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  1. I want to say I'm sorry for what i said here yesterday. After posting what i did, i had what some call a "moment of clarity", kind of what alcoholics have before they get sober. Well, i saw what an a$$ i was being. I first got angry at this guys doctor for giving him advice that seemed to amount to something like this..."gee doc, my arm hurts when i do this." And the doc says, "well, maybe you should taper off doing that until you have stopped. Then, i don't know, it seems all sense of reason just left my brain and i started acting like a real jerk. I acted out of character. That is not who I am. I have had a rough winter this year. I am just getting over a killer flu that almost did me in, literally. I was having violent convulsions, was in actual pain, not just body aches that accompany the flu, and it took 3 weeks to get over. They call it strand B and i read it killed over 30,000 people this year, mostly older or sickly people that have helth problems to start. I have some other health issues i won't go into that were acting up also. On top of that, my car got sick also and now i can barely afford to fix it. Things will be kinda difficult until i can get back on my feet again. In the meantime i took it out on the original poster who was just asking for help, and the good members of this forum, and i acted in the worst way. i sincerely apoligise to you sir, and i hope you find what you're looking for. To everybody else on the forum that was invlolved, you are right, i was very wrong, and i apoligise to everyone. I don't post much in the forums i am a member of because maybe I'm just getting tired of forums in general. I have been very active in a few for a few years, and am in good standing with them. but it's just getting kinda same old, same old for me. I'm not saying everybody likes me, nor do i like everybody but i get along with just about everybody, I am a nice guy in general and very easy going. I take things a little too seriously sometimes, so my friends tell me, but that is no excuse for the way I acted yesterday. Again, what was said by me here yesterday is like a different person than who i really am. I guess I just let everthing get to me and i acted out like a spoiled little brat. Very immature of me. If you don't accept my apoligy, i can't say as i blame you. i'm sorry.
  2. A second distillation in a pot still heats and condenses the liquid into
  3. Firstly, ethanol is 100% alcohol...[ Ethanol, also called ethyl alcohol, pure alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol] Whatever...either he is not telling his doctor what he told us, or his dr.'s license should be yanked for giving him that advice. Any good dr. or nurse would see he presents a possible danger to himself or others, and he needs to be SENT to a hospital, like a low-level phsyciatric ward for evaluation. I didn't mean for my post to "take you for fools". However, i clearly see i have more experience in this subject than all who responded. There is concept and therre is experience. What i have been reading in reaction to his post came more from concept than real world experience. The responses came from people who have not lived what he claims he is going through. There are too many "holes" in his short outbursts, and i think he is offline, either drinking or laughing at the reactions he got. I doubt he went to any hospital. If he really has a problem, he has by now learned how and where to really get help, not just screw around. He's either lying, or just not ready to stop. If he really has a big problem and he wants help, he knows he can't get it from a computer forum. That's where i called you guys a bit gullible, not fools. Somebody posting for help for a substance abuse problem on a computer forum is not "attention seeking behavior?' You are naive. I didn't accuse anybody of being a fool, but in your case, "psycho_terror", i might be willing to make an exception if you continue to put words in my mouth.
  4. Read the link again...it starts by describing ethanol as [Ethanol, also called ethyl alcohol, pure alcohol, grain alcohol]...pure alcohol or grain alcohol will blind you, i have a freind who is legally blind from drinking regular 'ol beer and whiskey for about 20 years. So you tell him what kind of alcohol makes you go blind...know-it alls. People can have alcohol poisoning from regular drinking alcohol you buy at the store. And, he refers to what he drinks as ethanol, not alcohol. Why is that? Most people say they drink alcohol, whether or not they are problem drinkers, alcoholics or just normal drinkers. This is the 1st time i have ever heard of anybody say they drink ethanol. And yes, i know ethanol is used for drinking regular alcohol, I am not ignorant of this fact, as i DID read the article i linked to, but ethanol is an ingredient of everyday drinking alcohol. He's talking about drinking 100% pure alcohol. Big difference there..seems you guys are the ones who need to do a bit more reading about the subject than i. The guys yanking your chain. He just wants attention for whatever reason. Either that or he's a very, very sick man, and i smell dudu. So we have a guy that is drinking 100% pure alcohol, his Dr. says, "gee, maybe you should taper off." What doctor in his right mind would tell that to a patient drinking 100% ethanol?? Are you really that gullible? And i nead to read more? Huh... He says he's 4 months sober and is "tapering off...which is it? Either he's still drinking or he's not drinking. Either he is sober or he is NOT sober...he is giving mixed signals here. Jim Beam is only 67% alcohol. But the proccess that consumer grade alcohol is made under is much different than ethanol. I do not believe this guy has been drinking ethanol for a significant amount of time it takes to become a problem drinker. It will kill you before you have the chance to ask for help, by the time one reaches that point by drinking 100% pure alcohol that is NOT meant for human consumtion. Oh, and people who are problem drinkers, alcoholics or any substance abuser that is addicted live a lifestyle, a very dark, shady, troubled world of lies and deciept, and by the time they admit they have a problem, (the very long, painful proccess of getting through the wall of denial), they most probably have learned a thing or two about how and where to get help, and they avoid it like the plague until it just hurts bad enough to stop. Then they go into treatment. And they know where to go. They don't post on a computer internet forum for help, that's just an attention getter. I think what we have here is just a lonely, troubled person. I do not sense the desperation a truly addicted person has. I sense bull.
  5. I don't know about this...he's drinking ethanol? That stuff is not only used for fuel, it will make you blind. Alcohol addiction and drug abuse and recovery I am very aware of, but....ethanol?? And his Dr. only suggests "tapering off?" I 'm sorry, but I am having a problem believing this. That and he posts his problem on an internet computer forum? and judging by his pc and home theatre specs, he's a highly functional gas drinker. I have heard of people inhaling gas fumes until they pass out, but actually drinking this stuff WILL KILL you quick. But his Dr. doesn't see this as a bit abnormal?? I'm suprised he's still alive, IF...he's telling the truth, which i doubt. I think he's just yanking the forum chain, to be honest. Most substance abusers like alcoholics will drink alcohol that is meant for human consumption...he's talking about ethanol. I seriously doubt the truthfulness of his post. <_<
  6. Somewhere in Texas, a village has regained it's lost idiot...
  7. I wrote a whole big article on this but deleted it. I just want to say i would have liked the choice to have voted for Dennis Kucinich. But as US politics go, our leaders are pre-ordained, groomed and chosen for us.
  8. Try this, it looks great and has a benchmark and stability tester. Really heats up your card, so watch your temps close! ....furmark Edit; Brandon, why do you have a frown next to your psu? Are you in the process of upgrading it? I just googled your bfg psu, and it looks like a pretty nice one. Why don't you like it?
  9. I'd love to see you say that in front of a Marine. Those guys are fighting, dying, having their lives, relationships heavily strained, some destroyed, some commit suicide...etc. and they joined with the intention to protect the us and are willing to die for their country and you come out with this. Nice. And by the way, not that this is a spelling contest, as we all make errors at times, but you spelled candidate wrong, so maybe some school wouldn't hurt you either. "We here at OCC really don't give a damn about your relationship with your 15 year old girlfriend." I could stand to hear a little more... j/k...quote from the movie Serenity.
  10. I heard a lot of people were having problems with those drivers. Nvidia even recalled them, worked them over, and reposted them. I would try running a driver cleaner program in safe mode and re-installing the .16 drivers. I'm using them now. I just did what i posted right after a video bios flash and they're working great.
  11. If you post your pc specs, (10 lines or less) you'll get somebody with an intel cpu to help you. Good luck and have fun!
  12. It might have something to do with microsofts latest patches, I had to delete one of them because it made zone alarm prevent me from accessing the internet. The file to delete is KB951748 in add-remove programs-windows updates. I think it only applies to win xp.
  13. I tried to copy the update list so you can compare with mine to see which one was missing, but couldn't find a way to do it, but I'm pretty sure it was this one. Alternatly, you can just delete todays security updates altogether. I'm sure you'll still be ok. In the meantime, you can search microsucks website for the file and delete it. I looked , but i can't find it. I recommend turning off automatic updates in services, or you'll be pestered constantly to update. I don't know when it will be ok to turn it back on...lol. Friggin' microsucks. Bah. Edit; The update to delete is # KB951748. 2nd Edit; Now i get a pop-up notice for an update from ZA. So i dl the fix, go to micro$uck$ update, dl the deleted file, and i still couldn't connect to internet. The fix didn't work for me. So i deleted the file again and told the stupid ZA reminder not to bother me again for a week.
  14. When i turned on my pc today I couldn't connect to the internet because i DL the latest security updates from micorsoft via automatic updater. They are all ok except for one file, Which i didn't think to copy or write down to post here at the time. But it's a workaround that enables functionality of your internet connection through ZA. I went nuts, un-installing and re-installing and configuring ZA, so i disabled it, went to their site, and had to wait in cue for 15 minutes to be told what to do. But i did get a toll free #, thought it's probably pretty busy. 1-877-966-5221. They will instruct you on how to delete that certain upate # from add-remove programs-windows updates list. Now it works ok, though i have to "re-train" ZA agan. Or you can wait in cue to "chat" with an online rep if you don't get a person on the phone within a reasonable time period. Edit; this is for winxp home, 32bit.
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