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  1. lol. Thank god I didn't buy this. **traumatized by Angry's description of anal-rapeage**
  2. ^^^^^ is a German and should go into flashchat right about now lol
  3. Rob on my myspace? HA! lol. I'm already pretty much over her. The ironic thing is her parents were always overly protective of her when I would come over and her dad would always be with us.lol. But they let her go to a 20 year old's house without an argument....wtf. That family needs to sort their priorities.lol, glad that chapter's over. Chris
  4. Yup. I'm pretty much done with her. Goddammit, no computer here when you need one....lol.
  5. Yeah, I know (well sorta) what I want. She said it's because she was lonely....xxxx that ., I spent more time with her than anything else. She needs to get her emotions figured out.
  6. It would have been fine, but she was being nice to me and acting like we were not even on a break. And then she denied it at first and apparently now she's crying her eyes out. wth.........
  7. Except if you try to jam an AGP card into a PCI-e slot.lol.
  8. Thanks A_G. Your rant describes very clearly what I feel like and I appreciate you taking the time to write it up. I know life will go on, and seriously, there's like 3 other girls waiting in line.lol. I just don't want to start another relationship any time soon. The reason this bothers me so much is that this relationship with her was not just . and stuff, but also talking and respecting each other (so much for respect now..HA!). And I don't mind being called young and somewhat ignorant, because it is true and there's probably still TONS for me to experience and learn (especially by growing up and listening to older people). Chris
  9. lol. How true. Same with this relationship, we were on a break, but still....and now she wants to be back together?Ummm....no. Not going to happen.
  10. According to her he was the one who wanted to Oh wtf! This is so xxxxing stupid. I hate myself for ever dating her.
  11. For that rad I'd recommend a Push/Pull config, yields the best results. Or you could go with extremely high cfm fans (>=100cfm) in a push config. Pretty loud though. I'd go with 6 yate loons.
  12. lol. I just remounted everything with new paste again anyway. I felt this nagging feeling that something wasn't right.lol.
  13. ^^^ Very helpful in the cooling section lol.
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