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  1. paulktreg

    Need 2x pairs of these.

    Contact Coolermaster and ask? They may even send them to you for free!
  2. Error as follows: An E_COMPILE_ERROR occurred; site staff have been notified. If reporting this error, please include the following request ID: [email protected] Obviously OK now.
  3. paulktreg

    Unable to view OCC website.

    I saw this error honestly, wasn't seeing things!
  4. paulktreg

    New Forum ??

    How do I review new content?
  5. paulktreg

    New Forum ??

    Are you posstive about that?
  6. paulktreg

    New Forum ??

    Who you calling old? I visit this site everyday to see what's going on and post if I have anything to add. The only problem is if you remove the posts from OCC there has been very little going on recently.
  7. paulktreg

    New Forum ??

    Not sure I like it.
  8. paulktreg

    Merry Christmas from OCC!

    Merry Christmas everybody and a happy new year.
  9. paulktreg

    Official Forum Bug Reports Part 2

    The OCC website address is showing up as "Not secure" in my browser bar (Chrome on Windows 10). Is this a problem (at your end or mine)?
  10. DFI. Those were the days! Almost brings a tear to my eye thinking about them.
  11. paulktreg

    10 active folders

    Hitting 25 - 30 deg C on a regular basis at the moment so have stopped folding until things cool down.
  12. Many MSI motherboard reviews here on OCC and they more often than not earn a gold award. Which motherboard are you considering?
  13. paulktreg

    Intel Announces Core i7 8086K CPU

    Entered. Chance of winning next to zero but you never know.
  14. I realize you guys are mainly based in North America and can't spell realise correctly ( ) but I'm currently having a little argument with my broadband provider BT. My internet drops out on a regular basis but BT say they have had a look at the log and it as only dropped out 3 times in the past 20 days and this is normal. Could this be regarded as normal? Is there any software/program I can install on my PC that will monitor and record my broadband status? Cheers Paul
  15. paulktreg

    Post Your Pets Thread!

    Me thinks cat needs to go on a diet!
  16. paulktreg

    Official OCC 2017 Christmas Contest

    Congrats wildman2 & Grilka8050!
  17. paulktreg

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    On second thoughts if I have one bad thing to say about The Last Jedi is too much "comedy" and with Walt Disney involved it's definately aimed at the younger audience. Big kid in my fifties I am so matter it does not.
  18. paulktreg

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Loved the original three star wars films and wasn't overly impressed by the next three but liked number seven and having watched The Last Jedi I'm on the fence about it being the best star wars film so far. Perhaps I should watch the first three again and it may change my mind? Box office takings aren't too shabby either!
  19. paulktreg

    Official OCC 2017 Christmas Contest

    Entered. Thanks for the opportunity to win a prize once again this Christmas. Good luck to all that enters.
  20. paulktreg

    Lost Bitcoin Holding HDD Worth $71 Million Now

    You'd attempt to find it wouldn't you? (Unless he'd taken an hammer to it before throwing it). Close the dump. One third to the dump owner, one third to the finder and one third to James Howells. It would be found!
  21. ..and please make your font colour readable.
  22. paulktreg

    power supply 12volt drops

    The ATX specification permits the 12V rail to be anywhere between 11.4V and 12.6V so technically 11.53V is acceptable. The LSP Ultra is let's say at the lower end quality wise and regardless of your problems I'd replace it with a branded unit.
  23. paulktreg

    Is CCleaner safe for mac?

    CCleaner for Mac.