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  1. Not all RAM is the same. Certain manufacturers get better chips from RAM companies, even if they are buying from the same company. Also, some manufacturers have a better PCB design. One example: over at xtremesystems and EOCF there's people who have run benchmarks proving that Team Xtreem PC6400 has a higher bandwidth at the same speed than the Crucial Ballistix PC6400. They both use D9GMH, but Team Group obviously has the better chips/pcb.
  2. Personally I think the HD3870X2 is a better choice.....
  3. Alright, I'll go with your perception then. I might get all of the 2x 1Gb sets then, minus the PC8000.
  4. Is 4Gb worse than 2Gb? I use my rig for gaming (WinXP 32-bit and Vista 64-bit).
  5. Hmmm...... Should I get 2x 1Gb Team (no heatspreader) 5-5-5-15 PC8000 D9GMH $70 or 2x 1Gb Team (no heatspreader) 3-3-3-8 PC5300 D9GMH $43 or 2x 1Gb Team Xtreem (heatspreader) 4-4-4-10 PC6400 D9GMH $90 or 2x 2Gb OCZ Plats PC8000 5-5-5 $120 What would be the best choice? All the Team RAM is guaranteed D9GMH, but the OCZ is 4Gb.
  6. Everyone is entitled to an opinion Angry. Now, it's not ok to take this to extremes (skinheads, black panthers, whatever the xxxx). I'm just saying I don't want to be around gays, so what? Who's going to be affected by this...? .....nobody. It's like you saying you don't want criminals to talk to you. Now, I'm not saying gays are criminals, but I'm saying that they're a crowd of people I don't and will not have anything to do with. Am I going to beat up every gay man I see? No. Am I going to beat them up if they repeatedly try to talk to me after numerous warnings from my side? Yes. Is this intolerance? No, I'm not trying to change them, I just don't want anything to do with their crowd. Is that my right? I sure hope so. And about this coming from parents, thats a load of BS. My parents actually always tell me to be open to all kinds of beliefs and lifestyles, which I try to be.
  7. Well I'm only 16 and having opinions is an important thing. I'm sure that in 10 years if I ever look back at this post I'll be thinking quite differently about this.
  8. I don't really care about gays, as long as they leave me alone. Now, I do hate it when males (gays) act all girly-girlish (OMG...LIKE..THE MAKEUP...LIKE....LIKE.....OMG). I seriously want to kick their asses whenever gays act like that, it pisses the hell out of me. They can do whatever they want at home or someplace private, NOBODY wants to see that (except maybe for other gays). I do believe that being gay is a mentality, and something that can be "cured". Just like I believe that depression is also something that only "exists" in the mind of whoever has it. I don't believe all that crap about them being born with it. Btw: The gay couple at my school got detentions until the end of the school year because they were making out in the hallway. LOL. But the administration did not seem to judge as harshly when a guy and a girl were going at it in the hallway, they each got a 3-day suspension. Kind of unjust.
  9. At least you don't have to press some absurd button combination to access mem settings in the DFI BIOS...*cough* Gigacrap *cough*.
  10. ^^^^ Likes muscle cars more than Porsches
  11. lol. Any chance of ever getting an amazon banner? I buy most of my stuff from there due to the free shipping and occasional great prices (Stacker for $145, and PC power and cooling 750W for $145).
  12. Yea. Well it worked out pretty well for me in the end. I loved my old 7950GT, I even enjoyed playing Crysis on it. Almost no slow-downs, jsut with big explosions. This brings me to another point: FPS charts on review sites. WTF? Do these guys even know what they're doing? I go on some random review site and it says that a 7950GT could only get max frames of around 10 FPS in Crysis...umm when I measured it with FRAPS (6 times, lowest score taken twice, average of 7) I got around 7 for min, 26 for avg, and 46 for max. That's why I don't go by reviews for performance anymore.
  13. lol. Doesn't the site generate any income? Considering all the banners......
  14. True. But overclocking is not completely worthless. And dual cores don;t always work out how some would like to think. Many games don't scale so well at all. And anyways, did you ever open up taskmanager when playing, say Crysis? The CPU usage shoots up to 100% within a matter of seconds on my old 2.0Ghz Opteron. Then, I overclocked it to 2.8 and the CPU usage hovers at 90-95%. This is on a res of 1440x900 and with my old 7950GT. Negligible difference, I know, but it's still there. Overclocking video cards can be rewarding, if you know how to do it right and know how to circumvent/eliminate the various bottlenecks within the GPU. Example: My old 7950GT, the GPU went all the way up to 700Mhz, Mem only up to 821Mhz though. The benchmark scores increased, but the FPS in certian games decreased. So, I reduced the core to 680Mhz and the Mem to 800Mhz and the benchmarks maybe dropped a couple of points, but the games' FPS increased. Now look at my HD2900Pros, due to the high mem interface, the memory doesn't need any higher clocks. But the GPU speed is a BIG bottleneck on these cards (believe me, I've spent days gathering this info on various forums/sites). So, the first course of action for me will be to overclock the snot out of the GPU (no volt mods though). Does it decrease lifespan? Probably, but without voltmods and no added heat it won't make a big difference. :angel:
  15. Soundx used some on his Antec900 I think, on the side of the dvd cage thing.
  16. Umm.. why not? And if he plans to keep this setup for a while than overclocking will be important to keep up with newer games ( to a certain extent). And overclocking is fun ( that's why I bought these hd2900Pro's, could just as easily have bought 2x 8800Gts, but these hd2900s are way more fun.lol).
  17. I do believe that heat and performance wise the dual 3870 will be better than one 3870x2. Also, you could overclock them much further than the 3870X2, on stock cooling that is.
  18. I still have an old 2.8Northwood sitting around....great little chips.
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