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  1. So for the 48V DC output they are using a standard 3 pin IEC mains connector like you'd plug into a PC power supply? Fairly sure that would be verging on illegal in the UK. The L & N stand for live and neutral but these are AC terms. It could be wired any way really but common sense would make L positive and N negative but you need a multimeter to confirm. Who's the maker and what's the model number?
  2. I'm not well versed in car audio so bear with me. I take it you aren't driving any speakers directly from the 9887 and you are using external power amplifiers for all your speakers? (I'm trying to judge the power consumption of the 9887).
  3. The wipes you've linked to are really only for surface cleaning of monitor screens and external equipment housings and I wouldn't use them directly on printed circuit boards. Once moisture gets under the surface mount components, especially integrated circuits, it can take ages to dry out properly. I just use a clean soft paint brush along with aerosol air duster as others have already suggested. Does the job for me! I also have one of these that is very handy to get into all the nooks and crannies using the vacuum cleaner.
  4. The BFG GS-550 has a MTBF of 80,000hrs or 9 years so unless you've run it continuously for 8 years I'm sure it'll be fine.
  5. Are you sure it wasn't just coincidence that your breaker tripped? Did something else cause it? A current of 7A at 1.172V is only about 7W which will cause little or no difference on the current pulled from the mains.
  6. Wev Fan details: Manufacturer = First D P.N. FD9015U12S DC 12V @ 0.55A I've found some Sapphire ones on ebay with the same part number but the fan blades and wiring looms may be different? If you can find any that are definately suitable for XFX that would be great. Thanks for your help.
  7. Response: Warranty has expired and XFX do not provide a repair service. The fan is not sold separately. Try ebay. I'll have to risk something from ebay or I may just strap on a suitable case fan and see how it runs.
  8. I've sent an enquiry via the XFX website. Let's see what happens.
  9. I need a replacement cooling for for a XFX R7900 Series graphics card. Anybody know where I can get one from in the UK? I couldn't find one on ebay but there are Sapphire branded fans that look very similar. Are these likely to be the same?
  10. During my time at work I've had limited contact with the companies that have looked after the IT systems but Kaspersky has always been held in high regard. I'm pretty careful on the internet and anything that is free has always done the job for me, Panda is my current AV at the moment.
  11. You have composite on the 3.5mm jack socket and I've had some success with the Camac HDMI to VGA adapter. ..so composite and VGA are still an option?
  12. I tried a couple of power supplies just out of interest with my Maplin Kill-A-Watt equivalent and got zero watts on both? I'd of expected something but I'm not convinced these plug in meters work at such low power levels?
  13. Thanks to OCC and the members that donated the games but I don't play much theses days so you may as well pass on any I won to somebody who will play them.
  14. Spot on Waco! I mistakenly thought it was driver related but one of my 460's is dicky. Time for a more up-to-date graphics card perhaps?
  15. Get BSOD everytime I boot up and it's pointing towards nvlddmkm.sys. Reading on the internet all the "cures" involve actually running Windows and getting at the file which I can't. PC locks up with just mouse cursor on screen if I try Safe Mode. Any ideas?
  16. Congratulations to all the winners and a happy new year to all.
  17. ...and I am currently averaging about 2,000 PPD. ...but every little counts!
  18. 12V x 62A = 744W. If it was much more it wouldn't be a 750W power supply! That in itself, full watts available on the +12V rail, is something that hints at a good power supply.
  19. A strange poll when the full facts aren't really known? Is a protest justified? Maybe. Civil disorder and looting? Never. I find the answers to the last question slightly revealing.
  20. Not too bothered about minor inaccuracy, it gives the "XX things wrong with Star Wars 7" youtubers something to talk about. Entertaining's what I'm after. If it does that I'll be happy!
  21. That's obviously a Canadian turkey? All the turkeys in the USA are hiding in corners hoping they aren't picked for the table!
  22. I can't see any other way than a dedicated graphics card for the serious gamer?
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