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    OPTY 165 @Venturing...
    DFI NF4 Ultra-D 7/04-2 Beta bios
    G.skill HZ pc 4000 2x 1Gb
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  1. +1 - as much as i dont post on here often - i still read/ visits here VERY often - daily you can say? and wow..i stumble upon this sad news today. R.I.P indeed.
  2. rofl, im from bk nyc, if i needed a new system i'd so pick it up from you...but im pretty internested in the xfx 250
  3. i got a 771SOCKET dual core Xeon 5060 interested?
  4. elito

    Trade Up

    thats the video on the story..wow..really..anything can happen in this world huh? just gotta have "Hope" damn..which in that case IM GONNA AIM TO BEING THE NEXT BILL GATES! BUT ONLY RICHER! AHAHAHHAH HAR HAR HAR!
  5. damn im from NY but im looking for a 600 x3.
  6. elito

    For Sale

    o man..why didn't check in here over the week..holy craps..i could've built another 939 rig..LOL
  8. This will be my first for sale thread ever in my life on the web. I've been a member at DIY-street for quite sometime and have done deals with other members, never sold anything tho. So i got the following:: Lite-on 16x IDE DVD burner 15shipped---i've burnt less than 50 CD's//DVD's with this Asus quiet track IDE DVD drive 13shipped --- REALLY QUIET or you can have em both shipped for $25 or best offer. thanks for looking~ BOTH ITEMS ARE SOLD. MODS CAN CLOSE THIS.
  9. theres the TRUE, Xigmatek-HDT1283, OCZ vendetta 2, sunbeam core contact freezer(rated #1 atm, yes it beated the TRUE), Zerotherm nirvana 120. i pesronally dont recommend zalmans...but that's just me..
  10. in my eyes, AMD's offerings for the home residential use is in the lower hands when compared to intel, IE, x2's and single cores cannot beat the intel's c2d chips, but when its business or server grade, the Opterons vs, the Extreme chips from intel, these two are basically on par. but when referrin to residential use, AMD offers their products in a much lower consumers expense. that's all. Both of these 2 companies have their good and bads. and as for the new Nahlem cores IMC, well guess what, amd has had that idea since the beginnin of the 64bits in this era, and i guess now intel just cant hold it anymore and had to take the "yes im copying ppl" blame now because that's how the future has to be ran.
  11. pff nonsense! no parents will TRULY kick their children out. because when crap happens and only PPL THAT GOT YOUR BACK ARE UR PARENTS/FAMILY. and really..smoking cigs..who cares just smoke and sooner or later they'll get over it. its the same for all FIRST TIME experiences/threats.
  12. lol..funny thread with funny replies. glad you on ur foot again OKWHEN. ^ ^
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