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  1. Resistance is futile. Have a read of this it may help?
  2. I'm trying to "clean" up my PC a little before I take the plunge and upgrade to Windows 10. I've noticed that I have several different versions of Microsoft Visual C++ 20XX Redistributable (X64) & (X86) installed. Do I need all these different versions for "things" to work correctly or can I delete some of them and leave the latest 2013 (X64)?
  3. Nice prizes! No PC of ultimate gaming awesomeness this time round?
  4. All links are down and still struggling to find a genuine "safe" copy.
  5. paulktreg

    Hello OCC

    Hello and welcome to OCC!
  6. Already tried it and it no longer works unfortunately. Thanks anyway.
  7. My Windows 7 installation disk is damaged. Anyone know were I can download a genuine Windows 7 Professional ISO? Thanks.
  8. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.
  9. Stopped folding for now. My 7950 died and I need to find a replacement when funds permit.
  10. It's been slow for more than the last few months and it didn't really pick up last year? I don't know the site visit stats but the forums aren't doing very well of late in my opinion. It was a little worrying when the front page tech news was used to make the forums look a little busier. Seen this happen on other sites. Maybe it's just me? What does everybody else think?
  11. I don't want to hijack this thread but I have a related question. I currently run Windows 7 on an HDD and I have an SSD waiting to be installed which I'd like to install Windows 10 onto but I'm unsure on how to proceed. Ideally I'd like to have a copy of Windows 10 along with the code to do a clean install. How do I go about this? Help appreciated.
  12. You're clearly neglecting the dog? No 3DS = More Walks!
  13. Try the mobo outside the case. You may have a short or perhaps a stand-off were it shouldn't be?
  14. I would say that when places like Newegg in the USA or Scan in the UK stop stocking the item you can be fairly sure they are no longer available.
  15. I'd probably take a look at something like this. Is your wireless network available out as far as your garage?
  16. I may have to start stamp collecting again! New Royal Mail Stamps
  17. I'm now officially an old fart I think and lost interest in gaming several years ago and nothing really interests me anymore hence still running a i7 920 that does all I need. I occasionally revisit games like the C&C, Half Life and Crysis series that I enjoyed at the time but there's nothing new that interests me anymore.
  18. wevsspot I would like to try Windows 10 but only if I can do a clean install, I don't want an existing Windows 7 installation "updated". Is a clean install going to be possible?
  19. If your overclock is stable at 4.5GHz (stress tested etc) and you aren't experiencing any problems then a "proper" power supply may not improve things? You are probably borderline on the power supply with SLI & overclock.
  20. The R9 270X is specified for a 500W minimum power supply although you'd probably get away with it? The R9 280X is a definate no-no. If you could spend a little more it would be best to upgrade the power supply and fit a mid-range graphics card.
  21. paulktreg

    Cities: Skylines

    I've been looking for something to rekindle my flagging interest in gaming so I've bought it and you owe me
  22. I still have some power supplies left if you want one really cheap?
  23. Good quality lead acid batteries (Yuasa for example) are cheap and reliable so why not stick with them? I found this article which is a good read. Looks like Li-Pol may be the way to go? If you lived in the UK I could recommend a couple of good quality battery suppliers but not much help in the US I'm afraid.
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