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  1. Swapping to what? Different ratios or something? The old transmission decided to turn into a pencil sharpener and ate my output shaft. A new close ratio box cost me $150. Clutch only has 20% left so I'll be replacing it while everything is out. It's your car really isn't it?
  2. You shouldn't continue using a PC during a power outage. The UPS is there to keep the supply "clean" at all times and allow time to close all files and safely shut down the PC either via the supplied UPS software or manually by the user when a power outage occurs. You're obviously going to have more than two minutes unless you really are using 900W at all times which I doubt (probably more like 300W which gives you 6 minutes).
  3. Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars
  4. It's selling well. Price drops. It sells even more. Samsung very happy?
  5. When do you expect the fix? I'm still getting the malware message with Chrome.
  6. That was probably just the thought of parting with the money?
  7. If you intend sticking with a single graphics card then 500W is more than enough. (Up it to 750W if you intend doubling up the cards). The Seasonic SSR-550RM currently at $85.99 on Newegg would be a great choice. Just stick to the mainstream manufacturers like Corsair, Enermax, XFX, Seasonic, etc, and you can't go wrong. Raidmax isn't a wise choice.
  8. Looks like the device outputs [email protected] to the front of the PC for charging mobile phones.
  9. The lead you've linked to shows three blacks and a red (0v & +5V) so not the same? If you've bought a genuine Seasonic power supply then I suggest somethings not quite right!
  10. What's the model number of the power supply? I'd have to say that the lead you've shown isn't what's usually supplied by Seasonic.
  11. Are you sure that's a genuine Seasonic lead? It looks nothing like I've seen before on a power supply. I'm using a Seasonic X-Series 760W and that certainly doesn't have that connector. Going of the wire colors it has +5VSB and +3V3 which is very strange?
  12. Not too sure about love , friendship maybe!
  13. I voted No although like Eurofight I'm a UK resident. It's a very difficult to know what to do although I do think standing back and doing nothing isn't an option. Our PM took it to a vote in Parliament too early in my opinion and should have at least waited until the official report by the UN is published. It's too late to try and stop this happening again because any stocks of the nerve agent and their delivery systems have probably been moved to several locations. The Assad Regime need to be shown that their actions were unacceptable but it needs to be done under the umbrella of the United Nations. What worries me is the current ineffectiveness of the UN and the veto available to Russia and China. Can the UN do anything without the vote of Russia and China? A UN sanctioned strike at Syrian key military installations is what's needed but it also needs to be sanctioned by the Arab League. The "funny" thing is at the end of the day is that it will be US Tomahawk missiles that will be called on.
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