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  1. I'm running a 8800GTS640MB in my spare gaming rig. Need some opinions. Never been a big fan of SLI but I could pick up another 8800GTS640MB cheap and go SLI or sell the 8800GTS640MB I have and pick up a 8800GTX and run single VC.
  2. I'm happy with AVG. does a good job and of course it's free.
  3. Ugh! my backs killing me. I hate moving. Any unused outlets around here? I need to plug in a couple more computers. Been looking around, great site. By the way just a warning about a DIY member to watch out for. His alias is "Crazy Carl"
  4. Prada :eek: No doubt she would want one. Silver cases, yes. Blue lights no. I will be changing the light scheme of the case she gets.
  5. So my wife says. " since your replacing the MB & processor in my computer, how about a new case" So I gave her some to look at. These are some of cases she has looked at before http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811226009 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811146028 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811226006 http://directron.com/xon302.html http://www.epowerhousepc.com/thermaltake-t...0swa-p-548.html http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ctCode=10006808 http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=141805 http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=141775 She decides she know longer likes any of those and know wants one of these http://www.xoxide.com/thermaltake-shark-si...-va7000swa.html
  6. Heres one in Australia. http://www.overclock.net/sale/315785-sale-...9-asus-a8r.html
  7. Ok guys looking for a solid socket 939 board/ pci ex. Does not need to be SLI or a outrageous OC'ing board. some access. would be nice.
  8. I like to run some stress test on the stock settings to make sure I'm starting my OC'ing with a stable rig.
  9. No not quite. Work around my area has been a bit slow, so I'm in Iowa on a new ethanol refinery/plant construction. Will be here in Iowa till around the end of August. Renting a apartment & furniture along with cable TV & internet cost about the same as a motel. Love the 47" toshiba:)
  10. About all thats left to do is hang a few pics. and gets some more kitchen stuff. will be here till the end of August atleast thats when the job is suppose to be finished. Hey crazy If you head in my direction let me know. I'm still looking to pay you a visit.
  11. Well after about 9 weeks or so the motel stay was about to send me in to a rage of epic proportion. So for the safety of the motel guests, employees and all other living creatures, I moved in to a apartment. Heres some pics of the new pad.
  12. technodanvan You got your moneys worth out of that ride. Hows the weather:eek: I'm in Dyersville working on a ethanol refinery and it's snow like there no tomorrow here.
  13. t_ski that vent is plain ugly. I have no need for the vent. I'm WC'ing the VC and have a modded coolit freezone on the core duo. I'm liking the idea of white more and more
  14. Trying to think up a modding idea for a case is difficult for me. For myself case modding is usually something that become necessary because of things I want to install in the case or I need to use a existing case for a new project and it needs some sort of new look. I often look at peoples case modding projects with astonishment and a bit of envy, My modding projects do not derive from some vision in my head for some totally unique awesome creation, I just start cutting and make things fit. I like others have looked at hundreds of custom case in the search for some inspirational spark. In my case theres has been no spark. However there has been something I have thought about since the day I opened the shipping box that contained my new Lian-Li V Series PC-V2000 tower. That thought was what the Lian-Li case would look like with a custom paint job. I'm not talking about a case of spray cans, paint job. Been there done that and will not do it again. I'm talking take the case down to a small paint & body guy I know and having him paint the case. I'm sold on the flat black case interior look. the exterior color is undecided at this point, coming up with a good color that will go well with future components and color schemes is the main issue right now. I would also like to do a custom side pannel. I have the original side pannel Theres a shop in Dayton that has one of those water jet cutting machines, I'm trying to come up with cool pattern for the door that will get rid of the fan grille. Then I plan to use either some colored uv acrylic. or two-way mirror acrylic for the side pannel after the pattern has been cut. Thought about something like this Any suggestions on a pattern for the pannel would be appreciated another thing that I have wanted to do for as long as I have been acquainted with crazy is to install a 4”or 5”, LCD disply in the custom side pannel. I also have a Matrix Orbital MX432 - 4 line lcd display I want to mount in the front pannel of the case not in the 5.25 bays but actually flush mount the display in to the front mesh of the case. Heres where the matrix orbital would be installed and the power switches new location. One crazy thought was to have the case painted white with some type of pearl or subtle metal flake added. Color suggestions would also be appreciated.
  15. The one turn off for myself with the 900 and the 1200 are the monster fans on the top. I never have felt I needed that much air moving through a case. My first thought about the 1200 is to remove the 200MM fan and mount a small LCD in that space.
  16. Around -13 here in the Dubuque Iowa area. So MBM5/matrix orbital wizard, are you going to be able to setup MBM5 for the new DFI board? By the way my search for a MX6 series has been unsuccessful. I did pick up a Matrix Orbital MX432 4 Line for $45.00 shipped. I'm going to mount it inside the case. You will be able to look through the side panel and see the display.
  17. You could try a hair dryer. Turn it on the highest setting and blow the hot air on to the heat pipes. Get them good and hot.
  18. Would be great to see some benchmarks with matrix raid setup. As soon as I have my new/used intel build up and going. i'm going to post benchmarks on the 50gig Raid) slice and the Raid10 storage slice. One thing that I've noticed with all the talk about matrix raid and it's stripe sizes no one has mentioned cluster size. I'm wondering if ExRoadie's formula for cluster size would apply to the matrix storage arrays.
  19. Probably. I need to also double check vgpu/vmem voltages to make sure they did not some how get goofed up.
  20. Probably. I ned to also double check vgpu/vmem voltages to make sure they did not some how get goofed up.
  21. Theres a strong possability that maybe the case, however the price of replacing a 8800Ultra makes it worth exploring all the possabilities. The issues s1ick mentioned are valid, I have seen some posts about this before. Right now I'm running a 7900GTX in the rig and it's fine. I still need to move the 8800Ultra over to the AMD setup where it was running just fine before it was pulled for the intel setup.
  22. Heres a picture of how the cooling is setup on the 8800 Best thing to do at this point is pull it and install it in my AMD rig and see what happens.
  23. It's a DFI LP UT P35 T2R Board with a 6750. This card worked great up to a couple of weeks ago when I took it out of a amd rig so I could install it in the intel rig. It's a 8800 Ultra.
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