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  1. If you do a search you will find that windows will pick up and use the usb 2.0. You do not need the other driver.
  2. How to make God laugh. Tell him your plans.
  3. I use IncrediMail for about five years now. I just install smamhilator a couple months ago. Both are free. I use IncrediMail for so long that I finally bought the upgraded version. Spamhilator is a little slow sometimes, but nothing gets into my inbox. I set new computer users up with hotmail account, for online e-mail accounts and IncrediMail for personal account (just to be used for friends and family). I tell them to never give out their personal e-mail account over the web, just use online account one.
  4. This board should take a poll on how many people has had trouble with maxtor drives and post a sticky note on the results. I know the one on power supply help me choose one. But we still have people writting in here with PSU problem. At least we can give them the link to the PSU list.
  5. As you can see I got 5.1 speakers from logitech. I went digital with the hook up and glad I did. Took a little messing around the settings on the X-FI card, but I got everything working. Sound awesome. I think the neighbors can hear the base when I playing games. Have not had it turn up half way yet. These are almost as good as my home theater system. I went through all my games settings and crank up the settings to the highest. Nothing like the 10 inch woofer, but you need room for it. I get a free massage when it is turned up and I had to use a seat belt so it would not blow me out of the chair. :nod:
  6. When I was building mine, I thought I would take my old IDE drive from the other computer and put in this one for a spare. I had a hard time trying to get it to work. I just gave up. I knew this is the newer version of tech, with SATA drives, so I just bought another SATA drive for backup. I know that this does not help, but just move on to better drives. I search this forum before I bult mine and found out what drives not to use. Maybe someone can give you an answer on the IDE drive. Try doing a search and see what you come up with.
  7. After reading this forum and other reviewer's web site, that is how I came up with with my new build. I not going to do a much as some would do, but I didn't want any problems. I stuck with parts that had high reviews and recommended here on this forum. Do youself a favor and shop around. I do buy at newegg, but have found better deals and free shipping. When you do get your parts, follow the list they have here on this forum, on put it together. It made my project a lot easier, and no major proplems yet.
  8. Leave card in bottom slot and they do have a new driver program on web site, try that one.
  9. Ultra D has a better reviews. Not only that, if you ever wanted to mod it sli, you can.
  10. Here is the complete list to follow. Try not to miss a step. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=49
  11. There is list to install and start up on this forum. Follow it very closely. I messed up on one and it screwed up my install. After I found where I missed one, I started over and everything went fine.
  12. Anytime you have something new in your life, it is consider "a whole new set of problems". That is how I learn so much about computer and help other people fix theirs. The last time I checked, it my turn to complain. I consider some forums as a place to let go of some steam. I never thought this forum would be one of them. I came hear to learn all I could about building my new computer. And I'm glad I did. I looked at the complainers as ones who could not fix it or did not do their homework. They jump right in and found out the problems. I'm glad they did. I just set back and wait until the dust clears. The problem get fixed and then if the product is as good as the reviewers say they are. I'll buy it and try it.
  13. I waited until christmas to get mine and just got my speakers this month. This is the best sound system I have had yet. I went through all the games I play and redone all the settings. What a big difference. Most of the bugs have been worked out. Just read the forums here and on creative to how to set it up. I bought the digital cable to hook up the speakers. Another big difference. Just make sure you put it in the bottom slot.
  14. I went all over looking for answers on pc speakers and the ones that had, the kind of speakers you talking about, switch to these and they praised them. I will be listen to music when I reading stuff off the web and also playing the newer games, which makes all the difference with these speakers. I have a brother-in-law that I know would not like these, just because he is "old schools" when it comes to sound equipment. I do have a very good sound system for the family room and these speakers come really close. The problem was what sound card to get with speakers. Do I go with the new stuff and be out of date in a few more years or go with the new one and hope they will work together. So far it is the best I heard.
  15. For the ones who search the forums for answers on finishing a new build. My last finishing touches would be the speakers in question. As you can see I did get the speakers and the X-FI sound card. And after searching all the forums here and else where, I do have them up and runnning. All I can say is WOW..... So far this is the best built computer so far. Runs great and sounds great. Took me almost two months of research. I learn alot more from this project and will be learning more from what I can do with this mother board.
  16. I have always used partition magic and have rescue disk made on floppy disk. I have came across so many people having a problem with their hard drive or cd player not working right and then windows gets screwed up. I would put in the floppy and reformat the hard drive so windows will install right. There is a right order to install everything and it is cover in this forum. You screw up that order and you will have problems.
  17. Been messing with computers for so long that I always have a second drive in the computer and always put everything that I do not want to lose on them. I always put them directly on them. I also have an external hard drive for programs that I install on other computers, so I don't have to waste time downloading them again. I also put my pictures and music on this drive. It is nice to just plug into the other computer and away ya go. I like to do a clean install atleast a couple times a year. Makes everything run so much better. It like cleaning out the crap that builds up. I have never ghost a hard drive yet. It always waste so much space with crap you do not need and you could be moving a bug (virus, trojan, etc..). Even though you run the best virus programs.
  18. Have you downloaded the latest programs from creative? I waited for them to work out the bugs and update drivers. I just got mine this week and still had to update it from their web site.
  19. I usually go by madeagle. I use it alot because it stands for my initials and my high schools mascot. But when I go to chat rooms or forums, I have to use sunnyeagle. If I don't I get ask alot what I'm mad about. Everybody thinks I'm into eagles. Now I have them in my office and one in the front yard to cover my well pipe. All statues... :angel:
  20. I was wondering where to plug the alarm cord into and then I started to wonder why it is even there. You can lock the door or put the thumb screws in. And for the stock heatsink, this case has so much air flow, I have no reason to up grade mine yet. This case is twice as quiet as my last solid case. I thought about a fan controller, but then again I don't sleep with mine. :nod:
  21. If you don't get an answer here, try posting on Hydrogenaudio.com. They are into audio more than here and might find someone with the same outfit.
  22. Have you try leaving sound card out and then try reinstall from the list they give you here in the new build list. Make sure your sound card is in the bottom slot. I did not see what power source you have in your list. If you follow the list and install a little at a time and several boots, you might find the problem area. And X-FI, I think does have a newer update on Creative's web site. I just updated mine yesterday and I just got my card this week.
  23. I'm starting to think that most of the people here do not have speakers. I spent almost two month doing my homework on this system. Made some changes after reading some the input from this and other forums. I know most of this forum is to get answer to their problems, but I thought someone here would tell me what they prefer when it came to listening to music or playing games. I guess I have to try the other forums to try to get some kind of answers.
  24. Okay, I ask anyone earlier about what sound card to get with this new build, and did not get any answer. I did get the sound card for christmas, but was still trying to get some input on the Logitech Z-5500 speakers. Does anyone here have the same speakers with the X-Fi? And how do you like them? So far all the reviews point towards the z-5500 being the best ones out there for the money. Any input????
  25. I had to unplug all my external usb and then uninstall all the ones that will let you. Then restart and let windows install it's drivers. Then plug everything back into usb and try it.
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