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  1. paulktreg

    1080ti sli

    I think you answered your own question there?
  2. paulktreg

    Are you ready for AI

    The company now exists? Skynet The rest will follow!
  3. paulktreg

    A new rig

    I thought my rig was getting a little dated!
  4. paulktreg


    ccokemanjr? Is that son of ccokeman?
  5. paulktreg

    Building a new one

  6. paulktreg


    Triple post! Been hitting the beer?
  7. paulktreg

    Is this UPS adequate for my system?

    I have no experience of the PowerWalker UPS so I can't vouch for it's quality. if it does everything stated in the specification then it will be more than enough for your needs.
  8. paulktreg

    Is this reason to rma 1080 Ti FE ?

    I wouldn't worry about it! You're probably finding problems were none exist so forget the benchmarks unless that's your forte and you must have the highest score? Does your PC perform as you would want it to perform? Does it play the games you want it to play at the resolution and FPS expected? No crashes or artifacts?
  9. paulktreg

    Is this UPS adequate for my system?

    A good quality ATX power supply, like yours, as a power factor (PF) approaching unity and because Watts=VA x PF (1400 x 1) you will get close to 1400W from the BX1400. I'm not sure what the power factor of your Sony monitor but if you intend to run that from your UPS as well then down rate to approximately 1200W so max power wise it's more than enough to run your PC. The UPS is there to enable you to safely shut down your PC should the power fail and even if you were gaming at the time you'd have more than enough time to either shut down your PC manually or do it via software. I'm interested to know why you think you need a UPS. Is it to keep the mains "clean" or are power outages a problem?
  10. paulktreg


    Some serious folding going on at the moment. Does the FLDC return cover the electricity bill? Edit: ..and hardware costs?
  11. paulktreg

    WTB Video Card

    Is an upgrade going to make a significant difference? What is the CPU, motherboard, RAM and power supply?
  12. paulktreg

    Moving up a couple notches

    Just out of interest what's the best price/ppd graphics card at the moment for folding. I really do need an upgrade!
  13. paulktreg

    Just fired folding back up. Questions

    I use the same. Does the job!
  14. paulktreg

    nvidia 1080 TI

    Not available for preorder yet at my favourite and one of the larger UK stores.
  15. paulktreg

    someone tried to hack my Steam

    Looks legit I never understand why they don't try to pass it through a word processor, maybe have someone fluent proof read it? Regards, Our Company. There are a lot of hackers and the like in Belarus. Could be you are one of the victims in the many hacked databases and they used that info at steam, or you might have some malware, a trojan, or some other bad stuff on your end... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_data_breaches That is just a partial list, many others have been hacked too.. Department Of Homeland Security - Method: Poor security.
  16. paulktreg

    AsRock z97 extreme4 boot issue

    Have you got a good quality power supply installed? A 600W is recommended.
  17. paulktreg

    Will AMD 470 fit in this case?

    Says it's dual slot in the specification?
  18. paulktreg

    My Youtube channel

    Where are your overclocking tutorials?
  19. I want to update my hardware (Processor, Motherboard & Ram) and from what I've read I'll have to purchase a new Windows 10 licence. Any sneaky ways around this?
  20. paulktreg

    How about that top 20

    I wish I could afford 4x1070's and 2x1080's not to mention the electricity bill!
  21. If you search the forums for "Tmod" it may point you in the right direction?
  22. paulktreg


    Thought it was something interesting about the game Halo!
  23. paulktreg

    Psu fan replacement thoughts.

    What connected/split 12V switch?
  24. paulktreg

    Psu fan replacement thoughts.

    The type of review I mean is one published by a mainstream hardware review site. Newegg reviews count for nothing in my opinion.