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  1. Here check this out. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...7&highlight=usb Bottom line do not install usb drivers let windows do it with sp2. I not sure, but doesn't the razor mouse have to have software install to change settings.
  2. Got my case at Ewiz.com . Their price is 135.00, then you got the shipping cost. When I had my shipped, it was 151.00 shipped to the door. It pays to shop around.
  3. My vote for Logitech Z 5500.... Kick a$$. Coax connection.
  4. Hey fariss, thanks for the link. I like when someone can point anyone to get info they need to fix a problem. I will be checking this site out. If it can help some of the ones I know, I will give this link. Save me some time trying to explain it. They can read it and fix it. :cool:
  5. Try starting over. Reformat hard drive. Make sure your sound card is in bottom slot. Anytime I have a problem with the first time I install windows, I reformat and start over. I used partition magic to format and resize my hard drive. Make sure you follow the exact order when installing OS and then drivers. Sound like you have had windows installed and up and running already. If so, then try reformat to wipe it clean.
  6. I have one that has not given me any problems. I did not order one until I knew I would have the "revised hardware fix". It is possible you got an older one. I do not know where you got yours from. I thing for sure it has to go in the bottom slot. It is an awesome card and should work with your system. My system was up and running before I install my card. I also install the drivers from their web site(creative). I wanted to make sure I have the lastest and greatest driver. The sound card makes a big difference in every game I play and every song I play. I also coax my connection to my speaker to get digital. I hope you get your new one soon. Check my bios date in my system and see if you have the same one. After that you make sure you have the sound shut off in the bios for on board sound. That just leave one thing left and that is the card itself with the latest drivers.
  7. I have the top one in my system and loving it. The only problem I had was finding a power connection for it. Found I local business that still had the old floppy power plug. What can be so different with the "expert" that it would not read it? Was it showing up in the system? My was showing but would not work until I got power to it.
  8. I was brought up with some what "mean" older sister. The only thing that saved me was, she got married when I was young. When I was about four years old, she put a bandaid over my belly button and told me not to take it off. She had me scared to death that if I took it off all the air would escape and I would die. So I started early learning how to pull jokes on people.
  9. I can start this one out with the time I was yelling at my mom that my kid sister was throwing her morning cereal all over the room. She came running out the bedroom in her underwear. Since I was just a kid, at the time, I was grossed out but still manage to laugh and yell "April Fools". I sure you have better ones. I have more, but I like to have a good laugh so let's hear yours.
  10. And the beat goes on.... You got to love April fools. Thanks for waking me up with that green crap. (I hate green). Let me see, how can I fire up a few people??? Let's pick on a few forum junkies and take away their security blanket. :sad: Yeah, yeah that's the ticket. I should start a post on the best April fool joles you have pulled.
  11. Yes it does. If you go to the makers web site you will see pictures of the case and all it can do.
  12. I have used the bottom slot for my sound card. Will not work in the upper slot for me. Is your tv card a video card? Most of them are built right into a vid card.
  13. Go to the web site for your cd drive makers and download latest drivers and install. Also check to see if there has been any problems with these drives.
  14. Driving 2004 Grand Am GTX Wife drives 1997 Grand Am
  15. If you really want a more deeper love, you always put your wife first. Your kids will get older and leave home. Then you will be with someone who nevers forget the order she was placed. Personally I do not like any order, because there are four different kinds of love. 1. The strongest one is for your wife 2. A different one for kids 3. the family kind of love and then, 4. the kind you have for a real good friend. Because there is four different ways to love, you should not put them in any order. If you do not put your woman first, you are asking for it. GOOD LUCK.
  16. I have used partition magic for years. I have two hard drives. Second one has two partition, but I also use external hard drive that I use to help fix other computers. I keep all the important stuff on it also just in case of computer troubles. The older you get the more you learn, do not depend on one thing.
  17. I using Logitech MX 518 with a Thermatake Gamma pad I got for Christmas. Check it out http://www.pccasegear.com/prod1596.htm . I turn the lights out when playing games and turn on the blue to match my computer fans lights.
  18. When I'm on vacation.... I love the smell of the warm lake in the morning. Last one in is a rotten egg.
  19. Okay, I'll try to help. I never did like the idea of have a modem with usb connection. I might slow down the connection. You will always show both port for the ethernet connection, because they are always on. My first thought was get a converter. Usb to ethernet plug. Go to your device manager and make sure you only have one tree for usb. Do not install from cd. Let windows (sp2) install the 2.0. It might just a driver problem for your modem or it needs a firmware update. I would contact the company that made the modem and tell them the problem. See what they come up with. They might take the easy way out and blame the motherboard. Bottom line, some hardware just does not work together. When I build a computer, that what I do for months, make sure everything will work together.
  20. That's what I had to do. Now if everybody else can find this link, it will solve this little problem. It keeps showing every now and then.
  21. Go check out this link, http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...7&highlight=usb
  22. Okay, I had the same problem and I search the forum and found other people had the same problem. I had to uninstall all usb devices from the device manager. I made sure all usb was unplugged. I reboot and plug in one usb. Windows took over and install 2.0 for me. It might have done it before I plug one in. You should have only one tree for usb, if not uninstall all of them. If you have more than one then it is not right. You do not need the one on the cd. That will only screw it up.
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