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  1. I have the measurements at 4.376 inches high x 9 inches long, can not find out how thick. That is the measurement off eVGA web site.
  2. Thanks, that what I was wondering. I'm not using the top two anyway.
  3. I have seen that card that has a super cooler on it. I'm looking for the newer 8800 GTS (92) and I think is little bit smaller on the end toward SATA.
  4. Hey, oc newbie Which card do you have? Yes please check out... I have been looking at the measurements. They (eVGA) say the new card (8800 GTS) is 4.376 high by 9 inches long. But how thick?? 1 inch on the end of card and 1.5 at the double slot end??
  5. Looks like the SLI-D is about the same as ultra D, but the expert slot is not in the same location. It (expert) has more room. I already check that one out when I was reading about other ones who had that board and same card. That is why I was looking for someone who has Ultra-D. I have the measurements now and I going to check it out. I have the measurements at 4.376 x 9 inch long, can not find out how thick. What is it at the card??
  6. Okay how about any double thick cards on these boards??
  7. maybe I'm asking to much.... Does anyone have the double thick cards install on these boards??
  8. I posted this question video card section. And I thought I ask it here too. Does anyone have the new 8800GTS (G92) vid card install on your Ultra-D motherboard?
  9. I have been looking at the new 8800GTS (G92) and I was wondering if anyone that has the same board as I do, has one installed. I have read a few of the problems with the SATA cables, but that was with the 8800GT. I am only using the bottom SATA plugs. Will it still fit??? If I had to move it to the bottom slot, I think it would block my USB plugs. So does anyone have this board and have one installed?
  10. That is one reason I deal with OCZ. I also keep on hand a power tester. I got mine from FrozenCPU.com .
  11. That is the problem with todays meat, you are not just getting meat. And now they want to clone that problem meat. Just give me that grass fed meat with no shots or GMO grains.
  12. If it is not natural then why are you eating it? Only one body, go ahead take a chance. Then let's complain about health care.
  13. Try uninstall usb from device manager and reboot. Let windows take over the usb.
  14. You got to love those updated driver programs. They can have just as many bugs in them as Windows. I updated my creative drivers and could not save my settings. I had to turn on my coax everytime I turn on my computer. Go into my settings in Creative sound and switch from mic back to coax to get it to turn on. Thanks to someone who didn't work for Creative made a little program I could put into my start up folder to keep my settings. Go through all that just to play a newer game. As for Vista, WAIT a year and everything will finally be ready. If you like bugs, don't wait.
  15. Can't you just do a dual boot and enjoy both O.S. I will do like I always do wait a year or more and see where the dust settle. I already have co-workers asking me question on how to use it. (I'm one of the few who knows anything about computers).
  16. I have the older version of XP, but was using the newer OEM to reinstall. Of course it would not take my older version number, until I called and told them what I was doing. As long as you have the older number, they will let you install with newer version. Three licenses, two older ones and the newer OEM. They have record of all three and I'm allowed to use OEM to reinstall. Been there done that.
  17. I tried that option and found no difference in sound, so I went back to default. The sound was just as good. You will need a very good sound card with the updated drivers. I can not tell you about the onboard sound drivers. Not sure if they are up to par for the newer games.
  18. You can put an OEM on more than one computer. You just have to call and tell them what is going on. I have three computers here and have the older XP disks. I bought a new OEM with the sp2 for this build. When I reinstall on another computer I used the OEM disk and call them with the older reg. number. They gave me a new unlock code, and away we go.
  19. I have order from Monarch and had no problem. When I built my computer, I went with the ones who gave me the best price and had good reviews. I got several things ship free. It pays to shop around.
  20. I used four square pieces of thin walnut (10 x 10) and four 2 x2 used on decks. One square on top and bottom and use two of the 2 x2 space equal for upright. Drill and screw, two in top, two in bottom. Stain or paint. I have two for my home theater system. Looks and works great.
  21. You down load the latest bios and start to overcloak your pc, only to find out that it turn your pc into a microwave and fried your brain.
  22. If you did a search on maxtor drives on this forum you would see they have caused a lot of people some grief. I do not know why, but I'm starting to think that we need a Sticky note on required hard drives for this motherboard. And Maxtor would not be on this list. I'm sure glad I didn't get one. I know that this not help you, but I think you would be wise to get a different one.
  23. You have to remember that sometimes the hardware will play some factor in what you can do, but there is also some limits on software. Maybe the limits are on IE. I would try a different browser and see if it reacts the same way. Remember when you have you have a dual core you can do extra things, not everything at once. You can have all the memory in the world, but it still has to go through the processor.
  24. I would partition with "partition magic" and go get a new OEM window XP. I have had to do this once. I think that it was not cleaning off the drive good enough or like some would say, bad os disc. I have for the last five years always used Partition Magic to prep hard drives, since I always split them anyway.
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