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  1. Use coretemp for temps. ORTHOS is strange sometimes, delete it's whole folder, redownload and try it again. The difference with the cores could very well be temp related, might want to try to reseat the heatsink.
  2. Oh yeah, the GTXs have that big IHS. I didn't even bother covering my RAM. The difference is so negligible it's not worth the risk IMO.
  3. lol. Because it needs that much or because you remounted it a lot? i used mx-2 on mine. Supposedly it's better than AS5 and it's non-conductive too.
  4. Out of curiosity, which thermalpaste did you use for your GPUs?
  5. Alright. I was just thinking because I took it off again and put it back on. But you seem to be right about most things.lol. And your one of the only people to respond in this section. Thanks rado!
  6. lol. In my experience volt modding the card brings no real benefits, only risks.
  7. Me too. My GF has my old machine, but I still miss it a lot and I tell her to take good care of it.lol. Her mom doesn't seem to like it, but that system needs attention to be happy. hahaha.
  8. I was applying some thermalpaste (mx-2) to my HD2900Pros and I was trying different spreading techniques, the rice corn, thin layer, etc. I settled for the rice corn, but here's the question: I applied the paste in the rice corn way (lol) and put the heatsink on, screwed it tight. Then I took the heatsink off to see if everything was making contact, then I put the heatsink on again. Is that alright or would I need to wipe all the paste off and apply new paste again? thanks for any/all help
  9. Eww Ipod.lol. Zune FTW! I think that iPods are overrated. My dad has the 60Gb model and hes filled it up to about 50Gb and it slows down all the time. I filled my zune up all the way and no slow-downs at all.lol.
  10. people get aim or at least terraim, its lighter lol
  11. Norway is a sweet country! That's where all the blackmetal is from, hope you find someone to help you!
  12. lol. I only got aim: schoolxxxslave
  13. Except that nvidia's new 9800GX2 monster will prbably be hot as hell...!!!
  14. It's a great idea, these diagrams. I'll make one once my machine is up and running.
  15. Ey! What's wrong with me playing me favorite game.....3dmark06??!!!!
  16. The sniper mission was the best. Although carrying the wounded Brit was a bit too difficult after a while, expecially the fact that you couldn't shoot while carrying him.
  17. lol you spelled "motherboard" wrong. :shake:
  18. @ Jaz. Yes CoJ is an FPS. If I remember correctly it has a quicksave function. The gameplay time ranges from around 6-8 hrs. Awesome game!
  19. 9600GTs are right around the corner which kick AMD's cards butt.....
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