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  1. thank you for the tips Jim, I am clearly behind and have not been keeping up with the new tech. I still have time to do my research
  2. Alright ladies and gents, I wan to build a new gaming system for myself. The holidays are coming and am hoping that prices will be favorable. Last current system is i5250K/P8P 67Pro/GTX 980 Ti SLI. Budget is currently at $1500 to $2000, I believe most of that will go towards a great GPU. I play mostly RPG, Witcher, Fallout, Skyrim and sometimes FPS. This build will be a complete new system including a new OS. Thank you so very much for all the help in advance, Aloha. edit: disregard the budget edit: first choice so far on a cpu https://www.amazon.com/Intel-i5-12600K-Desktop-Processor-Unlocked/dp/B09FX4D72T/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=intel+core+i5-12600k&qid=1636852638&s=electronics&sr=1-1#customerReviews
  3. Voltes_5

    COD Modern Wareare

    Bought it release day, installed it, and still have never played past Picaddily, LOL. Stuttering problems, stuttering and more stuttering. I mean its really bad. i52500K @4.8/gtx 980ti SLI/16 Gigs G.Skill/OCZ SSD................and still stutters. Loaded bios profile bones stock, no overclock whatsoever, still same problem. I think I will wait for a month or so, then I will play it again.
  4. Thank you sir, it is greatly appreciated. I will do my best and give it a try. I just watched the video and it is a great tool.
  5. I need a bit of help and or guidance creating a simple 20/25 item inventory with Excel. There are so many graphs to choose from, lol. I was never very good at it so please anyone proficient with Excel, my knowledge on it is just opening a file and that is it. I just want something that I can add amounts at the end of the day. Thank you in advance.
  6. Got my hard copy 4 hrs ago from Gamestop, I guess Witcher 3 will have to wait for now.
  7. Very nice set up, what brand is that mount, Bobro?
  8. Man oh man, you will be so very happy with that Vortex HD Gen 2, its got a Miculek BDC reticle on it. I was saving up for it but then a reallly low price on a Trijicon Accupoint TR-20 3-9 scope was on a table at our last local gun show, so I bought it instead.
  9. I did read up on some of the reviews for the Fury. They all seem to conclude that it is positioned in between the 980 and 980ti. It also did really great on 4K resolution. What pushed me to get the 980Ti is the availability of the Fury, I simply could not wait any longer to run my 4K monitor for Witcher.
  10. Savan.....so did you get a Fury? I was waiting for them to come out too but could not wait any longer. I decided to go with these......
  11. man that sucks......I hope its just your eyes being a bit tired or strained from looking through the magnifier does it matter if you decrease/increase the intensity on the 2 moa dot of the PRO sight? does the blurriness stay the same?
  12. very nice looking pistol........hows that Primary Arms magnifier working out, been thinking of putting it behind my T1 looking at the pix closely, the sights don't seem to have the same height, magnifier is a bit higher?
  13. Great stuff and good read on article. One of those chips will be my next build, an upgrade from my 2500K.
  14. I did a bit of looking around again about the availability and pricing of the rifle, yeah man, they did increase the price a bit LOL. My nephew got his very first firearm just last week Friday, and we went to to the range on Sunday. I also brought with me my m10 7.62 and my other nephew brought his npap, He liked the way the m10 have better cheek weld, the comb on the stock for the npap is a bit too high. I was going to recommend the m10x for him but.............man the price increase.
  15. First saw this while perusing AK Operators Union channel on you tube. Allison mentioned a retail of $1195.00 for the Elite model. I myself have the older model, M10 7.62, I got it for $549 when it first came out. Really love the rifle.
  16. Yap, could be the ram. I would suggest testing the two sticks separately.
  17. Whenever something like this ever happened to any of my systems, I would stress test cpu/gpu/memory separately. I would make sure chipset driver is current, update to latest bios and of course latest gpu driver, which you already have done. Tests should be done with all stock settings.
  18. Thank you sir for a better explanation.
  19. I was really interested with the HBM, so I focused mostly my reading on it when I read multiple reviews on the card. From what I have learned reading reviews on this Fury X is that there seems to be a cap on the VRAM, only 4GB. Please, anyone learns otherwise, correct me. It seems the Fury X shines mostly when used to 4K res. Would really love to get two of these, but no matter what I would do to my current case set up, it would not fit, couple that to the fact that the fan/radiator depends on ambient air to properly cool the gpu. One of the rad would have to be inside the case, towards the front, the other one, on the back, sucking in warm air from inside, blowing out to its rear. Now, I kinda wonder what is going to be like on the regular Fury with air cooling, hence my purchase balance now leans more toward the 980 Ti.
  20. Built this last year, got most of the YHM parts from Primary Arms out in Texas, the MAG stripped lower was bought at a store here, was on sale for half the retail price. Bought one box of 20 factory bullets and tested after the build, everything worked as it should, been hand loading the rest ever since. Worked up 3 supers and one sub, have shot almost two thousand rounds on it so far, never had a problem but one........one casing split in half, the bullet impacted normally down range, two pieces of brass came out, that was the fourth life cycle of the brass that I cut from my LC 5.56.
  21. Nice build! Reminds me I have to take some pics of the 300 BO I built. Might wanna take pics of your BO build and cross it off the to do list. I have a feeling you will be too busy the coming weeks on gpu reviews......lol. Wondering what bullets you have shot with it so far, shot any subsonic with it yet?
  22. Carefully! Need a case that has fan openings in the top and rear or two on top! Yah, I stil am using one of those older TT Armor steel case. It had a huge fan on the top with a plastic housing, I removed it for better airflow, the rads could be placed on the top of the case, but the problem would be the length of the hoses. Problem is, I have not messed with any water cooling gear in years, had no reason to since I was able to air cool my cpu overclocks. Looking forward on your reviews with the Fury X ccokeman.
  23. CEO Lisa Su was really excited about the products. I cant wait to see the Fury X reviewed and compared to the 980ti performance wise on 4K. I wonder how you would fit two of those Fury X on a case.
  24. Got cash budget for a couple of these. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&IsNodeId=1&N=100007709%2050001314%20600565061 Wonder whats going to surprise us on the 16th by AMD.......
  25. As a Samsung 4k monitor owner with a PNY gtx 980 to drive it, ditto to first two posts. Waiting to get the gtx 980 Ti when it comes out, barring a better performance/price point on the new AMD card to be released.
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