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  1. Excellent site and the advice I have received so far as been invaluable. Much appreciated! Now for my next silly question! What do the scores on 3DMark2005 really mean? I decided to download and run the free, short version of 3DMark2005 and scored 6543. All very well but what does this really mean? Compared to the "average PC setup" how fast (or slow) is my PC running? I am currently running at stock speeds so what improvements would I expect to see should I decide to overclock and keep everything stable? I get the impression on reading through the posts that 1GB of memory may not be enough.Would I see any significant improvement in this 3DMark2006 score or gaming performance by upgrading to 2GB of good quality memory? Would a dual core processor make much difference, am I right in saying that games don't utilise it and I may as well stick with what I have? Why is the Opteron so popular with the OC community? Thats it for now.
  2. Just what I was after. Thanks for that.
  3. I think this question as probably been asked a million times but can somebody point me in the right direction. I am trying to find, and I've looked, for a basic explanation of BIOS settings and what they do. Help appreciated.
  4. Some people, not all, seem to jump to the conclusion that the power supply is always at fault. Its no good telling people that there power supply isn't on the recommended list without evidence that its no good. My power supply cost me over £100.00, is from a reputable manufacturer, came highly recommended and yet I am told it isn't up to the job and I should replace it. (Extreme Overclocking Editors Choice!!)
  5. I had to look up AA/AF to find out what they mean so treat me as a numpty! To try and answer your questions the AA/AF as far as I can tell are Application Controlled. Resolution 1024x768. Does this make sense? I have tried running the game with SLI disabled and I still get the same result. I have to point out that the game slowdowns are not permanent and don't appear to follow any pattern. One minute the game runs fine, then slows down to make it virtually unplayable and then after an undetermined period of time cranks back up to speed again. I have again tried installing the latest video, sound and motherboard drivers but still the same. I have really now come to the limits of my knowledge and don't know what to do next. Like I said previously my system should eat this game for breakfast! PS Got the latest patches. (I have recently purchased FEAR and this seems to run OK at maximum settings no problem!) According to Smart Guardian I have the following voltages: CPU=1.36V, LDT Bus=1.15V, ATX 5.0V=4.94V, Dram=2.78V, ATX +12V=11.9V, NB +1.5V=1.47V, ATX 3.3V=3.23V and V Bat 3.0V=3.05V. Can you see any problems here? (Just like to add I thought I would try running 3Dmark05 free addition. Every things fine until it reaches the second run of the one with the galleon balloon and sea creature then my PC drops to one or two frames per second!)
  6. Yes I appreciate my PSU is not recommended but as it been tested? The specification for this PSU as follows: Combined Max W for following 170W +3.3v @ 33A and +5v @ 24A Combined Max W for following 504W +12v1 @ 13A, +12v2 @ 18A, +12v3 @ 16A and +12v4 @ 8A Combined Max W for following 650W including +3.3v, +5v and +12v -12v @ 0.5A and +5vsb @ 2.0A Any comments on this PSU appreciated. If I need to replace then I will!
  7. Only had my Lanparty motherboard a few months and I thought everything was fine until I decided to have a go at Command & Conquer Generals. I will first point out that I have not overclocked anything. As I get further and further into the game and things get a bit more complicated with more and more units the game slows down to the point where you can almost watch a bullet flying through the air, its unplayable! My setup should eat this game for breakfast. I have updated all the drivers, video, sound etc. but no difference. I know i'm being a bit general here but any ideas?
  8. I won't worry about it too much then but will consider replacing the chipset fan perhaps. Looking at the position of the fan in relation to the two PCI-E graphics cards doesn't look like it will help matters though! Many Thanks.
  9. Just a quickie! My chipset temperature is at 53-55 deg C. Is this a problem?
  10. Hello I have recently successfully (I think!) modified my ultra D board to SLI. My two 6800GT cards are installed and SLI mode recognised. My question is do I have to change anything in bios? Is my board now an SLI-D? Any help or links appreciated.
  11. Hello I am sure this as probably been covered before but I'll ask again! I previously had some Geil Value ram which caused me a lot of problems. I tried them in the orange slots, the yellow slots in all and every combination. They failed memtest and caused blue screens frequently. I then purchased some Crucial Ballistix and browsed the forums looking for some guidance on which slots use and finally came to the conclusion that the predominent view was that the orange slots are best. Tried my memory and it failed memtest and gave me blue screens again! Put the two sticks in the yellow slots and what do you know - passed memtest everytime and my system is now stable and running like a good un. What is the difference between the memory slots on the motherboard? Is there a difference between orange and yellow slots?
  12. Problem finally found to be my external USB drive as suggested by thespin. Can anybody explain how this would affect my system on a restart?
  13. I have already tried a BIOS update and a reset. (Sorry, should have mentioned this!). Removed the battery overnight, loaded optimised settings and it still hung at restart. I have just had a look at my bios. Thermal Throttling was enabled so that is now disabled and Cool & Quiet already disabled. Memory is running at 2T. Still the same!
  14. Hello I have a problem with my newly installed Lanparty motherboard and I am reaching the end of my tether and to be honest reaching the limits of my knowledge. Initial first time boot-up is fine, no problems, can you use it for hours, play games, etc. But if for example I install a new program that requires a restart my PC hangs. The bios detects the processor OK but hangs at the memory testing stage with no results displayed. (Sometimes it hangs for ages and sometimes will eventually fire up after several minutes). I have tried two 256MB sticks of Crucial Ballistix memory and it does exactly the same! Am I using the wrong memory slots? Is there something in bios I haven't got quite right? I don't overclock and think it worth while pointing out that I am OK with BIOS basics only! I was thinking of (carefully) experimenting with overclocking but until I get this sorted its impossible! Any help will be much appreciated.
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