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  1. Noise Abatement Society I find the mouse "click" rather reassuring?
  2. Try the GTX 285 cards in SLI if your power supply is up to the task? I don't know the resolution of your monitor but if it's not too high their performance may be enough to play most games at an acceptable FPS?
  3. Are you relying on GPU-Z to report fan speed or actually having a look at it?
  4. Yeah I noticed but I'll keep my contribution going, small as it is, for the foreseeable future.
  5. What am I looking for? Do you mean all the members on zero?
  6. Some articles are saying your key may be changed when Windows 10 is installed?
  7. Looks like I'll be running Windows 10. I left my PC on with screen turned off, came back an hour or so later, turned the screen back on and my PC is 10% into the Windows 10 upgrade. I was seriously considering upgrading before the offer ended but it would of been nice to be asked!
  8. In my opinion yes it's possible. Cooling fans don't have much start-up torque and a badly routed SATA cable could prevent one from turning if it's in contact with the fan blades.
  9. Congratulations to bishop245 on 200,000,000 points in [email protected]
  10. Noctua fans received. Thanks to Bosco, OCC and Noctua.
  11. paulktreg


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  12. My latest WU for the GPU is 10 days for 17000 points? Not happening!
  13. My PPD has dropped recently due to a GPU work unit that took about 4 days to complete (not running 24/7) for only 9000 points! The next one I get will take about 1 day for 100,000 points! From one extreme to the other. How do they work these things out?
  14. No it's true! I've even heard that there's going to be a Raspberry Square Root Of -1 but it could just be in someones imagination?
  15. If members want it badly enough how about a donation of $10/point to OCC funds?
  16. The Noctua will be more than adequate and if you are only running the SDD then all's good. Enjoy your new build!
  17. Looks like a great build to me! Have you not considered water cooling the processor? The only tiny concern might be the case. Don't get me wrong I love the Fractal cases, I have one myself, but you only have a couple of mm clearance on the graphics card unless you remove the top drive cage, and if you ever go SLI space and temperatures may be a problem?
  18. Thanks to Bosco, OCC and Noctua for the fan and games I won in the competition. May try running the fan at 24V and pointing it at my graphics card whilst folding and see if it helps with the temperatures?
  19. But I do worry. I worry all the time. I spend my life worrying. I'll make an exception this time though. Good luck to everyone that entered.
  20. If you've sent in an email, we have it. How do you know that if you haven't emailed to acknowledge receipt?
  21. I've recently tried to get back into folding but so far Folding Control Client Control 7.4.4 as stopped working twice resulting in a wipe and reinstall. Third time lucky?
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