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  1. I have the Thermaltake Armor 8000 and I would not even think of getting any other. A lot of space, great cooling, easy to keep clean, and many option on front set up. Yes, it is a full case. If I was to upgrade, I would Keep this case and put the old stuff in a mid size case to sell.

  2. I have the MX518 and loving it. I really do not feel the need to get any other kind. The thumb will fit in the groove no matter what size and the other buttons are space just right. I was going to get another mouse to use when I work on other people computers, and not steal one off my wife's computer. I was happy as could be when I bought laptop, and it came with MX518. I bought it because I could speed up the pointer, but I always left it on the middle setting.

  3. Well, the easy way to do it is to format the partial drive thru windows disk management and then do a fresh install on the hard drive you want it on. Always go into bios to make sure you have the right one up first. Or you can just unplug the one you do not want anything on it and then put plug back in after you install. To fix it the way is now can be done, but your going to wish you just did a fresh install. I sure you know you will have change something in the master boot.

  4. I have moved seven times in a five year period. I also later in life had to move a houseful and pool barn of stuff, after selling it, in less than a week. You can become an expert after a while, but still not like.

  5. I have both the X-fi and Z5500 speakers, they sound awesome. You have so many option on your play back, it will blow you away. They almost match my home theater system. I had them hooked up on coax, but switch to direct connect. Between watching vids, listening music, or playing games... you would be better off having a sound card to free up the computer to do what it suppose to do.

  6. I looked for months at every laptop you could think of, I finally settle for Asus. They have the longest waranty out there. This is the one I have, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16834220215 . I would have pick this one because of the price, but could not find any reviews anywhere. http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ctCode=10008316 . I have no problem with the one I have, but it took two weeks to get the way I wanted it. There is some support on the forum to switch over to XP, but I using this one to get used to it. So I can help with other people with their vista problems. If want one that is faster, switch back over to XP.

  7. I checked out cyberpowerpc.com and they are a renamed product. They are actually MSI laptop. I can get more of a laptop (MSI) for less money from zipzoomfly.


    I still looking from people here on this forum that use laptop. I did not know MSI made laptops until this year.

  8. I'll check out cyberpowerpc.com. I have been checking out laptops for years. Finally have enough money for one, but trying to stay under 1600. I have built computers and repair them, but never had a laptop. I had work on a few, but only on the software side. So now I would like to get one that will last.

  9. I am looking to buy a laptop. I have been checking out the 17 inch lcd ones. I will not traveling very much, but when I do, it will not be a problem. I have looked at;




    This one has my eye on it vote,





    I want fast CPU and 2-4 gig of memory. I do not need to play games on it. It also must have good speakers. I will be watching movies, listening to music, reading and surfing. I can wait to get home to play games.

  10. If you can get into the bios to loosen up the time on you memory. Try that. I ran into that problem when I install an vid card to an new system. It had old cpu and new memory that was close but not a perfect match. For some reason after I plug into the vid card it started to reboot on me. After a few attempts and a few frustrated days, I tried moving everything up one click on the timing and the problem went away. And oh by the way they past mem test with flying colors. I also went with a fresh install and it still did it. I knew it wasn't hardware and not windows. So that left BIOS settings.

  11. If you don't mind taking the plug off the old fan, that is what I have done. Or you can take out the wires out and cut the extra hole off the new one. To get the wires out, you push a very tool in to release clip and pull the wire and tool at the same time. If it does not come out with ease, haven't got it to release or your tool is to big. I use jewelery screw driver.


    There is a good post in the forum on wiring, but I just copy from the old fan plug.

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