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  1. Dielectric works great with my Vapochill. No need to buy that muck that they sell.
  2. Once you lay down your thesis in the first paragraph get down to work man! No more filler. Back up your next three paragraphs. Be concise, relevant and clear in your stance (arguement). Your teachers don't want a song and dance.
  3. Ha ha ha! Knob and tube. Before we moved that nightmare was somewhat sorted out.
  4. I always hated reading! Could never sit still and read a book. Untill..... 1) Crime and Punishment 2) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 3) Naked Lunch All so different, all so great. I liked Sidhartha a lot as well. For the past few years can't get enough Irvine Welsh
  5. 99% of the time neither myself or my roomates could figure out what was going on. This led to more debate and trying to figure out what was happening. What I did not mention in my first reply to this thread was that our house backed onto a cemetary. Yeah, I hear all of your groans. When we took a walk around the plots behind our house we suddenly found that a lot of the graves behind us belonged to children and adolescents. Ages ranging all over the board, stillborn to 18. My little flashes started making sense around then. Apparently our house, groan, groan, groan was once upon a time the grounds keepers home. I don't know if any bodies were ever kept there before burial, but if they were, they felt at home hanging about. To add to this, it was always on the first floor that these occurences would happen. Never on the third and only twice on the seccond. The two times on the seccond floor it happened in my bedroom and I flipped and started yelling in the air. After that it was bussiness as usual. Since we all have moved nothing like this has happened again. I have to say that I miss that. It kept life interesting.
  6. I believe 100%. For many years I just believed and had nothing to base it on other than a deep down gutt belief. It all came to life when I moved into a house with two friends. They had already been living in the house for two years before I moved in and although they saw and felt things, they never said a word. Many of my first nights there I had the craziest dreams. Friends and family who had died years ago frequented my dreams. Absolute strangers came into my dreams to introduce themselves, have a chat and then another would come. It was like a welcoming committee of the dead in my dreams. During wakeful hours in the house I would experience bizare flashes of light in doorways and various rooms. Oddly the flashes were always about 2 1/2 to 3 feet off the ground. My first night alone in the house I was blasting music. Standing behind the decks I noticed a bright flash to my right from the kitchen. I froze, thought wow and was about to change records when the flash appeared in front of me in the livingroom then disappeared. I stopped the music, grabbed my beer and laughing walked to the couch. I sat down, lit a smoke and thought to myself no way can this be. At that point there was a continuous knocking on the flloor directly below my feet. I looked down at my feet and the knocking stopped. So, like the idiot in all horror movies I went to the basement to take a look. Surprise, surprise nothing there. I was looking for heating lines where my feet were and only found a neck of raised hair.
  7. The Magnificent Seven- The Clash News flash, "vacuum cleaner sucks up budgie." Be very careful. You never know what unconventional means may bring.
  8. If you have not read Don Quixote this strip will be meaningless to you. They are referencing the classic scene where he charges a windmill with his lance. He believes them to be giants I think, don't remember for sure. Read the book!
  9. That is inovative for sure, but...At work every now and then I put on a backpack type vaccuum and clean dust out of smoke detectors. One thing I have noticed is that I end up full of static electricity and every thing I touch gives me a jolt. You would not want to do that to your pc obviously. Just an observation I have found over time, not too sure about the relevance to your set up, but something worth looking into.
  10. If you like Monty Python then hunkering down with a copy of Don Quixote written by Miguel De Cervantes will be well worth your while. A long read -some 900 pages or so, but damn funny. I wonder where Sancho Panza is in this cartoon?
  11. 1cm is thick! If that is the wall thickness of the pipe, have fun. Are you talking I.D., or O.D.? That would help a lot.
  12. The Archies- Sugar Sugar UK The Fifth Dimension- Wedding Bell Blues US The Beatles- Something/Come Together AUS
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