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    AMD APU in 2015?

    I can't see any other way than a dedicated graphics card for the serious gamer?
  2. OK, give us a clue, who got the jobs?
  3. There's only one +12V rail and one +5V rail on the power supply anyway so that's not the problem it's whether the cabling on the power supply is up to the task of supplying the necessary current whilst maintaining the voltage. A typical working (as in a heavy read/write cycle) hard drive needs 8.5W which is split fairly evenly between the +5V and +12V rail at 0.5A each so 10 hard drives need 5A on the +5V and 5A on the +12V rails. If you can split this load between the 4 way SATA cable using one 2 way adapter (5 HDD's) and the 3 way 4 pin peripheral cable with 1 one way adapter and 2 two way adapters (5 Hdd's) you'll be OK because all the hard drives won't be working heavily at the same time. If your hard drives are holding important data then I'd personally buy a power supply more suited to the application. I hope that makes sense.
  4. How about using SATA power splitters?
  5. paulktreg

    The Official "I Wrecked" Thread

    You appear to have lost a leg! Did you go to the hospital?
  6. paulktreg

    New Build

    I'm the dishwasher in our house so the build would have to take priority.
  7. paulktreg

    Build for daughter! (gamer girl)

    That's a $30.00 case with 480W power supply so I'm guessing the power supply ain't very good! I'd be looking at a minimum of something like the Corsair CX430 or CX500 (depends on graphic card choice) and a case with no power supply. Drop the SSD if necessary, I'm sure she can wait a little longer to boot.
  8. I think this should of been sorted out "behind the scenes" rather than in a public forum?
  9. paulktreg

    Protect my computer using UPS.

    It's OK if you only care about power interruptions but what about spikes on the telephone wire? It's not a problem if you have fiber optic to the house but many still have (copper) wired telephone lines which can have high voltage induced spikes from lightning. It's never been a problem for me but maybe others?
  10. paulktreg

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Pre-Review Contest

  11. paulktreg

    Be aware of paypal's new policies

    When I list used stuff in the UK it's with "Returns Not Accepted" although I think due to the distant selling regulations they can return within 14 days for full refund.
  12. paulktreg

    Windows 10 Revealed

    Windows XP - Good Windows Vista - Bad Windows 7 - Good Windows 8 - Bad Windows 9 - Good Windows 10 - Bad I'd have called it Windows 9 personally! I'm due an upgrade so depending on initial reviews I may just try Windows 10.
  13. The assistant has to be available at any time of the day? So anyone who works for a living need not apply?
  14. paulktreg

    Bios unlock

    "Only versions of the Intel
  15. paulktreg

    Back Again

    Very nice folding stats Sagittaria! I'll give you a wave when you pass me in a day or so.
  16. paulktreg

    PSU Recommendations

    I'd be tempted to go for the EVGA Supernova G2 1600W personally and especially so if you are serious about putting a forth 290 in there and intend overclocking.
  17. The latest version I have is V9.5. Not sure how to get it to you as its a 57Mb .rar file?
  18. paulktreg

    PSU gone POP!

    I'd have to agree with wevsspot but
  19. paulktreg

    Need a moniter resolution fix

    You are obviously misunderstanding something here? If your Acer is specified at 1366 x 768 then that it's maximum resolution. If your laptop was truly outputting 1920 x 1280 to the Acer it would give the same symptoms you are experiencing with your new R9.
  20. paulktreg

    I am just going to leave this here

    Congratulations. Four is the ideal number of players so still some work to be done yet!
  21. paulktreg

    I am just going to leave this here

    Double post. Didn't look like it was doing much so tried again?
  22. paulktreg

    Latest AV-Comparatives Published

    Interesting. MSE still performing poorly but I'll continue to use it because I'm careful, and I presume unlike these tests, don't deliberately go looking for infections?
  23. paulktreg

    Thermaltake Giveaway

    I'm in. Clitheroe, UK.
  24. paulktreg

    FIFA 2014 World Cup

    England 1-2 Italy. I expected it to be close either way but Italy edged it and a fair result. England played OK but missed too many chances. Not over yet after the Uruguay/Costa Rica result so England aren't out of it yet.