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  1. Great Job and Congratulations, that is a major accomplishment!!
  2. Here is a link to some pages that describe how to make the dummy plug: http://www.overclock.net/overclock-net-fol...dummy-plug.html. It says to use 68 ohm resisters but I have seen other specs that called for 75 ohm. In either case, when I went to Radio shack to buy them they didn't have either, so I got some 100 ohm and 220 ohm and put them in parallel and ended up with about 68 ohms. The only way that I can tell which GPU client is running where is by looking at the FAHlog.txt file to see what parmeters have been passed to that client. Even with that I am still not really sure what is running on what. It seems to me that the first time I set up dual GPUs that I could hover the mouse over the icons in the task bar and it would say GPU1 or GPU2, but now when I do that it just says GPU - F&H for both. Has anyone else seen a difference when hovering over either of the two GPU icons? Or does anyone know of a way to tell for sure what is running on what? Jim
  3. Do you have anything in your client.cfg file that might be limiting the cpu? Below is a section of one of my client.cfg files. The cpuusage=95 limits it to 95%. I looked in another client.cfg on a different machine and it did not have the cpuusage line in it and was using up to 100% of the cpu. [core] priority=96 cpuusage=95 disableassembly=no checkpoint=10 ignoredeadlines=yes Might be something to look at. Jim
  4. The best setup that I have found is to use a quad core and run Vista 64. Then use one nVidia 8800 GT card and also run one SMP client. I get about 4700 ppd for the GPU client and about 2000 ppd with the SMP client, depending on the project. Additional video cards could be added and I have tried it running 2 SMP clients, but I use the machine for other things also so just kept it to one SMP client. Running Vista64 eliminates having to use VMware and you don't have to worry about setting affinity. When I tried VMware under XP32 I found that it added 3-4 minutes per percentage point which ended up adding 300-400 miniutes depending on the project. I currently have 2 machines running Vista 64 and one running Ubuntu 8.04 with 2 SMP clients, but am going to switch the Ubuntu to Vista and get another nVidia card in the near future. Jim
  5. jboys47

    On Snap

    I sometimes get carried away. Saw how well the GPU client was running on my 8800GTS 640 card and had to go out and get another card. I bought a 8800GT 512 and between the two picked up about 9000 ppd. Have now been thinking about replacing my DFI-Expert with whatever UT/LT P45 motherboard that DFI comes out with and another Q6600. And Folding is the perfect excuse to buy and try new things.
  6. Thanks to all for the help and all of the kind words of welcome. Hope to soon be adding some points to the team, couple of hours maybe. Not sure what will happen when the team number is changed in the middle a a project run, hope it just assigns the points to the team when the project run is done, we will see. Jim
  7. Hi AnUnknownSource, I have 3 systems ( Opt 170, X2 4400 +, and a Q6600) running Ubuntu 7.1 and one (Q6600) running Vista Ultimate 64. I tried the USB stick last weekend, so went from Ubuntu to XP and the USB stick and only saw a couple of seconds per % imporovement, where Ellis went from VMware to the USB stick and saw a much, much larger improvement, I think it was around 4-5 minutes per %. I am converting the system that was running xp and the USB stick to Gentoo linux to see if what it will do. Jim
  8. Hi Silverfox, The warning looks like this: Warn: (0%) ----- , and only the 0 can be clicked on. When I click on the 0 I get a blank note pad that says there are no other unsaved warnings. So I don't know what was wrong. Jim
  9. Hi Andrewr05, Thanks for the nice welcome. Do you know why I have a Warning against my last message? I don't see what I did wrong. Jim
  10. Hello all, I am going to start folding for OCC since our forums merged. The OCC team number is 12772. Is there anything else that should be changed? jboys47 (Jim)
  11. Ellis, I set this up last weekend. The system was running Ubuntu 7.1 and I wanted to run XP on it. Installed XP and then setup the flash drive. It was pretty easy with your instructions and references. I was able to monitor folding thru the web browser on another machine and was getting around 19 m 34s per % on p2605. This was 3-4 seconds faster than under Ubuntu but not the really large increase that you saw when going from XP and VMware. I might want to be able to use the machine for other stuff while it was folding but this method dedicates the machine only to folding. So, I took it all off and am going to try Gentoo and see if that gives a speed increase.
  12. 6 machines 1 Opteron 170 - used for folding 1 Athlon X2 4400+ - used for folding 2 Q6600 - folding and other stuff 2 laptops - used for work
  13. Thank Ellis. Got to agree with synergymus, it does jack up the electric cost. And now that it is starting to get warm I have to turn on the AC. It was up to 90 the other day when I got home from work. I asked my CIO if we could put [email protected] on our client computers and run it only at night but he wouldn't have any of it. He stated security and a bunch of other stuff. I can kind of see his point, if anyone ever got in (somehow??) thru one of the systems that was folding it would be FOLDING's fault, no matter what. But it would be nice to have another 150-170 computers folding for the team!! Jim
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