do you have both of the board 4-pin 5v/12v power connected?
  18. Some more work. intalled 8800Ultra, PC Power & Cooling PSU. Started working WC'ing loop for the video card. Dam PC Power & Cooling psu has only one floppy plug and it's plugged into the board so i need to track down a molex to floppy thingy so I can hook up the floppy drive.
  19. A little work done today. Saturday I'm going to get the 8800Ultra and Water loop for it installed
  20. so the green slot closet to cpu would be the slot for intial setup
  21. A bit of confusion on memory slots. manual shows channel A (dimm 1 & 2) are the two slots closet to the CPU Channel B (dimm 3 & 4) slots farthest from CPU. But like other DFI boards the slots are colored green & yellow. Always before I installed mem in slots that were same color. So I'm guessing the manual is wrong and that I should install the mem in the green slots. not the yellow. Is this correct?
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